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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

No problem. Visiting another country and thinking you don't have to follow the rules there is toddler-tier asshattery.

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Posted in: Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader See in context

"Elected" lol...

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Posted in: Osaka Expo mascot needs name; organizers ask for suggestions See in context

Nightmare Fuel-kun

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Posted in: Record 5,400 cannabis offenders in 2021, police report See in context

Recreational cannabis has been legal here in Oregon for six years (longer for medical use). Not only have there been no increases in various societal problems once attributed to "the devil's lettuce," but the thriving legal cannabis industry has contributed millions to state tax coffers. Japan's attitude towards weed is stuck in the 1950's

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Posted in: Beijing was Japan's most successful Winter Games ever See in context

The ROC is Taiwan.

ROC = "Russian Olympic Committee," since Russia is banned for doping (a ban which will now likely be extended after that debacle with Valieva).

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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

No one with a hint of a clue should be suggesting that Japan doesn't have the sovereign right to regulate its borders as it sees fit. The issue is that these restrictions have little to do with increasing Japan's safety and a lot to do with the ruling party pandering to its aging, xenophobic voter base.

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Posted in: 2 men re-arrested over child prostitution and pornography with minors See in context

Third arrest? It's time to try and convict these pervs and lock them up.

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Posted in: How would you define the Christmas spirit that we hear so much about this time of year? See in context

I define it as "successful marketing." Now get out there and CONSUME!

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing and injuring about 100 cats See in context

The "suspended sentence" that scumbag deserves to to be suspended by his nutsack.

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