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Posted in: Do you see any alternative to Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) dumping radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean as it runs out of room to store it? See in context

I don't see why they couldn't make additional attempts to filter the water of additional radioactive material before releasing it into the ocean.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

When Programs of Anime and others shows air, the characters' names would be pronounced as Family name then Personal name. Only when it is translated into English is it reversed whether it is in Subtitles or Spoken English. Since many of international followers of Japanese Culture are aware of the Perchance to do Family name first, it would make sense to do this as a revision that sets Japan Culture as different than other Countries. I agree with the change.

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

If Japan is 'Truly' doing scientific research on whales, then shouldn't they be continuing the trend to hunt whales outside of territorial waters for research purposes when they resumed commercial whaling? Otherwise, they would then ''really'' be in violation since the hunts were for commercial purposes anyway.

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Posted in: In the city where you live, if you had a choice between taxis and ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber, which would you choose? See in context

My big worry is not the driver, but the vehicle. If it is not maintained right, it can be a harrowing ride where i could get injured. Too many taxi companies buy used police cruisers that are cheap, but worn out. An accident is very possible based on a few friends of mine that are taxi drivers from NYC.

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Posted in: Do robots and AI lead to more job creation than they destroy? See in context

There are always other jobs created when robots are used. Maintaining the robots, building new ones. and other jobs are created in a good economy.

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Posted in: Do you think summits like G20 and G7 ever achieve anything tangible? See in context

It gets world leaders together. Chances for sideline meetings increase chances for compromise.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

I totally Agree, Especially since much Japanese Anime circulates the Globe and we hear the pronunciation in Japanese with English Subtitles. Even the English Subtitles gets it Wrong! Its like mispronouncing someone's name inaccurately on purpose, it is like a ''slap'' in the face. Lets be more correct with Japanese people, unless the request we were to use the name differently or as a nickname, but only when they ask us to.

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Posted in: Should it be illegal for employers to underpay their workers? See in context

I hit the wrong button, i meant to say yes.

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Posted in: Japanese fishing boat crew detained by Russia may be released this week See in context

How far into the ''Sea of Japan'' Was the Crab Fishing boat? Is The Russian Federation saying that Most of the Sea of Japan is Russian Territory?

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Posted in: Do you believe Russia and China have meddled or are meddling in U.S. elections, either through covert or overt activities? See in context

Russian Federation and China hack for National advancement and the advancement of their Industries who do not have to do much R&D, why USA does hacking to make sure that there is not any interference in USA affairs, but does not hack in the service to Industries in the USA.

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Posted in: His name is Idris Elba, but will he be first black Bond? See in context

How about a NON-White FEMALE Bond?

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Posted in: Fake news: algorithms in the dock See in context

Not formulas, but ''formulae'', although it is not exactly formulas. as per a definition I looked up just to be certain ''Formulas is a plural form of formula, the alternate plural of formula is formulae. '' http://grammarist.com/usage/formulas-vs-formulae/

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Posted in: Man gropes woman, chases her for 100 meters to forcibly kiss her See in context

According to police, the incident occurred at around 1:15 a.m. on May 29, Fuji TV reported. Why was this reported now?

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Posted in: Man arrested after eating without money, going on rampage at Tokyo pub See in context

Unfortunately, this is the likelihood of the ''hidden'' unemployment of Japan. They cannot get jobs if they fall in the age bracket of the 'forgotten generation (unlucky people). No one wants to hire them or they are considered too old. So, the only way they can survive is to get arrested and be a ward of the state.

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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

NHK has been losing paying subscribers because there has been a loophole for cell phones. There are too many that are using that loophole to avoid paying for content. This will right the scales. Unfortunately, there are those with ''dumb'' phones that will be forced to pay as well because of the simplicity of the law that NHK adheres to. In this regard, all people using any cell phone, regardless of functionality will have to pay the fee as well. Since that mean that each person owning a cell phone in Japan has to pay, NHK's total take will go up by ten times the current subscription method.

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Posted in: Do you think cryptocurrency trading is here to stay? See in context

ONLY as long as there are computers. If someone makes computers not work anymore, then cryptocurrency will die.

