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David Shawn Kanda comments

Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

He's wimped out or might have caught the virus himself. Woe is Japan muddled in a quagmire.

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Posted in: Avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings, health minister urges See in context

What a joke! And this statement coming from Japan's Health Minister.

Everyone might as well just hunker down at home and wait until the crisis is over whenever that may be.

Seriously, how is everyone expected to function when they are being told to avoid crowded places and packed trains.

With only 60 cases, this is overkill. The Health Ministry is spooking the public and Japanese being extremely gullible will do as they are told to do unfortunately.

This is going to get really bad.

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Posted in: Patient at infected doctor's hospital tests positive for coronavirus See in context

WOW!!! And they are going to send another plane to WUHAN on Sunday??!!

Instead of attempting to contain this thing, they are just encouraging it's proliferation.

Coupled with the infectious people being allowed to disembark the cruise ship and enter Japan, you might as well just say a RESIDENT EVIL scenario has just begun.

God help us all. SMH.

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Posted in: Tokyo, IOC officials reiterate that the Olympics are on See in context

We still have no idea what this virus is capable of. It's new and not understood fully as yet. Claiming that the virus will be defeated when the weather warms is what is hoped and wished for but with no guarantees. The world is in uncharted territory, and at this point, we all need to fear the worst.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

I agree with sensei258 already. Give it up! You're wasting your time. What is this anyway? Some kind of vendetta? You're just a bunch of sore losers!

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Posted in: Prosecutors probe 2 Americans for allegedly helping Ghosn escape See in context

Too bad. Ghosn is long gone now and Japan will never get him back. Too little too late for Japan. I'm glad he escaped. He didn't deserve to be treated like he was by the Japanese criminal justice system.

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Posted in: Japan confirms third case of coronavirus virus See in context

All of this happening now is RESIDENT EVIL coming to life. We will soon live in an apocalyptic world. Prepare for the worst.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

It's all about the money. Who knows what this character is really like.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer quits after client's flight to Lebanon See in context

Aaaaaaaah. Looks like a win for Ghosn and a big lose for Japan. Justice is served.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

I was incarcerated in Japan years ago for a crime I wish not to discuss, however, I can tell you with absolute certainty that what Ghosn is claiming is true. The Japanese method of interrogation is cruel and harsh, and yes, you are denied a lawyer and bail and must wait an innumerable number of days before trial while all of that time being constantly questioned and made to believe you are guilty of whatever you have been accused of. It's basically designed to wear you out and force you to admit a crime despite a lack of substantial evidence against you.

The justice system is particularly unfair to foreigners either visiting or residing in Japan. Most Japanese citizens never having been convicted of a crime are oblivious to these unfair practices and for the Ministry of Justice to condone such operations standing by the fact that Japan has a low crime rate compared to other countries is a travesty.

It's high time Japan's criminal justice system be exposed for what is and those responsible be reprimanded for their injustices.

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Posted in: Ghosn puts Japan's justice system on trial See in context

It's about time Japan's criminal justice system be exposed for what it is. The outside world deserves to know that injustices will not be tolerated by the external community and that the inhumane treatment of presumed criminals must come to an end. If Japan is to stand by the fact that it is a true democracy than it must abide by the rule "innocent until proven guilty". People cannot be detained for an unspecified duration of time, denied bail and questioned without a lawyer present.

This is not justice. It's being held hostage.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Ghosn absolutely did the right thing. It's about time Japan's legal system be exposed for what it is. The international community must be made aware of their inhumane and corrupted system.

Japanese whom have never been arrested are unaware of how the criminal justice system in Japan works. It's unfair on so many levels and deserves the right to be scrutinized.

The Japanese Ministry of Justice got suckerpunched on this one and there's nothing they can do about now.

Ghosn cannot be extradited back to Japan. Basically, he'll walk away from this one unscathed.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape breaks up legal 'dream team' See in context

Too bad and a boo hoo hoo. Ghosn did the right thing by fleeing. The Japanese court system is notorious for lengthly trials. And his being banned from seeing his wife was ludicrous anyway. If I were in the same situation and had been granted bail, I too would have done the same thing.

