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Great list. I've used most of them on family and friends back home.

Here are a few that I've gotten lots of use out of that are cheap, small and easly fit into your suitcase. These are ones that get used also and don't end up as stuff.

1) Shichimi. Simple spice great on eggs or mixed with mayo to make a sauce, comes in some great tins if you get the good stuff from Nagano. Just don't send them home with the House or S&B stuff you can get that abroad.

2) Yuzukosho. Lovely on steak or chicken. The cheap Daiei stuff would work just fine. I send this back to my mom all the time.

3) Tenugi are great but onsen/sento towels are my favorite. The towels given out at ryokan or the ones sold at most supersento and some sento with the name of the place and sometimes a character drawn on them are great gifts. 100 to 200 yen at the most. Sometimes they even come in a reusuable plastic bag--no wrapping! Most are white but some sento have yellow, orange and purple ones. You'll have to look around--adventure time. I bought 30 of them when I went back on my honeymoon. Everyone loved them. Since they are towel materal they are more useful than a normal tenugi in the kitchen or bathroom.

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