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Posted in: Fear of missing out keeps athletes onside for Tokyo See in context

@Pukey2 Thankfully, I'm not involved in any of it.


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Posted in: Fear of missing out keeps athletes onside for Tokyo See in context

Someone said CCP/ er China and some other powerful players in western Euro need Japan to host the Olympics so they can deliver their modified v-strains on the entire Japanese population. Thankfully I'm not involved in any of it.

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

It's about the greed here.. Japan and China will cozy up and stroke nationalistic egos but, there won't be any love. No love for long time.

Greed, greed, greed, feed, feed, feed.

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

Perfect. Exactly what Japan wants.. right?

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Posted in: Wary of security issues, Japan moves to shut China out of its drone supply chain See in context

China doesn't want Japanese drones. China doesn't want Japan. You'll see.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts plan to use AI to rate seriousness of bullying cases See in context

You are addicted to AI. Look around.

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Posted in: U.S. judge delays extradition of 2 men accused of helping Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

If I couldn't get Ghosn I'd let the two go.. I'd sing that song, 'Let it go, let it go.... Then I'd consider recruiting the two for the Chinese invasion.

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Posted in: It's the law: Smokers in Neyagawa told they can't puff near their kids, even at home See in context

I was going to say, good for all of us.

Some great points raised by rainyday though and I would have to agree. Is leaving a child alone in a car a violation of said cities ordinance?

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Posted in: 'Who the hell elected you?' U.S. Senate tech hearing becomes political showdown See in context

Ah ha ha ha ha,

play it again Sam.

ah ha ha ha ha.

Truth is nobody elected Jack Dorsey

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Posted in: Japanese media call on U.S. to review visa changes for journalists See in context

It isn't reduced enough. It would be better to deny access altogether. Many other more noteworthy interests would be better served with such long gratis visas.

Hypocrisy of nationalism is like prostitution. Hypocrisy of nationalism between international countries is worse.

While living in England I realized how popular the daily tabloids were and how much they relied on America and American headlines for there popularity and sales. Having family there I realized how over time these wildly absurd fabricated articles have a tendency to creep into a mainstream narrative.

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Posted in: Coronavirus pandemic deepens Japan's demographic crisis See in context

CCP / 1

Japan / 0


This article is exactly what a communist regime wants to hear from an attack report.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin military exercise as concern about China grows See in context

The CCP would love to gobble up Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan and the Korean peninsula.

Can't you feel it?

I love the photo here. I'd like a tour of the Reagan and the JS Kaga.

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Posted in: Film depicts Black Lives Matter, #MeToo as new feminist wave See in context

Let's not forget to include 'Privileged White Americans", that way we will be avoiding the segregation and racial supremacist cards as well as expanding our audience base.

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

No problem here, personally, let's round um all up and do the check. :)

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Posted in: 'The Undoing': More murder and secrets starring Nicole Kidman, this time in NY See in context

Sounds too shallow if it needs to use privileged white Americans to sell.


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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

Technology won't substitute moral behaviour. Unfortunately.

I am supportive of the database however and If the society can be trusted the information belongs to the public.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

You are showing that you are greedy, stubborn and selfish.

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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

Unfortunately she can't decide on her own.. yet. Her creator could decide for her. Her fans will try and decide for her.. obviously.

Sailor moon tells me she doesn't even care. Usually.

I think she looks great the way she is.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't creates YouTube channel on N Korea abduction issue See in context

Please provide a young professional "New Face" Japanese female government official to deliver this message with a contemporary modern voice. Have both video versions available on the government channel. Also allow comments.

Thank you.

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

Thank you so much for providing the counsel phone number..

If you or anyone you know may be in need of counseling, call TELL at 03-5774-0992.

I don't have much information about effectiveness of helplines but I wonder if there is a reticence in Japan to dial them by those who would benefit or might need counseling.

I would guess they are well thought through but I really have no clue.

I also suggest confiding in a friend for all. I do have limited experience with acquaintances confiding in me with their personal trouble which had them seriously considering suicide or suicidal action.

It is sad news for me to see here today but there are alternatives and for that I am thankful. I'd also like to thank those involved with such alternatives.

Any one of us could be that friend or acquaintance our neighbor needs.

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

Well, if you think about it, All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested sounds fairer than

Some participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested..

Whatever that means.

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Posted in: No panty shots, under any circumstances, please, says anime’s creator to animation staff See in context

Reading it in print and feeling it from your heart is great.

The only problem is when you look at the shot in the article it is almost worse than her panties being shown there instead.

Like going from wearing underwear to not wearing underwear. I would question the need for any upskirt shots, with or without panties, and probably wouldn't use any in my animes.

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Posted in: Threatening letter with razor blade sent to economic revitalization minister Nishimura See in context

Find out who sent the letter. Rule out Nishimura san if possible.

Thank you.

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Posted in: China wary of Japan's pro-Taiwan defense minister's moves See in context

China needs to say to themselves - "China is wary of China".

Not only are they not saying that to themselves, they aren't saying that to anybody. They aren't saying it to Italy, Brazil, Spain, etc. They might not be saying it to Chinese covid-19 pos people either.

Is the Coronavirus their population troubles answered prayers?

They didn't seem to mind sharing Covid-19 with the international community. I wonder if Xi has any regret or remorse for the damage to other international communities...

Anyway, I don't expect an apology any time soon so I'd like to thank my conscientious neighbors here and abroad who have had to trudge through this mess and for their sincere well wishes.

I am becoming very fond of the hand sanitizers, I love the stuff. I was considering bathing in it with a friend. No more soaplands only sanitizerlands. A newfound love.

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Posted in: Dress more motherly? Japanese TV talent, single mom Kuran rejects criticism of revealing photos See in context

Will she be upset when JAL greets her with "Good Morning" and not as a Lady? Is the real question.

I like her in the first top most.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for stealing money from shrine donation box See in context

So society will donate to a box but not to a man? Strange.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics Q&A: Should athletes be priority for vaccine? See in context

Which is worse?

Forcing Olympics on people - 1

Forcing vaccines on athletes - 2

Are they both evil?

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Safety first please JAL. Thank you.

Safe passage outweighs gender.

Love and peace .

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Posted in: Bach gives pep talk to Tokyo Olympic organizers, Koike See in context


I am beginning to worry about the beautiful Koike sans health, seriously.

I want her to have time off to refocus on what is good for her.

Bach needs to back off and stay out of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Suga holds talks with IOC chief, Koike about Olympics See in context

You know those spoiled children that insist on having ice cream ?


Ugly and uglier.

Suga and Koike need to think more deeply about Japan and Japanese people and the foreign residents here than they need Olympics.

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