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Posted in: Thousands rally against U.S. military base on Okinawa See in context

If it wasn't for the U.S., Japan would be named East China Islands! The ignorance and complete stupidity of people here is sickening, crazy is so thick here you can shovel it with a spoon. Any teachers here looking for part time (1 day) work at a school near Kawasaki area?

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Instead of batteries, I recommend everyone have at least 2 sets of the solar outdoor lights that illuminate the home or sidewalk. These can be used as lighting in the homes at night time and placed outdoors to charge in the day time. It's a stable and cheap way to have electricity when there is none. Other items: bbq grills and charcoal, a cooler for foodstuff once the freezer/fridge goes out...water by the case and rice and also plenty of cup o noodle type non-perishable food items. Also, garbage bags in good supply and a bucket of some size to go with your TP, because the garbage bags placed inside the bucket make a suitable sanitary toilet and can be sealed and reused time and again.

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Posted in: 52% of U.S. Muslims feel targeted by terror policies See in context

Geeeeee.... I wonder why that would be? Is it because about 90% of all terrorist acts are carried out by muslims? Surely not? Too bad..... I feel soooo sorry for you because you feel threatened.

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Posted in: Cat cafes purrfect for lonely and childless people See in context

How sad:( sounds to me like somebody needs to find a hobby, get a boyfriend/girlfriend... or something. Nothing worse than cat hair clinging to you.. The most selfish of all animals, they only come around when they want something.

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Posted in: Japanese inventor develops flying sphere drone See in context

Wow, what a neat little prototype! I could see many wonderful uses for that, but I am sure evil awaits with grasping claws to take it over and use it for more sinister plans...... Better close your curtains ladies:)

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