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daviddd1212 comments

Posted in: N Korea displays body of Kim Jong Il a year after death See in context

that is creepy!

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Posted in: What single women in their 40s want out of life See in context


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Posted in: Orphanage receives mystery donation from Tiger Mask See in context

great...nice to hear good news!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine gets 4 years for sexually assaulting woman in Okinawa See in context

Akemi...life??? Are u serious???? 4 years seems just right....

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Posted in: Feisty 94-year-old runs for office using money saved for funeral See in context

good for him!

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

sad....I have a son but I tell him people are friendly and no ned to be afraid of strangers...I would rather him grow up to trust people than be afraid of them...it is sad to read how many people here support this hysteria...yes it is hysteria....just sad..... Zichi...you are excatly right!

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Posted in: N Korean rocket passes over Okinawa; U.N. Security Council to meet See in context

my buddy in Okinawa said he just saw 2 US fighter jets take off when teh rocket flew over Okinawa....that is US fighter jets...not JSDF! Please remind all the Okinawans they need the US troops there or they would be speaking Chinese

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Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family See in context

why??? They did not kill her! She was totally selfsh and took her own life! She had 2 kids and killed herself anyways....soooooooo selfish!!!! As a father, my kid comes first over my own selfish needs and emotions!!!

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

fear and paranoia! It is sad that now even Japan is becoming like other countires like America in fearing strangers...what a way to teach your children about other people....sad! Poor guy!

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Posted in: Artistic expression See in context

could there be a goofier bunch of gaijins in Japan???? Don't think so!

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Posted in: Happy Miserables See in context

he should be the next Bond

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Posted in: Bonds, Clemens, Sosa head Hall of Fame ballot See in context

3 losers!!!! It is sad Bonds surpassed Aaron as the home run leader!

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda one of Vogue Japan's Women of the Year See in context

Dang that is one cute girl...but ugly dress!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

Japan cannot protect themselves.....they cannot afford it and the gereral nature of the gereral nature of the Japanese is not aggressive enough to make a military....look around someday on teh train and see all the salary men....think to yourself "would they make a good army?" NO WAY!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

This is so stupid! It tell the Japanese we are all dangerous...it is just a few that are stupid...not dangerous. There are MANY more stupid Japanese in this country than military! Limit the Japanese drinking also if u want to really prevent crime....

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Posted in: Prosecutors to decide charges for U.S. airman over alleged assault See in context

pay up young fella and all will be forgotten....

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Posted in: Monkey man See in context

good for him....and dang he is very fast!

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Posted in: Osaka politician has man arrested for peeing on his campaign poster See in context

Funny! But a crime????? Too funny!

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Posted in: AKB48 urge Tokyo residents to vote in gubernatorial election See in context

come over to my hosue and I promise I will vote! Deal?

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Posted in: No time for cleaning? These hot guys will take care of it for you See in context

what hot guys?

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Posted in: Restoration Bra See in context

great idea and really nice belly button!

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

Parents looking for some $$$ from the American gov't....not the weel being of their child.

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Posted in: Club boss caught on camera beating elderly taxi driver See in context

beat up and old man???? WTF???? LOSER!!!!

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors indicted for alleged rape in Okinawa See in context

Sorry to all of you folks who think we are leaving....US bases in Japna are by far the most stable in the world...many bases are closing in Europe but here they are building and opening more bases in Asia. Japan needs us here to keep stability in this area of the world. It is a fact...sorry we are not going anywhere anytime soon....and the curview will be lifted soon and life will retuirn to normal and this event will be forgotten.

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Posted in: JKT48 See in context

from left....yes OH YES yes no yes yes

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares for the 'Big One' See in context

fear is worse than the actual event....

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Posted in: Ishihara: Unrepentant Japanese nationalist See in context

u are living in the apst old man! Japan is not a great country like it used to be!

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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

even for me...this is too much!

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Posted in: Twilight zone See in context

she seems like a pure ding dong on every talk show I have seen her in....she should fit just right in with the Japanese gals then!

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