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Posted in: Marvel’s mighty Avengers to become an anime See in context

Is this revenge for what Keanu Reeves did to the 47 Samurai?

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Posted in: Woman robbed by intruder at her apartment See in context

Having taught police defensive tactics in the US I can handily recommend pepper spray, but most stun guns are worthless. We used to require every class participant to get hit with a stun gun. (75,000 volts) I've been hit more than 40X in an afternoon. They feel like a bee sting and the noise is intimidating at first. But you have to hold them in contact with the assailant for 3-5 seconds to get the reaction everyone is looking for. If you can hold it on someone for that long, you're strong enough you don't need it. Add to that the fact that you can fall victim to low batteries, and you're just better off using stun guns as clubs. Save your money for pepper sprays or a box cutter from the 100 yen shop.

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Posted in: Yokohama man dies after being 'subdued' by police See in context

Having done a few years of security work in the past, much of it involving restraining uncooperative people, I can say that it could be the police officers' fault (through poor training or poor technique) or it could have been completely unavoidable. There are some people who work themselves up to such a high emotional state that when they are restrained their hearts and resperitory systems just can't stand the strain and they have a cardiac arrest. I've been present when a man with no past medical history simply stroked out while his arms and legs were being restrained. Luckily we had paramedics on hand.

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Posted in: Iwate town on alert following series of bear attacks See in context

@Dylan Smith

It wasn't a cause/effect issue. They never went looking for either bear until AFTER the first attack. I'd love it if they could effectively relocate the bear, but they just aren't equipped to do that here.

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Posted in: Girl beheads father after he rapes her in Papua New Guinea See in context


Um, no. It's not a false statement. In any country under sharia law you need the testimony of 4 witnesses to charge someone with rape, but all you need to charge and unmarried girl with adultery is someone to say her hymen is broken. I witnessed the execution of a 16 yr old rape victim in Afghanistan 3 yrs ago. She was raped by a 40 yr old cousin and when she told someone about it he ran away and she was executed.Not all the world is living comfortably in the 21st century.

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Posted in: U.S. senators reach deal on gun-sale background checks See in context

I often hear about the roughly 12,000 gun deaths each year in the US. When you subtract the number of shootings by police, and the number of civilian shootings ruled justifiable, you get a figure of around 8,000 per year. That's just deaths (including suicide). But lets add in gun crimes where no one dies. Armed assault, robbery, kidnapping, rape, attempted murder, etc. The FBI estimates firearms are used in close to 500,000 crimes per year in the US. A half million.

They also estimate that roughly 2 million violent crimes per year are stopped or prevented by citizens with legally owned firearms. That's four times as many. (So yes, since most people are not inclined to commit violent crimes, more guns DO equal less gun crime. Preditors don't like prey that bites back.)

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Posted in: U.S. senators reach deal on gun-sale background checks See in context

I'll be honest, except for the request for funding for better school security, I didn't see one NEW thing in that bill that isn't Already covered in other federal gun laws. All guns bought through the mail or over the internet already have to be sent to a licensed gun dealer before they can be transffered. All licensed gun dealers already have to to background checks on all gun sales they are a party to, whether in their shop or at a gun show. (I was a custom knife dealer and worked at gun shows for many years.) And since FBI stats show that less than 4% of criminals buy the guns they use through legal channels, this only has minimum effect on crime. The NRA has been lobbying for 20+ years for stricter enforcement of the gun laws that are already on the books, but no one wants to do that. In that time roughly 76,000 people have been denied a gun on background checks. Of those only 44 people have been found to be actually prohibited from owning guns, The rest were clerical errors and so called "false positives" (2 people with the same name, etc). Of the 44 who were actually prohibited by law from owning guns, only 17 of them have ever been brought up on charges, even though lying on the forms is a felony.

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Posted in: Man stabbed at sushi restaurant in Miyagi See in context

Sweet lord, READ THE ARTICLE. It wasn't the acquaintance that stabbed him, and the gender of the acquaintance does not matter unless, and let me quote the article for you, (sic) "...when he was suddenly stabbed in his right side by a man who suddenly came into the restaurant" the man who SUDDENLY came into the restaurant was related to the acquaintance at the victim's side. I'm not trying to be rude, but why are you guys all assuming the stabber was the acquaintance when it clearly says he was not?< Smith, I think what people are implying is that if the acquaintance was a woman, then the stabber might be her jealous boyfriend/husband.That would mean it wasn't random.

