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davidrhys comments

Posted in: Emperor, Abe speak at memorial service as Japan marks 3rd anniversary of disaster See in context

Abe has vowed to boost the rebuilding

Hook up a generator to Abe and power the country with all the hot air he spouts out. Eco-friendly energy problem solved.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $14 bil in aid to Africa over 5 years See in context

Would be nice to see the Japanese government getting it's own home in order before committing such huge amount of money overseas. Let's not forget about the people of Tohoku.

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Posted in: Italy beats England on penalties to reach Euro 2012 semis See in context


If I wanted to know the football scores, I'd check the BBC or such website which has some connection to the competition in EUROPE....Japan Today - Japan news and discussion.....why the sudden interest in reporting the football scores? Avoided the BBC all day for the reason of waiting to watch the game tonight after work. Thanks for spoiling that. Gurrrrrrrr!!!!

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for urinating into woman's apartment See in context

urinated through the mail slot in the door onto a towel that was hung inside to keep people from peeping into the apartment.

Who hangs a towel on the inside of their door to stop people peeing into their apartment!! hahaaha

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Posted in: Officer loses gun on the way to toilet aboard train See in context

Japanese cops....oh dear.

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Posted in: Why I hate driving in Japan See in context

Loving the rant here, but You forgot taxi drivers! I HATE Japanese taxi drivers, too many of them, parked up and sitting in their cars wherever they please, engines running, polluting the air. Then they decide to actually do their daily 10 minutes "work" and in doing so, become the greatest danger on the roads.

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Posted in: Kawasaki man arrested over murder of Sapporo woman See in context

Lock the evil scumbag up, and let someone on the inside "lose it" with him.

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Posted in: Gallery See in context

When person number 22 approached the line, do you not think he / she realized that there were already 21 people already in the line...

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