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Posted in: Do you believe there will be a military conflict between the U.S. and North Korea? See in context

With a leader like Kim Jong-Un, there will either be a conflict or North Korea will set off a very powerful Electro Magnetic Pulse (an atomic explosion in the upper atmosphere) that will knock out power grids and electronic devices/vehicles around the world.

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Posted in: Do you believe North Korea will launch missiles toward Guam? See in context

North Korea has limited resources, They will shoot one Nuclear Tipped ICBM at Guam that will range for a Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which will take out all electronics and power grids. It is a wide dispersal explosion which, if situated correctly will take out the bases in both Yokohama and Guam. The second ICBM will be targeted to go off over Canada to take out Continental U.S.A. (2/3 or 4/5), only states that get away from it are the southern parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. The Third ICBM will be targeted north of Scandinavia and will take out Europe. The fourth ICBM will go off over North Korea (North Korean forces have vehicles that have been hardened against EPMs since the Soviet Era) it will take out South Korea, Japan, and Northern to mid China.

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Posted in: On Edge See in context

I thought it was a toy at first glance. It is so perfect and shiny!!!

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Posted in: Hotel in Osaka has discounts for female bar customers who wear high heels See in context

It is not a ''Sophisticated'' Establishment if they require an inducement for high heels.

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Posted in: Which form of renewable energy do you think is the best alternative to nuclear energy? See in context

I find with Japan on top of a MAJOR Geological HOT SPOT it is very easy to drill down in multiple areas to get HydroThermal energy cheaply. Drilling in locations where nuclear plants have been shut down for multiple years for upgrades to comply with Earthquake awareness preparedness will be the best way to make a safer change to energy production using existing equipment.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

It is very hard to navigate your website now. You may find a lot of people not coming back. I will stay, but it is uncomfortable to use. I am using it less now daily.

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Posted in: Warehouse in Saitama still ablaze after 5 days See in context

Most warehouse fires should not last this long. Did they not have adequate fire sprinklers on the premises?

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Posted in: Publisher of some of Japan’s most popular anime suddenly restricts exports of its Blu-rays, DVDs See in context

Simply put, it all comes down to LICENSING. By not selling abroad, it can license other companies in the North American continent, European Continent, Middle East, and other markets. If it sold abroad directly it would dilute those license opportunities.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven penalizes 16-year-old part-timer for taking 2 days off due to illness See in context

As far as I know about Seven and I holdings in Japan, all 7/11 stores are owned, not franchised.

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Posted in: M5 quake shakes Kanto region; third in 4 days See in context

Sorry to say, Most companies that are International in Japan are taking this as a precursor to the 'big one' for Kanto.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan See in context

I looked up information regarding the destruction of the missile that went up to 17,000 Meters and then ''went away''. The North Koreans are developing EMP technology so they can render all ''non-hardened'' technology inert. It would be like sending most of South Korea, Japan and most of Northern China into the 'Stone Age'. Electrical grids would be brought down, the giant transformers would be slagged, most electronics from cell phones, computers, telecommunications, televisions and anything that runs on electricity and has computers in them including cars would be rendered inert. Since most of North Korea is still manual technology an EMP would level the playing field into their favor for a decade or more. Such infrastructure takes a very long time to be replaced. Exploding a single Nuclear Weapon at that height would be doing more damage than Several nuclear weapons deployed against cities.

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Posted in: Night flight See in context

I thought something was on fire when i first saw the photo in miniature on the main page.

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Posted in: 6 types of Japanese people you’ll meet while living in Japan See in context

On particular Japanese Person stands out when I was doing business in Japan in 1994. He was all about that i should not try to be 'Japanese' that it is futile and i should go back to America. He thought by my being constantly polite and just understanding that I was somehow trying to be Japanese. I explained that I am normally very polite and that I was in no way trying to be Japanese. I explained that I am in the country to do business and am just friendly and helpful. After this explanation the Japanese individual ''brightened'' up and was friendlier. Still said that i should finish up as soon as possible and return to America, but was happy that I was not trying to 'suck up' like so many gaijin to be Japanese. It was a surreal experience. hope not too many have met Nationalists that have acted that way.

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