On all counts, the Japanese are the losers. They let him go by allowing him bail and Ghosn was smart enough to use it to his advantage.

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Posted in: More details emerge on Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

Amazing plan! I have to commend this guy. 65 years old and he escaped in a box. He knew exactly how to get around the Japanese system by having a team of experts behind him and succeeded in doing so. Kudos to Ghosn!

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Posted in: Japan to strengthen border checks, review bail conditions after Ghosn's escape See in context

Ghosen gets a thumbs up from me. He defied Japan's stringent system and now is untouchable in Lebanon.

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged in 1st execution since August See in context

I believe in the death penalty and that it serves its purpose in acting as a deterrent to violent crime. The incorrigible individuals in our society who commit these kind of reprehensible crimes do not deserve the right of entitlement that other law abiding citizens do and therefore should be exterminated.

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Posted in: Japanese firms brace for economic contraction after Olympics See in context

An aging population and a culture of people who need to impress by indulging in frequent vacations to Hawaii, where I now live and work btw, where they spend enormous amounts of money on luxury goods will undoubtedly soon lead to their ultimate demise. I work in retail and it's disgusting to watch them drag in three or four kids with them and easily purchase thousand dollar items when they're already paying $400 a night for a hotel room.

For those of us living here in Hawaii it is incomprehensible. Some of us often work two jobs just to make ends meet. Paying the high cost of rent and food leaves nothing left for anything else.

It's one of the reasons why now Japanese, in particular, are being attacked and retaliated against for their lavish lifestyles.

Just recently a Japanese woman was attacked at Moanalua Gardens here in Honolulu. Her purse was snatched and the perpetrator ran her over twice with his vehicle while fleeing the scene. He has yet to be apprehended.

Locals living here know Japanese are an easy target, gullible, are most likely not to defend themselves or, for that matter, even be able to and oftentimes are carrying large amounts of cash with them.

Most Americans and Europeans don't carry cash but rather use a credit card or mobile pay to make a purchase. It is well known that Japanese tend not to trust these forms of payment when traveling abroad and therefore rely on cash payments. Little do they realize that they are putting their lives at risk by doing so.

Adding to the problem is the hatred from some of the local community whose only choice of employment involves working a job that depends upon lavish spending Japanese for their livelihood, and the result is an inherent resentment for them.

Japanese, in my opinion, need to curb their spending and come to the realization that spending abroad is not helping their economy and putting them further in personal debt.

The Japanese mentality of trying to keep up with the Jones needs to end. Nobody really cares about the $2,000 Moncler jacket and Louis Vuitton handbag they are flaunting except those criminals who know they're an easy target.

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

They're already debt ridden as it is and yet Japanese continue to travel abroad spending thousands of dollars on luxury items. Do they really think they can compete with the Chinese who actually have money and don't charge it to a credit card because they can't afford it?

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context

Cash is a waste of time and when you're busy and in a hurry, a mobile app gets you out of the check out line in seconds. It's also a pain seeing these people who rely on it reaching in their pockets for the right amount of change and holding up the line. Furthermore, paper receipts are a pain. Who needs the clutter when you can just go to your bank account to see all your transactions on line. And paper money is filthy. Who knows where it's been or what kind of people have touched it without washing their hands. Ugh! Disgusting!

Elderly people have to stop making excuses about having a problem using it. They need to use their minds to figure these things out otherwise they will end up being left behind in the dust. Hey! I'm 60 and tech savvy as hell. I think like a twenty year old and everything I do is online or through a mobile App. When cashiers try and give me a receipt for a purchase, I'm like, "Paper doesn't exist in my world."

And besides, eliminating all paper is good for the environment and we will also be saving on manpower as well by getting rid of jobs that require a live cashier by doing it ourselves.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

It seems out of desperation he was willing to allow himself to be arrested probably thinking he might have it easier in jail. Believe me, jails in Japan are no walk in the park. I've been inside twice and will tell you first hand that the food is terrible and the comforts of home are no where to be found. Additionally, Japan is a country that doesn't allow you to post bail to get out and await trial. You'll sit for 90 days in a small damp cell with no heat in the winter waiting your arraignment.

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