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If the facts of this article are correct, then she hid the drugs which shows she knew it wasn't the usual thing to do or even illegal. Hardly an innocent mistake.

It is ironic that as PR chief she has caused such a PR storm. Based on his alone I think Toyota should drop her like a hot potato....

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I am an asthmatic and this season is terrible. However I started using a nasal screen for house dust and have stopped using asthma medication on a daily basis and only need it for attacks.

They are available at <>www.filteryourlife.jp<> I am surprised they are not more readily available.

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A family of four is in poverty until they have more than 5 million yen a year?

Yes, this is right. Especially if we define poverty as an income which doesn't support sustainable living standards. This is the amount required so a family of four can live independent of tax breaks and social benefits and pay full health insurance and pension contributions. It is an indictment on the government that minimum wage conditions don't take this into account.

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