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Posted in: Japan takes Code Red drills to the extreme See in context

As an English teacher myself I find this approach kind of refreshing. Back in the States I also practiced martial arts for 30+ years and often helped my teachers train local police and occasionally military units who were looking for outside instruction. This kind of hands on experience is especially useful in creating a reactive mind-set. Those curved metal poles can generate a lot of leverage when used correctly, but unless you get to try it once or twice you're not going to be able to pin someone to a wall or floor. I WAS surprised to hear they advocate beating the LEO with real objects, but different strokes for different folks.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine gets 4 years for sexually assaulting woman in Okinawa See in context

@Cleo: Oral sex can be forced just like any other kind. First there's the fear factor of a large, violent, possibly armed person grabbing you and forcing you into the dark. Many people will comply just out of fear. Second there's the gag reflex: shove something far enough down your throat and you physically CAN'T bite it because your jaws reflexively spread.Teaching self defense for many years has taught me that people react different ways to stress and adrenalin. You can't blame a victim of a violent attack for not reacting the way we like to think we would or could.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

As a foreigner it still strikes me as very odd that the tunnels and roads are maintained by private companies and that these exact same companies are in charge of the inspections. One or the other I could see as being reasonable, but both? Come on...

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Posted in: Experts give tips for repelling a random slasher See in context

The "Expert" is "an author of historical novels which work in aspects of the martial art Aikido"? Seriously? Why not Johnny Depp, an actor in historical films which work in aspects of fencing? I'd be about as helpful.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

@ Betraythetrust:I have encountered many serviceman from around the world including retired, the worst offenders for loutish, loud and brash behaviour were the Americans now or recently served. The older ones seemed more clued up. The facts are the military is here to serve US interests and picks many thugs from the bottom of society to make up the numbers.

I would gladly pay extra taxes to compensate Japanese businesses from US custom and keep the streets safer as i am sure many also would.

I'll be the first to admit that not all American service personel are the cream of society, but given the number of servicemen here who actually commit crimes or cause trouble versus the number of trouble making Japanese men the same age, A Japanese woman has a LOT more to fear if she runs into a Japanese on the street than she does if she runs into a U.S. Sailor or Marine. I think the last statistics I saw said A Japanese was 3 times more likely to commit rape or assault. The trains don't have women only cars because we're here.

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

Used condoms. Dildoes signs another guy"s been by recently

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Posted in: Before proposing to your girlfriend, secretly confirm her ring size online See in context

My wife cried and hugged me and pet the ring on to admire the sparkle like a little girl. And then a week later we went to the jewelry store to get it sized. And she was as happy as I've ever seen her. No need for this site. And the "a man can only open one woman's page in his life" stuff is a pain. What if she says no? What if this is gonna be his 2nd marriage?

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Posted in: Zookeepers hunt fugitive flamingo in Hokkaido See in context

They haven't got a tranquilizer dart?

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

JMan, every time I fly out of Japan they open my luggage and search it even before I can check it. I must look more suspicious than I thought.

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Posted in: Does racial bias fuel Obama foes? See in context

Okay I'm white, and I oppose President Obama. But why do those two things automatically have to be considered to be linked? Why can't it be because I feel like his economic policies are crippling our recovery and pose a serious threat to the future wellbeing of the country? Why can't it be because he's used executive orders to get around having things decided be congress more often than his last 3 predecessors combined?Why can't it be because he refuses to let the DoJ enforce immigration law, fire arms laws, or hate crimes laws? I can name a half dozen conservative blacks I would be more than happy to see as president.

I oppose Obama because he's a leftist and he's bad for the future of my country.

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood mocked for Republican convention appearance See in context

Very interesting. I've read several reviews of the speech on American news sites, but this is the first place that anyone has said it was anything other than a home run. I have a few close friends and family who are Obama supporters, but the vast majority of people I know are fed up with his handling of the economy, his use of executive orders to ram his pet projects through without running them by congress,all he's done to handicap small businesses (The largest group of employers in the USA), and worst of all his attacks on civil rights. He basically nationalized the auto industry and handed it over to his buddies in the UAW. He okayed the execution of an American citizen w/o arrest or trial. He pushed for giving the military the right to detain civilians w/o trial or even charges INDEFINATELY. He used executive privellage to try and cover up the Fast and Furious scandal. He won't let the border patrol and INS enforce the law and deport illegal aliens.He's just plain bad for the country and needs to go.

JT Moderator: Once again, you really have no grasp of the situation. Racism certainly does have a place in the discussion. When Democrats can't win on the strength of their arguments they always call the opponents racists. Even though historically they're the ones who supported Jim Crow laws, faught against desegregation, and have done the least to help minorities. It's the one lie they come back to again and again. Please don't take that from them or they won't have anything left to say.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

To those of you who say "Don't get involved", you make me sick. I'd rather get killed myself than stand around and watch someone wind up dead or brain damaged because I was too scared to say or do anything.

