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Lousy picture!

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Posted in: 'Passengers who don’t want to be groped, please use the rear train cars' announcement angers many See in context

Japan just like every other country in the world High School of sexual sick and twisted perverts, it's not only Japan and it's not only men groping women and girls but I guess it's mostly perverted men or young guys trying to feel up women and girls.

Unless we can divide all the trains and even areas of train station between men and women,

It's already done in Mexico City for over 40 years during rush hour in the morning and in the evening this will continue inside of the trains here in Japan.

Maybe putting the pictures and names of all of these perverted scumbags on the evening year and all over the Internet would help to name and shame them?

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A couple of years ago trying to catch on international flight at Narita my kids and I wanted to buy some cheeseburgers at McDonald's languages and also very good English and some broken Japanese could not communicate with the McDonald's employees that ended up only understanding Vietnamese and this is here in the Tokyo International Airport

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Now in big cities like Tokyo it's almost impossible Japanese workers at McDonald's now I see mostly work from Nepal or Vietnam or the Philippines, etc

But almost no young Japanese workers.

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Good riddance!!!

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Posted in: Girl arrested over knife attack in Shibuya says she wanted 'death penalty' See in context

"the girl had black hair and looked Young'??? In Tokyo that's about 70% of the population of around 14 million people so??? Not too sure if that kind of description would really help the cops or not in Tokyoland.

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Nobody can trust Communist China!!! Look at what Beijing is doing to Hong Kong and to the Muslim minorities in the Uighur region and to the the Tibetan Buddhists, etc

The free people of Taiwan do not want to become slaves to Beijing!

Ask the Vietnamese if they can trust China!!!

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Mother nature is no joke and you have to be on drugs to think that Japan is some kind of a Third World country! Even in Switzerland or any other rich country when mother nature shows it’s fury I don’t care how rich you are poor you are your roads or bridges trains subways airports cannot be devastated and we all must realize we are nothing but mortal humans, we’re all going to die sooner or later no matter how rich or poor we happen to be.

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