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My apologies, it is correct, both volcanoes are stratovolcanoes. I had looked it up after i posted this, and it was too late to change what I had posted.

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Mount Saint Helens- This is what this sounds very much like what is happening with this volcano. Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hakone are both ''shield'' volcanos. Mount Saint Helens started out with 'low rumblings' not spectacular eruptions. In fact, the beginnings were minor ''puffs'' of ash at the summit. No one was thinking it was going to be a big eruption. This is the same here. It is important that someone takes this ''missive'' from me seriously. I am not sure if anyone will but it has to be said here. Mount Hakone is building to a catastrophic eruption that will include a Pyroclastic Flow. It will eventually erupt like the cork coming off a super backed up fizzy drink.

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September 4th? They really mean May 4th right? Like ''May the 4th Be With You'' ( a lisp of ''May the Force Be With You'').

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Actually, once the ''exodus'' is done within the first day, the highways are pretty clear. Everyone wants to get to where they are going the first day (kind of like a ''competitive'' environment for vacation as well) so they have more time for their vacation. The roads are free of traffic and i bet the toll roads and highways will be pretty clear around Tokyo.

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Hi, It wasn't mentioned in the other comments so I will explain why there is such a holiday 'stream' like Golden Week. The Japanese people have been ingrained with a competitive work-ethic since childhood. In many cases this is a good thing, but can be the cause of so many ailments that kills them from Karōshi en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karōshi . If the option of taking a day off is voluntary the Japanese employee will still show up for work, the thinking is if he/she does not show up for work their competing employees/co workers will get ahead of them and they will be marginalized. Only by the National Government enacting a MANDATORY HOLIDAY will EVERYONE be forced to take a day/days off at the same time. This eliminates the compulsion of everyone showing up for work. Strangely, for animation studios in Japan and maybe a few hundred businesses, ''straws'' are drawn and one employee has to stay behind to answer the phones while everyone else is on holiday. No other work is required of them and they are even expressly forbidden to get any other work done. Hopefully for the GOOD people at JAPANTODAY no one has to draw any straws.

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Sweden is a Police State. Owning weapons like this illegal. Very similar to Japan. For this to happen it has to be either Criminal or Terrorist.

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Los Angeles 1984 was profitable and came in under budget. Lots of licensing. Gives me some ideas on how this can be spun for Tokyo.

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Real trees are planted for the specific use as Christmas Trees. Banning sale just means no trees are planted for Christmas sale. It is just like planting groves just for making paper. No old growth forests are killed to be made into paper.

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Does ANYONE realize what China's and South Korea's ""ULTIMATE"" goals are in demonizing Japan Diplomatically? (I have an answer to this in twelve hours or so from now (Arizona, USA time is now 7:50 AM.)

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Arizona's State Governmenthas done this also. There were several locations that cost too much to do regular cleanings of refuse, and this was the most economical to use. The state has been near broke for the last five years because of the financial crisis.

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in U.S., Europe first, then Japan on Feb 22 See in context

The biggest market for Sony right now is USA and Europe. Even though Japan is its core market, there is just too much at stake to sell in Japan First.

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I do not ''see'' Japan doing this ''water cannons'' if it was China's coast guard?

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the Abe Government will be spending a lot to offset the problems of deflation. This will help in the long run.

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Posted in: Which issue do you think will be the most important in the Dec 16 lower house election? See in context

WoW! Did not expect to be the first person to vote on this ideas section!

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I live in the Phoenix Metro Area in Arizona. It is now comprised of about ten cities. Each city is independent. With its own elected mayors and legislators. All these cities, Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Apache Junction(there are a few more that I will gloss over, please forgive me) comprise a megalopolis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalopolis_(city_type) when seen from a mountain or raised area looks like one very big glob of light at night. Each city has grown so large that one cannot make the difference where one city ends and another begins. For all outsiders the Phoenix Metropolitan Area looks like one very big city. Same as Tokyo. Please, do not get into that the Japanese have gotten anything wrong, it just works this way.

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Actually, Star Wars is a THREE BOOK SERIES. Chapters 1,2,3, is book one. Chapters 4,5,6, is book two. Chapters 7,8,9, is Book Three! If you SEE the way this all goes, the big connection for all three books is Senator Palpetine! This Master of the Sith will show up again in the Third Book and will continue the story arc. It will be interesting what happens. Remember, Palpetine(Lord Sidious) has cloning technology, who says the one that was plunged down the Second Death Star was the REAL Lord Sidious? ''Everything has proceeded as I have foreseen'' was what he said. Another is ''My Design''. Lord Sidious has been manipulating events in the Star Wars Universe to a great degree. He needs to have the Rebel Alliance let down its guard so they can be manipulated and corrupted from within. When there is no enemies then people, in general, go back to old practices.

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How about using the 'Big Mac Index'? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mac_Index this may help provide a more balanced cost to what it is compared to other countries and Japan? or Starbucks Tall latte index? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purchasing_power_parity#Starbucks_tall_latte_index

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**** Japan is forbidden from taking military shots. Except if Chinese ships fire on them, then they can return fire as a defense. China is not restricted by that. Another thing should be noted, Japan has not sent ships to confront the Ships of China. If they did, it would be an escalation of both sides. China would love this since it would allow it to deploy its navy against Japan directly. Japan would not be able to respond. The USA would have to instead, but that would potentially start a spiral effect the USA would probably not like to see since it could include North Korea, South Korea, Russia as well.

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GM, Ford and Chrysler are doing very well selling American Cars that are produced DOMESITCALLY in CHINA. Ford is building 5 new car manufacturing plants in mainland China. It has been surmised by media in the USA that the market in China will be 30 million new cars this year alone(I believe that was the number). Making MAINLAND China the largest car market in the world. GM, i think, currently has 10 factories making different brands in Mainland China. Chrysler may be the only one that has one or none in Mainland China. It is really ''apples and oranges'' in this dispute for restrictions on trade when North American (USA) firms are so aggressive in Mainland China and taking the politics and saying China is being unfair. China, if it was really unfair, would have kept North American (USA) firms from building plants in China to keep all the competition from the Mainland.

Most of the total profits of the USA big three car manufacturers is from Mainland China. So, 3 billion dollars in restrictions is paltry. I am no supporter of either side, but you can see where this is so silly.

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