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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

RESIDENT EVIL anyone? Remember the opening scene at Shibuya crossing?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers eye July 2021 for start of Games: reports See in context

Why is Japan still focusing on this event when the focus should be on COVID-19 and saving lives? The Olympics should be put on the back burner for now.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan See in context

There's an obvious reason for North Korea having reported no cases of COVID-19. It's quite possible they've had them but have taken measures to exterminate anyone showing symptoms of the virus. It could also be they are covering it up somehow in order to avoid being in the spotlight. We will probably never know.

These missile launches, on the other hand, are, in my opinion, a prelude to worse things to come. Kim is taking advantage of a vulnerable and volatile time as an opportunity to assert his power.

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Posted in: 58 infected with coronavirus at welfare facility in Chiba See in context

Japan's inability to handle a crisis is due to their complacency and nonchalant stance on everything. They will pay the price for not having acted sooner.

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Posted in: Tokyo begins quiet weekend, but some go about as usual See in context

It (corona) will sneak up and spread throughout the masses as it has everywhere else in the world. There is no escaping its evil grip.

It's best Tokyoites heed the advice of the authorities before it's too late.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

It was just a matter of time. No one is immune.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says people can enjoy cherry blossoms next year See in context

Cherry blossom viewing is just an excuse for Japanese to booze it up and get wasted. I would think there would be better ways to do that. Furthermore, Japanese people should have more consideration for their fellow man and practice social distancing especially during these volatile times. Apparently, they just don't get it or rather don't care about anyone but themselves and their own wellbeing.

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Posted in: Stormy year ahead for Japan's tourism industry See in context

This is a good lesson for the Japanese who were so fixated on material wealth and vacations to Hawaii, where I live btw, spending exuberant amounts of money on luxury goods and flaunting their wealth.

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

It was just a matter of time, but a little too late.

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Posted in: Stop the clock: Japan wakes up to reality of Olympics postponement See in context

THIS IS EERIE! In 1988, Otomo released an anime film AKIRA that shows a scene where a billboard shows there are 147 days left until the beginning of the 2020 Olympics. At the bottom right there is graffiti on the wall that says in Japanese [CHUUSHI] a word meaning to cancel something. There are also several pieces of paper with the words HANTAI written on them which translates to a word meaning to be opposed to something. The 2020 Olympics were just canceled today exactly 147 days before they were to begin.


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be beacon of hope, says IOC See in context

Finally some common sense.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

Why have children go to school anyway?

Just revert to all online classes.

Problem solved.

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Posted in: IOC chief rebuts growing calls for Olympic postponement See in context

Hey Alfie Noakes! No one gives a damn about his prior accomplishments. The fact is he is irresponsible for wanting to push this through. Human lives are at stake right now and he (Bach) should seriously be taking this into consideration by doing the right thing and either postponing or canceling this event.

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Posted in: IOC chief rebuts growing calls for Olympic postponement See in context

BACH needs to stop balking and get his head on straight. No one in their right mind will participate. Everyone will boycott this event and not show up. It will be an empty stadium with no athletes. Give it up now. There's no point in continuing with this farce while the entire world is in peril.

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Posted in: IOC reviewing Games scenarios; cancellation not among them: Bach See in context

Japan is being selfish and is only looking out for its own interests. With the pandemic situation worsening day by day, it is inconceivable that the games will go on as scheduled. Most teams, I guarantee, will refuse to participate and spectators from other countries will not travel to attend.

Japan needs to wake up to the fact that they are not alone in this world and to start putting the needs of others before their own selfish interests.

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Posted in: Will Abe declare emergency over coronavirus after law revision? See in context

So not declaring a national emergency means Japanese can continue to fly to the United States, become infected and then return to Japan and spread this virus.

Ddoes that sound about right?

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Trump, in this case, is making sense. This virus isn't going away any time soon. The Japanese are naive to think that it will. Japanese nationalist pride cannot justify going ahead with the Olympics. Not containing this menace and going ahead with the games put far more people at risk. I say wait until someone has developed a vaccine to contain this thing and then go ahead with the Olympics possibly at a later date. It doesn't necessarily have to be this summer. Postpone!

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Posted in: Abe in dilemma as coronavirus response could cut both ways See in context

"....before a rebound in the July-September quarter as the current mood of panic subsides."

Who says anything is going to get any better? Who even knows what's going to happen from here on out? Who knows if the Tokyo Olympics will even happen or not?

Before making any assumptions about the future we need to know for sure what we are dealing with. At this point, we don't. We are in uncharted territory and not a good place to be.

