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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

ISIS will regroup and if the world is not careful, ISIS will make their presence known at the next big international venue...aka Olympics. Thanks donnie, you really are a stable genius.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric Chairman Yagi to quit over gift scandal See in context

Don't let them quit and receive their severance package! If they're fired they won't receive their severance perks! That's why all these guys quit, it's the easy way out.

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Posted in: Former education minister makes waves by linking same-sex marriage to revising constitution See in context

It's called an amendment idiot. Japan's ossan ruling class are so ignorant and incompetent.

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Posted in: Schoolteacher bullied by colleagues; curry rubbed against eyes See in context

Agree, file charges with the police. School and board should fire the teachers and revoke their teaching license. With all the children dying and being tortured by bullying these a-holes should not be near children.

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Posted in: Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment See in context

When you have a circus on fire and the people trying to put it out are rudy and trump what is the obvious result? It's pretty easy to figure out. Michal Cohen is sitting in his cell now shaking his head and saying, "...I told you, I told you so..."

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

And the demographics are? Begin printing documentation in foreign languages so that the parents or guardians can understand the enrollment process. Language support is going to be important for the students so that should be a part of the program. If the government doesn't actively educate these children, they are wasting an opportunity for these young minds to become an active and contributing part of society.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

It's interesting to note that Motegi and Lighthizer's interpretion are not in synch regarding autos & parts. Abe left open for trump to use section 232 based on a verbal agreement that both of the actual negotiators are not in complete agreement. Good job abe, it seems like you still don't know what trump is capable of doing.

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Posted in: Koizumi's 'sexy' words on climate change ring hollow for some in Japan See in context

I think what he said should be contrasted to what Greta Thunberg said at the conference. When pressed by the question what were his plans, he didn't have one and didn't even express an opinion. He spouted off some crazy objective with no concrete plans for implementation. Asinine. He has been in politics long enough to know the issues of climate change, but he only said that he was put in this post 10 days ago...gimmee a break. This window dressing of a politician had better start doing some serious studying, forget your paternity leave dude, you have a lot of work to do in office.

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Posted in: Abe urges Iran to play constructive role in easing Middle East tensions See in context

abe should be telling all this to his orange faced master who started this mess. What a joke.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in New York with Japan-U.S. trade deal, Iran in focus See in context

I'll say it again. abe had better play his hand well in this. donnie is desperate for a deal and abe has a lot of indicators that are pointing negatively for the economy so it would be prudent to wait for a good deal and not rush just to appease orange man's desperation. Just today in the Nikkei it has been noted that Saudi Aramco will probably not restore production by the end of September and has changed its delivery of light crude to medium and heavy which is more expensive to process, thus possibly hitting prices at the pumps. Collateral damage due to the trade war between China and donnie is being felt throughout the economy, the issue with Korea is aggravating the damage, the 10% consumption tax is set to go live, and the very real possibility of the post Olympic recession will be upon Japan next year. abe had better stick to his guns on the auto tariffs and not cave, or don't bother coming back and instead should go work and live at mar a lago as a bus boy. BTW, I heard in passing that both abe and trump will not be joining the climate change conference at the UN and Koizumi thinks it should be "sexy and fun." There in a nutshell is what we're dealing with when abe and donnie meet.

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Posted in: Abe vows to improve social welfare amid graying population See in context

You make a lot of pledges abe, how many have actual concrete results? How about starting with reducing the number of politicians in the diet, reduce their pension and pay, and reducing the number of bureacratic koumuin? That's a good concrete step? Then stop using the dang hankou and start going paperless! Government wastes too much money on paper. No more Golden Week investigative trips abroad for public servants.

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Posted in: Japan to U.S. on auto tariff assurances: Put it in writing, please See in context

Get it in writing, make it public, and always have a plan to hold orange man accountable if he decides to crap on it like he did with the Paris Accords and the JCPOA.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

A disgrace, and I do point fingers at you abe, suga and aso. You did the cabinet shuffle but you three have always been in the same position and when the disaster day festivities happened you three were all dressed up in your blues with nowhere to go. Well how about going out now to Chiba in your blues? I have yet to see photos of the JSDF with mobile generators and water trailers out there. Why haven't they been deployed to these areas to assist? You forgot Fukushima and now you're forgetting Chiba. You are not ready to host the Olympics.

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Posted in: Trial of TEPCO executives over Fukushima disaster heads to conclusion See in context

I'm inclined to agree with the professor. It is unfortunate and very aggravating that these men can live a life of luxury while others have had their lives ruined by their negligence and incompetence.

