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Theo, seriously? Lol. I'm too tired to argue right now. But he was never charged with a crime, therefore, he isn't a criminal.

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

Ric is not affiliated with SSCS. Sure, he knows Paul and is friends with a lot of activists on the ground, no matter what group they're with. But even if he was affiliated, does that really matter? He has done absolutely NOTHING wrong or illegal. He's there as a tourist and a witness. He spends money there. He's very friendly to the locals. He is not a criminal. He is not a terrorist. Seriously, by doing this to him, Japan, you are helping us (the activists) because this is getting back in the news, AGAIN. People are hearing about the dolphin slaughters in Taiji, AGAIN. Are you seriously that threatened by a 76-year old activist? You can try and stop him and you might win. But we are a movement of likeminded individuals who know right from wrong. And the dolphin drives are morally wrong! Why do you want to keep poisoning your people, your children with mercury-laden meat? Why do you enjoy brutalizing dolphins, terrifying entire family pods, driving them for your own greed? They're sentient beings like US. You need to end this brutal non-tradition (as it's only been going on since the 50's.) The world has been watching and is watching EVEN CLOSER NOW since you're detaining Ric for no good reason at all. Please grant him entry into Japan.

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