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Dear World, please understand that the majority of Americans did not vote for the Sadistic Ignoramous. We're gonna do what we can to try to stop these fiascos from happening. Do not let these ridiculous "Kings" divide us. Please have a little pity,it's very embarrassing to be an American right now and most of us had nothing to do with this clown getting elected.

LivingWages, #HumanRights, #OutlawOvertime

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None of this speaks well for our species and it's sadly quite widespread. The working class around the globe need to unite for human rights once and for all vs. letting the trust fund class having us fight each other over scraps.

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+gokai_wo_maneku YES WE FINALLY DID! So how embarrassing is that for other countries because here in the USA we have a large population of ignorant, hateful "grown" men who think of killing, shooting, farting, belching, and playing with belly button lint are reasonable forms of amusement. We genuinely live amoung the missing links here in the USA, so if we can get these laws passed, have faith in the good and keep fighting the good fights:-) We are all each other's brothers and sisters. Fight the power, fight for each other! The cruel and hateful are the minority and can only oppress us if we do nothing. We are NOT their property! We are not their slaves!

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Agreed! How can countries like USA, Great Britain, Japan, etc. expect China, Iraq, to move forward on Human Rights issues when our countries are still legally living in the dark ages? Very hypocritical. Would be hysterical if they actually made a huge reversal and started adopting laws of civility, equality, and humanity and mocked the rest of us for being the neanderthals we are.

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The Bush family has done enough damage and been successful in their attempts to turn America from a Democratic society to an Oligarchy of Kings which they believe they are. They are horrible people who do not believe working class people deserve living wages, health care, etc. and they continue to try to dismantle the very things that make the USA a civilized nation, such as social security and medicare. The conservatives of America claim to be Christian, yet these people would let every American die from exposure and starvation when too old or sick to continue working as their slaves. Then insane ones, like Jeb, demand families keep their brain dead relatives/spouses alive on life support (Terri Schiavo) causing unbelievable pain and suffering as well as irreparable financial devistation...the family can't pay,the Bushes don't want taxes to pay, so whom do these people think is going to pay? They live in a wealthy bubble oblivious to others reality. Jeb was the beginning of the economic problems in Florida, and if elected,he will put the nail in the coffin in what was once a great caring, progressive, and innovative country. I pray people of other nations can speak to their American friends to educate them why the progressive democrats are not only good for them, the country,but in restoring Americas place as an honorable nation on the world stage. It is truly in everyones interest to keep these violent money driven warmongers out of office.

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