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Posted in: IAEA chief Grossi hints at discord among its Fukushima report experts See in context

I apologize for my ignorance in advance on this topic, but why they do not boiling the water and let it evaporated, instead of directly poor it in the ocean? There is already so many chemicals spray from the airplanes everyday throw the chemicals white lines released above us, so at least not only us will die but also who ever leave in this planet that wanted to destroy it at all cost!!! I am just saying!!! Or maybe send it up with rockets in the space instead of more satellites of Elon Musk. Solutions are out there but they just want to take the easier and inexpensive solution only?

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Posted in: Student in Tokyo arrested for giving illegal haircuts to thousands See in context

It is called: somebody who is not paying tax. It is not about the license.

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Posted in: Japan faces headwinds in drawing foreign workers despite visa change See in context

I am a foreigner that moved from Florida after 25 years, I was making good money over there I had my own limo company but after evaluating my age 52 and the health system in USA me and my wife decided to move to oita where she got family. I do not currently work but I agree on what you had being saying about working conditions and pay. I am moving my work in the digital work where I can be in control of my time, money and benefits ( not to have a boss and never get an upgrade in my position) Japan it is a great country with great food and health service. I am not complaining and I leave a better and healthy life then 25 years in the USA.

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