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davidake comments

Posted in: Abe to skip China visit during WWII commemoration See in context

For those commentators who think that mainland China does not have accreditation to celebrate 70th WWII commemoration, you are wrong. WWII victory was not any government's victory , it was people's victory, it was all Chinese people's victory. It was all Chinese people who have suffered during WWII created by japanese government and army at that time. Who represents majority of Chinese today? The current Chinese government in mainland represents majority Chinese. Therefore, Chinese government in mainland China should represent China to celebrate WWII victory. Taiwan should celebrate as well but unfortunately a lot of Taiwanese do not think that they are Chinese anymore. China has said time by time that the commemoration is not (against) towards current japan but something to do with old militarized japan in WWII. It is interesting to see that the current japan is still afraid of mentioning WWII or victor's celebration/commemoration of that war? What are you scared of? You must have done something terribly wrong and feel shame when other people mention it?

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Posted in: U.S. would welcome Japan air patrols in South China Sea See in context

US of A should help to release the Japanese hostage taken by IS, not encourage Japan to take a fight with China. You have USA as a friend, who needs an enemy?

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Posted in: Ministry outlines Japan's preparations to mobilize for 'propaganda war' See in context

" Japan has fared remarkably poorly in its ability to mount logical, "

It is not propaganda war between japan, Korea or China. It is talking about fact. The history that japan has invited these two countries and killed millions of their people can not be propagandized. It is fact and it cannot be changed by the propaganda. Find the root cause then solved it. Any cover up or denying will make you japan look worse.

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Posted in: Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO See in context

"will deepen Japan’s cooperation with the Western military alliance in areas such as counter-piracy, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance"

Do these cooperations have anything to do with disputed island? Just another media cooking, isn't it?

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

Because Japanese army have killed a lot of Chinese and Korean but not many Vet. and Indonesian or Philippines during WWII. In Vet, Indonesia, and Philippines, Japanese have mainly fight with France and British armies but not much local people. Therefore, people in those countries do not hate japan much. To them, Japanese army was no much different from France or British armies, they were all invaders. However, Japanese army had killed a lot of civilians in China and Korea. Therefore people in those countries hate japan very much. Understand?

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Posted in: China pushes for rival trans-Pacific trade deal as TPP talks remain stuck See in context

For those who said that China is not a trustful trading partner, please check the fact. China is biggest trading partner with USA, EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia and so on. You guys do not have a clue about trading. Please do not pretend as you understand if you do not.

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Posted in: China says it will maintain patrols near Japan's new island base See in context

Ye, before 2002 China is not ready to talk about East and South China seas because they have taken Deng's idea to take low profile and wait until strong enough to talk about these things. China has won 30 years of peaceful times to make itself strong and now it is time to talk about those territories disbuted with it neighbours. China has never given up those territories but put aside temperarily waiting for chance. Chinese have always taken long term strategy on strategic matters.

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Posted in: Abe sends offering to Yasukuni shrine, but has no plans to visit See in context

China is anti religions? But this articles says

"China Will Become the Most Christian Nation in the World in 15 Years" PJ Media‎ - 9 hours ago


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Posted in: Lord Patten on the new world order See in context

Hope your wishful thinking can realised.

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

Are you sarcastic, americanhonor? If change "China" to "America" in your comment, it will more make sense.

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Posted in: Japan asks Netherlands to act against anti-whalers See in context

Why Japan so ignorant to the world wide anti-whaling world wide is out of character. Are you, Japan, is still a civilised country? You are losing that title year by year until you stop killing whales. Whales are property of human being and they belong to whole world, not belong to you, Japan. If other people do not want whales to be killed, stop kill them. You kill whales for your own benefit is equal to stealing. Why it is so difficult for some Japanese to understand this simple logic.

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Posted in: China says Japan's 'hype' on air defense zone spreads tension See in context

" a Japanese report" saying that bla, bla, bla.. Are you guys so desperate now to spread rumours to provoke China? Come on, have some new tricks.

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Posted in: China considering new Air Defense Identification Zone over South China Sea: report See in context

Good writings, Mahongnao. You have shown what is the third opinion about the relation among Japan, China and USA. Only thing that I do not 100% agree with you is that China and most Chinese actually do not want USA army to leave Japan. Most Japanese may think that USA is protecting Japan from North Korea or China aggressiveness. However, most Chinese think that USA army's presence in Japan is as positive now as in 1945. The recent events in Japan have displayed how Japan is so easy go to right and re-militarised. Japan should be kept as a peaceful country by USA army's presence in its territory. This is wishful thinking of cause by both Korean and Chinese people. The only thing that Chinese do not like is the US's policy of encouraging Taiwan to go independent. Otherwise, Chinese are quite happy for USA army staying in Japan to keep it being checked. Compare to Chinese and Korean and look back history, some Japanese, especially those right-wing Japanese are very aggressive. They need to be contained. China can not do it. Korean can not do it but only American can do it. If you understand Chinese mentality, you will understand what I mean. I am not against all Japanese and I do have a few Japanese friends but some people in Japan including some politician need to be watched.