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Posted in: Clothing ad touting Japan’s beautiful tradition features no Japanese faces See in context

Well at least tis year they began using asians in underwear ads. I remember going to meet my wife several days a week where she worked (ladies dept of a major dept store) and for years every single poster for womens' undergarments was a white person. As if no Japanese woman head ever bought a bra and panties.

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Posted in: What do Japanese people put in their rice balls? See in context

katsuobushi for me thanks.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

This has got to be the worst dating advice I've ever seen. The only thing even close to being helpful to anyone was show interest in what other people say. If any girl said any of the rest of it to me I wouldn't be able to get away from her fast enough! I always think it's interesting to read articles BY WOMEN who try to explain what men think or want. It's almost always 180 degrees opposite the truth. It's almost like they're trying to sabotage the the competition.

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Posted in: Devotees in Japan finally get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups See in context

After being in Japan for 7 years I finally had one again when a coworker brought some back from Hawaii. I couldn't believe how salty they were. I'd never noticed it growing up in the States, but now they weren't nearly as good as I remembered from my childhood.

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Posted in: Man held for beating girlfriend's 4-year-old son See in context

Hold on people, we don`t know that the mother was even aware of it until the kid was taken to the hospital. All too often creeps like this scare the kids into keeping the abuse secret. As for the guy, get a rope and string him up.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 3-year-old daughter after he loses at video game See in context


I cant disgree more. Any kind of real man wants to protect women and children. And if "It takes a village to raise a child" sometimes it takes a group of angry dads to bring another one into line. If you are beating a 3 yr old enough to leave bruises on their face, you need to have your behavior modified with a baseball bat. Reward and respect good behavior and punish bad behavior, simple as that. If hell beat his own child in the face with a toy, whats stopping him from doing worse to someone elses?

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Posted in: 3 dead in shooting near Texas university See in context

Elbuda MexicanoAUG. 14, 2012 - 08:51AM JST Ah the Texas Republic! Fool of guns, arming even your pets and kids to the teeth! And Americans complain that too many Mexicans cross into Texas illegally but guess what, tons and tons of GUNS, AMMO also get crossed into Mexico illegally, from Texas, USA making the Mexican police almost powerless against all the mafias supplied with guns and $$$$ from all of the drugs sold in the USA!!<

Actually most of the guns used by the drug gangs in Mexico come either from South and Central America or from the armouries of the Mexican police and military. This has already been proven. They don't want to buy the semi- auto American versions when they can get the full-auto versions from down south for the same price. We fund it with drug money, but you guys do you shopping elsewhere.

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Posted in: 3 dead in shooting near Texas university See in context

Hey SOURPUSS: No, in fact there is no difference in the speed of reloading between an assault rifle and a regular hunting rifle. None whatsoever. In fact, many use the exact same mechanism. By definition an assault rifle is a semi automatic rifle (pull the trigger once and one bullet is fired) capable of either bust fire or fully automatic fire (burst means fires 2-5 rounds each trigger pull. Full auto means it keeps firing until the trigger is released) and chambered for an intermediate round. (ie bigger than a pistol calibre, but smaller than a full sized rifle calibre). So most hunting rifles are much more powerful than an assault rifle. Also you can't own any weapon capable of full auto in the US w/o a special class three permit from the BATF which among other things requires that you give up your 4th amendment rights and allow them to search your home at any time with or with any actual reason.

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Posted in: London - the Olympics as they should be See in context

Are we even talking about the same Olympics? The one that just finished in London, right? The one where the organizers couldn't get the right flags or national anthems to match the countries that were actually competing? The one where boxers who get nocked down 6 times in one round (!) are allowed to continue to compete? The only reason there was not politcal drama was that everyone who might possibly offend anyone's delicate sensibilities was sent packing. And if that's the way it's supposed to be, why is it that all you can seem to talk about is the half-time show. Who watches the olympics for the entertainers? It's SUPPOSED to be about athletics....or so I always assumed.

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Posted in: Guns in America - the business of fear See in context

@XRC: Well the stats I've seen most recently said that a firearm is used in the US to thwart a violet crime approximately 6.5 times a day.Of course I'm sure more situations go unreported. The largest group of first-time gun buyers has for years been retired seniors who realize that they represent easy targets for criminals because they don't have the physical strength to defend themselves if they are unarmed. American criminals interviewed in prison have said repeatedly they aren't afraid of prison. They aren't afraid of the police. They aren't afraid of dogs. What they say they ARE afraid of is running into an armed citizen who is willing and able to protect themselves. @BertieWooster: A weapon has no mind of it's own. It can kill or injure, but it cannot murder. A firearm in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. But a firearm in the hands of a good, law-abiding man is nothing to be feared. England banned the private ownership of handguns, and gun crime increased 40%! You can't blame the tool for the way people wield them. That's like banning cars because some people drive drunk or use them in commision of other crimes.

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