Fear the worst and hope for the best. That is all we can do right now.

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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis taking its toll on Japan's tourist industry See in context

When I graduated from Sophia University in 1983 with a bachelor's degree, Japan was in its bubble economy and Chinese were still poor farmers toiling under a dystopian communist regime.

I remember my college professor telling our class that we would be the ones laughing last when in 30 years time China would become a powerhouse economy outstripping an aging Japan. We all laughed unable to imagine anything of the sort ever happening.

Fast forward to today and we now all realize that Japan's demise is inevitable. A rapidly aging society whose work force continues to shrink year by year and its people's unwillingness to embrace worldly concepts does not bode well for them.

Japan relys now heavily on tourism in order to maintain a stable economy, and Japanese are spendthrifts willing to become debt ridden in the pursuit of luxury items. The difference, however, between Japanese and Chinese is that Chinese have money and Japanese do not. Chinese people don't risk going into debt over a large purchase whereas Japanese people will put their life on the line to keep up with the Jones.

Few realize that China is in control now and everyone else is playing their puppet. The truth of the matter is that Japan is heavily dependent upon Chinese tourism and the revenue it generates. Without it everything comes crashing down.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

He's wimped out or might have caught the virus himself. Woe is Japan muddled in a quagmire.

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Posted in: Avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings, health minister urges See in context

What a joke! And this statement coming from Japan's Health Minister.

Everyone might as well just hunker down at home and wait until the crisis is over whenever that may be.

Seriously, how is everyone expected to function when they are being told to avoid crowded places and packed trains.

With only 60 cases, this is overkill. The Health Ministry is spooking the public and Japanese being extremely gullible will do as they are told to do unfortunately.

This is going to get really bad.

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Posted in: Patient at infected doctor's hospital tests positive for coronavirus See in context

WOW!!! And they are going to send another plane to WUHAN on Sunday??!!

Instead of attempting to contain this thing, they are just encouraging it's proliferation.

Coupled with the infectious people being allowed to disembark the cruise ship and enter Japan, you might as well just say a RESIDENT EVIL scenario has just begun.

God help us all. SMH.

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Posted in: Tokyo, IOC officials reiterate that the Olympics are on See in context

We still have no idea what this virus is capable of. It's new and not understood fully as yet. Claiming that the virus will be defeated when the weather warms is what is hoped and wished for but with no guarantees. The world is in uncharted territory, and at this point, we all need to fear the worst.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

I agree with sensei258 already. Give it up! You're wasting your time. What is this anyway? Some kind of vendetta? You're just a bunch of sore losers!

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Posted in: Prosecutors probe 2 Americans for allegedly helping Ghosn escape See in context

Too bad. Ghosn is long gone now and Japan will never get him back. Too little too late for Japan. I'm glad he escaped. He didn't deserve to be treated like he was by the Japanese criminal justice system.

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Posted in: Japan confirms third case of coronavirus virus See in context

All of this happening now is RESIDENT EVIL coming to life. We will soon live in an apocalyptic world. Prepare for the worst.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

It's all about the money. Who knows what this character is really like.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer quits after client's flight to Lebanon See in context

Aaaaaaaah. Looks like a win for Ghosn and a big lose for Japan. Justice is served.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

I was incarcerated in Japan years ago for a crime I wish not to discuss, however, I can tell you with absolute certainty that what Ghosn is claiming is true. The Japanese method of interrogation is cruel and harsh, and yes, you are denied a lawyer and bail and must wait an innumerable number of days before trial while all of that time being constantly questioned and made to believe you are guilty of whatever you have been accused of. It's basically designed to wear you out and force you to admit a crime despite a lack of substantial evidence against you.

The justice system is particularly unfair to foreigners either visiting or residing in Japan. Most Japanese citizens never having been convicted of a crime are oblivious to these unfair practices and for the Ministry of Justice to condone such operations standing by the fact that Japan has a low crime rate compared to other countries is a travesty.

It's high time Japan's criminal justice system be exposed for what is and those responsible be reprimanded for their injustices.

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Posted in: Ghosn puts Japan's justice system on trial See in context

It's about time Japan's criminal justice system be exposed for what it is. The outside world deserves to know that injustices will not be tolerated by the external community and that the inhumane treatment of presumed criminals must come to an end. If Japan is to stand by the fact that it is a true democracy than it must abide by the rule "innocent until proven guilty". People cannot be detained for an unspecified duration of time, denied bail and questioned without a lawyer present.

This is not justice. It's being held hostage.

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