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Japan's Scientific Whaling: An Expensive Proposition By: Dennis Normile 2013-02-06 12:10 Posted In: Asia,People & Events,Environment

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@ Mike O'Brien. Well you make statements like you either work for the IWC or the Japanese Whalers.. Either way if this "Raw Data" is available then it like all research should have public access as to the results. Otherwise it is the IWC and the Japanese blowing smoke up the worlds bums one statement at a time...

As far as the Japanese helping the ecosystem of the Cetaceans they have done nothing but DESTROY LIVES AND ENSLAVE THE ONES THEY DIDNT SLAUGHTER.. Japan is after monetary gain and nothing more. If you believe otherwise then maybe you should take the blinders off.... They been doing this crap for many years so where the hell is the RAW RESEARCH.. It's getting down to put up or Shut up for Japanese Whalers. They mislabel dolphin and whale meat as TUNA and then sell to other fishermen.. Yeah a real HONEST bunch there!!

Researchers make their progress known.. They don't hide behind loop holes..

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Disillusioned , thanks and yes I see an abuse of privilege also.. But if this is all for scientific research then by all means Japan GIVE US SOME DATA!!! Let us see the research results you have collected..

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Research Results

JARPA/JARPA II research results

The JARPA∗ was conducted during the austral summer seasons from 1987/88 to 2004/05. The JARPA had four main objectives: a) estimation of biological parameters to improve the stock management of the Southern Hemisphere minke whale; b) elucidate the role of whales in the Antarctic marine ecosystem; c) elucidation of the effect of environmental change on cetaceans; and d) elucidation of the stock structure of Southern Hemisphere minke whales to improve management. The outcome of JARPA is that we now know more about the status of whale stocks and whale biology than at any time in history and this knowledge continues to increase each year. Following a mid-term review in 1997, the most recent JARPA review by the IWC's Scientific Committee in December 2006 concluded that:

"the dataset provides a valuable resource to allow investigation of some aspects of the role of whales within the marine ecosystem and that this has the potential to make an important conntribution to the Scientific Committee's work in this regard as well as the work of other relevant bodies such as the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources" and, "the results from the research program have the potential to improve management of minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere"

Based on the results of JARPA, in 2005 Japan began a new and expanded program called JARPA II. JARPA II started with two feasibility surveys in the austral summer seasons of 2005/06 and 2006/07. The first full survey started in the 2007/08 season. The objectives of the JARPA II are the following: a) monitoring the Antarctic ecosystem (whale abundance trends and biological parameters; krill abundance and the feeding ecology of whales; effects of contaminants on cetaceans; cetacean habitat); b) modeling competition among whale species and future management objectives (constructing a model of competition among whale species; new management objectives including the restoration of the cetacean ecosystem); c) elucidation of temporal and spatial changes in stock structure; and d) improving the management procedure for Antarctic minke whale stocks.

But where does Japan actually show the RESULTS from their so called research !! If someone finds recent as of like 2013 testing results please post .. Thanks..

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd claims Japanese whalers attacked its vessels See in context

Keep up the fight Sea Shepherd!!!

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CH3Cho Scientists agree that to know the age of a whale, one needs to kill it and study the earplug. For example. http://www.nature.com/news/whale-earwax-a-time-capsule-for-stress-and-toxins-1.13750

Since it is agreed that IWC must estimate reliable age distribution of whale stocks before setting catch limits for sustainable commercial whaling, a large number of earplug samples are needed. If only anti whaling groups were less strict about the sample size, Japan would need to kill fewer whales. If they would allow the whales to die a natural death and wash up on Japanese shores then they would get all the ear plugs not to mention meat they could research and eat... But I guess if they can't spill the blood they aren't interested....

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Wow it's so nice to see everyone believing what they read... Each side will spin it to suit there cause...the fact remains if this is for scientific research then you need only destroy One specimen in order to research it... If these whales are migrating together chances are they all consumed to same food, swam thru the same oceans and were subjected to the same conditions of environmental change.. One whale would suffice for research....

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I'm not sure why all the comments here are about how the Military presence here on Okinawa hurts the economy.. Okinawans hold 90% of the jobs at such places as the Base Exchanges, the shopettes, commissary. Not to mention the locals handle the on base housing Maintainence . If these people didn't have these jobs just where would you all suggest they work? Not sure how many people commenting actually currently live on the island but there aren't a lot of Help Wanted signs posted off base. They have jobs that they might not otherwise have through the U.S . Military.

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Japan and Russia are making nice because Japan supplies Russia with the slaves in the new slave quarters.. And Russia has the audacity to say the dolphins were "rescued" from nets off the coast of Japan.. Shame on both countries...

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Posted in: Taiji official says Kennedy should come and see dolphin hunt See in context

Even if she did go my concern is the eating the local cuisine... Yeah let's feed the only surviving child of John Kennedy dolphin meat...as far as tradition if traditions are something that was started 45 years ago well then low and behold I'm a tradition... According to Taiji's own written history first hunt was 1933 with 2 subsequent hunts to follow. The large hunts like we see now began in 1969 to obtain live specimens for the Taiji Whaling Museum. After they found out how profitable the selling of these beings were there bloodlust and greed took over.

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