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Posted in: Chinese ships sail through disputed waters See in context

Are you say that it is "disputed waters"? If there are "disputed waters", what is the news that Chinese ships go there?

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Posted in: A tale of two leaders in China and Japan See in context

ludlt, Last time Japan surrendered in 1945. Since then, Japan has zero combat experience to date. Who will loss? You should know this?

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

mitsuo, you still do not get it. Solders fighting with solders is called war. Solders killing innocents civilians is criminal. Both Korean and Chinese and other Asian people can not tolerate and forgive Japanese army's action of deliberately killing of civilians during WWII. I do not call that is a war but a criminal action against humanity. It is the same action of Hitler Germany. You should understand this if you are adult unless you have been brainwashed by your biased media and education system.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

"Objections from PRC and ROK towards Japan are more based on their own incompetence to deal with their domestic problems rather than their concerns about their own people."

It is actually other way around. Japan has as many internal and external problems as either Korea or China. Therefore Japanese politicians have to stir up nationalism to get votes. The wars between France and England, or Paraguayans, Uruguayans and Brazilians were wars between their armies. The difference is Japanese army has invaded Korea and China and killed millions of innocent civilians in these two countries. It was not a war but a invasion and criminal action. You should compare this invasion against Korea and China by Japanese army to Hitler Germany. I can see how bias Japanese media and education system are. You even can not distinguish good and bad, justice and injustice. What future do you (japan) have, if most Japanese people like you?

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Another right wing politician. Is he? A lot of Japanese politician's brain has been flooded by water.

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

This is the sign of going down the road of self-destroy. The day that Japan changes its Constitution is the day that Japan begins on the road of self-destroy.

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Posted in: China's air zone announcement was just the beginning See in context

China will not back up on this issue. Actually, since 1949, China has always done what he said, be Korea war, Vietnam war, border wars with india and USSR. Do not expect that China will back up on the island issue. Thinking it else is just a day dreaming.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea hold joint sea drill in China air zone See in context

what drill? rescue drill to rescue Japanese pilots when they are shot down, ha, ha.

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Posted in: Hong Kong residents dislike mainland Chinese more than Japanese: poll See in context

Such a poll is childish and publishing such poll is even more childish. I thought japan and japanese are much maturer than this.

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Posted in: China losing luster for Japanese companies: survey See in context

beer4me If China has asked japan to compensate the damage by japanese army in China during WWII, japan will have been long bankrupted.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia cozy up as China dispute simmers See in context

The thought of that japan is ganging up with Russia against China is Japan's wishful thinking but the reality is opposite. Russia will never gang up with japan to against China but it may other way around, i.e. Russia may gang up with China to against ally of japan and usa if they push the missile defence system in Asia. Any body think other way is dreaming. Russia will be not a straw for japan for its failure. Japan, you have failed in Asia. That is reality.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes China, Japan will push diplomacy on isles dispute See in context

Tiger_in_The Hermitage, are you talking about 9.18? Criminals never want to mention/remember the date in which they commited criminals, do they?

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Posted in: U.S. hopes China, Japan will push diplomacy on isles dispute See in context

Jay que, you can talk about your "multiparty democracy" to Indian and see what they say.

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Posted in: China will defend its maritime rights, defense minister tells U.S. See in context

"China has no real allies around the globe" Who is japan's allie? US of A, a big bully? What makes you proud of being a bully's allie? japan does not have a friend in Asia. Look around you, no one is your friend, not South korea, not Taiwan, of curse not China and Russia.

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Posted in: China will defend its maritime rights, defense minister tells U.S. See in context

A glass bottemed boat to see what? Arizona in Pearl harbour? I have seen it and pretty depressing. You can see that the oil still leaking from the poor ship. Back the Diaoyu island. Japan can not do anything since last year when Chinese boats started to patrol the surrounding areas.

Navigation in the South China sea has not problem as long as you admit that you are in the Chinese water and follow the rules. It is nothing to do with sovereignty. Free navigation and the sovereignty are two different things. Therefore US and China have no difference on the sovereignty issue. Don't try to confuse yourself.

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Posted in: Chinese supercomputer world's fastest See in context

japan has a few supercomputers and all of them use Intel or other processors made in USA. Do you guys think that japan has also stolen other country's properties? What is the idi-ot logic?

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Posted in: China launches longest-ever manned space mission See in context

USinjapan 2, you must still lived in the last century.

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