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Posted in: Abe says he will meet Iran's Rouhani this month in New York See in context

Ok, then what?

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Posted in: Oil jumps nearly 15% in record trading after attack on Saudi facilities See in context

What I've been concerned about is unfortunately playing out in front of our eyes. Trade disputes with no end in sight, consumption tax increase, possible increase in auto tariffs by donny boy, post-Olympic recession and now this. Abe and Aso had better be very careful in how they manage this, the writing has been on the wall for some time now and they haven't done anything to mitigate the concerns.

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Posted in: Father arrested for beating son with wooden bat See in context

Put the boy in protective services, arrest the father and question the mother. Do not release the boy back to the home until the court and protective services find a solution, and put a restraining order on the father. If they release the boy to the mother, boot the father from the house.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. is 'locked and loaded' for potential response to Saudi oil attack See in context

trump is a dangerous moron, he started this and doesn't have a plan to put the genie back in the bottle. He has an inflated ego, is intellectually lazy, doesn't read, and doesn't listen to people who know more than he does; a recipe for disaster.

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Posted in: U.S. to expand low-tariff quota for Japanese beef See in context

This is nothing. Get in writing, no tariff increases on autos or auto parts.

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Posted in: Japan Inc increasingly hit by trade war, but few shifting from China: poll See in context

A trade war started by abe's master trump, mind you. Asian countries outside of China are also feeling the effects so unless the host nation can provide incentives or subsidies to relocate facilities to their countries, capital investment in an unstable economy is pretty risky. Exchange rate volatility could also impact the bottom line drastically. What trump has started is a no-win for everyone.

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Posted in: Alcohol detected in JAL pilot’s system before takeoff See in context

Name and shame! He'll probably drink and drive after this.

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Posted in: Minnesota governor says Japan can't pick up U.S.-China trade war slack See in context

You'd better make that heard loud n' clear because trump will be touting it as a major victory for himself. Japan could never and will never replace the China market. The population is dwindling and increasing in age, where is the demand for corn? Livestock feed? Ok, but demand for meat will be decreasing because of the population.

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Posted in: Some cities in Chiba Pref to remain without power for two more weeks See in context

Aah....so much for Disaster Day events. Power and water were the biggest lessons from 3/11 and still no way to tackle this problem. Good on you abe! No mobile generators for at least the "evacuation centers?" This country is setting itself up for one big, major catastrophe.

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Posted in: 13,000 volunteers ready for Rugby World Cup See in context

Good on the volunteers, whether they be for the games or for helping clean up after disasters or just even in the neighborhood.

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

Sounds fine and dandy but your daddy trump pulled out of the Paris accords and doesn't believe in climate change. Are you going to acquiesce and play his party line like abe or are you going to stand up and be counted?

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Posted in: Xi told Abe he 'can't believe' Trump amid trade friction: source See in context

But abe has a bromance with trump! If he goes ahead with the trade deal with trump without a guarantee on the auto industry tariffs we'll know for sure that Xi's comments fell on deaf ears.

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Posted in: Deadline looming, Japan struggles to elude Trump tariff threat See in context

I don't know what the fuss is. Doesn't abe know that he holds the cards? trump NEEDS this before the election. Hold out until there's a guarantee that there won't be an increase in tariffs on the auto industry.

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

Bullying in Japan is deeply rooted in its culture because of its vertical social structure. At the apex of this structure is the old male fart. Children are taught from an early age to respect their elders, their teachers, their older brother, their sempai, etc. Until the perpetrators and enablers are held criminally liable and a safety net established for the weak and powerless this will continue. And for a country that is dependent on its children for the future of its very existence, Japan is doing a horrible job in protecting them.

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 3 dead in Tokyo area: strands 14,000 at Narita See in context

And we just finished Disaster Day last week. So much for the circus training display last week. Japan still doesn't have a contingency plan for any disaster. One would think that after the Tohoku earthquake, they would have developed one and stressed tested it. Nope. Watching the fiasco yesterday you would have thought that comm'l industry would have had a plan to keep all employees at home so that the city would be clear for first responders and damage assessment teams. If the companies could not operate for a day or even just half a day, then it means that they don't have a BCP. We are in 2019 and they still don't have a BCP...

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Posted in: Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named See in context

He's resigning so he keeps his severance and pension perks. And what about his Nissan stocks, how does that work? Plus he won't have to deal with any of the mess he made, sounds like a good deal to me. They should start firing in Japan instead of letting scum like this resign and keep all their perks.

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