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Posted in: Aum executions open door for more debate on death penalty See in context

If Japanese society supports the death penalty, so keep it.

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Posted in: Writers, film director oppose execution of Aum founder Asahara See in context

Just a rabble of intellectuals yet idiots opportunists without skin in the game trying to profit and get 15 minutes of fame with total disregard for the victims. Probably leftists, those perverts.

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Posted in: YouTube pares back Logan Paul partnership after suicide video post See in context

This newspaper, Japan Today, should not give space or promote barbarians like this bloke. He has serious social adaptation problems and gives a very bad name for foreigners in Japan. There are more interesting, deep and relevant things happening around the world. Let this mentally disturbed chap just be forgotten.

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Posted in: Osaka University professor: The prince from 'Snow White' is a sex offender See in context

This kind of politically correct thinking fuelled by the communists, socialists and similars is one of the reasons of the decadence of the West. May Japan and other civilised nations nip it in the bud. Is the enemy within, specially if it comes from academia.

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