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Posted in: Gov't considers asking nightlife businesses to close to stem virus surge See in context

So Nishimura is going to ask them to shut down, but if the yakuza owner "asks" the establishments' managers to remain open, who do you think is going to win?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could help Sapporo land 2030 Winter Games See in context

No, please don't even consider Sapporo for 2030 or for evermore. Tokyo 2020 shouldn't have been on the agenda in the first place. Learn! C'mon, gimme a break!

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals cut staff bonuses as coronavirus drives them into the red See in context

Yes, all this while Abe, Nishimura, Kato, all the bureaucrats, the politicians, and the indicted Kawai and his wife Anri all received their summer bonuses.

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Posted in: Japan’s problem with puppy farms See in context

Thank you for the article and the links. Selling should be out right banned. Japan has a fad based culture and once the fad has passed the animals are exterminated, thrown away or just left to rot. Several years ago the famous white Chihuahua on TV named Coo triggered the Chihuahua boom, but after the fad died these types of Chihuahua farms were found throughout Japan in deplorable conditions. The fad is now cats. Unfortunately not only is Japan fad based, but it is also brand based so buying a Russian Blue is like buying a Luis Vuitton bag. Of course kittens are the hot items because they are so cute, but what happens when the owner loses interest and sees their food and vet bills increasing as the animals age? If not out right banning sales then have strict and enforceable laws and educate the public on adopting and rescuing. TV shows should not be using animals as props anymore either. Local governments say they want to eliminate the inhumane treatment of animals and want to eliminate euthanization but the budget allocation is only a paltry sum that reveals it for what it really is, a PR campaign. I've personally had to pay for all the food and vet bills for the strays that we've rescued and have held them in their last moments. It's painful and infuriating to know that most of these problems are caused by humans because we humans are the most inhumane beasts on this planet.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

Also to note, I haven't seen Abe or Kono say anything about this, I may have missed it. Therein lies the problem. Also, MCAS Iwakuni is also a part of 1st MAW which is HQd in Futenma. My point being, Iwakuni is in Yamaguchi, Abe's constituency. If there was an outbreak in Iwakuni do you think Abe would act more quickly? Just sayin'...

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

From what I understand DoD aka Esper has mandated that infection numbers will not be released so that adversaries would not know the changing capability of the forces. That being said to immediately tackle this problem, GOJ should initiate an immediate dialog with DoD to get the most vital information on a need to know basis. They should set up a joint contingency committee, and at a minimum it should be comprised of CG USFJ, CG III MEF, Tamaki, and the head medical doctor of Okinawa's Corona task force. This is new ground and I'm not sure if SOFA covers this, but if this isn't contained, the host nation and the U.S. forces have a lot to lose. It's not a time to throw mud at each other, work the problem first. You can bet your house and horse that NK and PRC are watching how the U.S. and it's allies are working through these issues.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes limits on dogs, cats kept by breeders to prevent abuse See in context

Outright ban greeders. Adopt don't buy and TNR.

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Posted in: Japan to begin Go To Travel Campaign on July 22 See in context

Typical, this is what happens when people who don't have a medical background take the lead in the fight against this virus. Cases are on the rise throughout Japan now, great timing. Nishimura and Kato will get bitten in the six.

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Posted in: Supreme Court orders release of Trump records but they may stay hidden for now See in context

Trump lovers need to understand that he tried to stack the SCOTUS in his favor with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, but they ruled against him in this case. Apart from the obvious, that's one of the reasons why baby man is raving. Next stop after the WH will be SDNY in front of a grand jury.

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Posted in: LED light-up face masks a hit on Japanese crowdfunding site See in context

Just more industrial waste that we have to put up with.

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Posted in: Japan's supercomputer suggests changes to travel, work amid airborne virus threat See in context

@memoryfix. Sorry you're agitated bro. No I didn't just arrive from the moon, and yes I do know this has been going on for several months now. I do disagree though that people in prefectures and in states without cases are hiding in their houses, on the contrary I think they are out and about, that's not wrong as long as they are careful. I do see, however people in high case areas also out and about and not practicing safety guidelines, which is a cause of extreme concern. I do not profess to be kind and saving lives, those are the front line medical people who risk their lives and their family's lives by working to save those who have become infected. I'm just trying to do my part to lessen their load and risks. I also never mentioned the word, "normal" which you seem to imply that I have. "After" this pandemic I don't think we will return to "normal" or whatever that means. I do agree with you though that the pandemic could be used by authoritarian regimes to further as you would say "enslave" the populace. Authoritarians would use anything to justify their hold on power so yes, this is a cause of concern. Just keep yourself updated on the facts as it is changing rapidly and try to adjust your life style so as not to endanger yourself or others. The new information seems to be that Japan's supercomputer models substantiate aerosol transmission, something that the global medical community is now saying. That's all I'm saying dude, I'm not your enemy, live your life but be safe and think of others too.

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Posted in: Japan's supercomputer suggests changes to travel, work amid airborne virus threat See in context

@memoryfix - The message is not to stop living as you say. It's about new studies and data showing that transmission could also be aerosol and not only droplets which is currently being discussed around the world. Please go ahead and keep living, nothing to stop you, but please heed the proper safety precautions. If you choose not to be safe, then please conduct your life in a vacuum because if you're a carrier you could infect someone very close to you. That's the problem, it's not about you. It's about us, it's about someone else, which isn't all too much to ask for until this virus is fully understood and properly contained so that everyone can get back to living. Unfortunately some will not be able to continue living as you say because they will contract this disease and will die. Others will have life long debilitating conditions that we are only now beginning to learn about. Look before you leap bro.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, lawmaker wife indicted for suspected vote-buying See in context

Aah yes, and they also collected their summer bonus just like Abe and everyone else in the government while the masses struggle through disaster and pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

For the past several years, Japan has experienced severe natural disasters related to heavy rain, typhoons, flooding, and landslides. The JSDF and other emergency first responders had to be mobilized en masse to the affected areas. There is currently a front that is wreaking havoc in Japan now, so my question to the organizers is, how are you going to maintain security during a time of a pandemic, Olympics, and natural disasters? I don't think you have a plan because you'll be working with only limited resources, so unless there is a plan and it's clearly spelled out to the public, cancel the games.

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Posted in: Brazilian President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus See in context

The chickens have come home to roost.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

Remember, it was Ishihara who started all this. Japan and China in previous administrations understood the precarious nature of this territorial dispute and in diplomatic terms, agreed that this problem would be "shelved." In many ways it's the same as the US neither admitting or denying the storage or transport of nuclear weapons through Japan. In other words, don't bring it up and it won't be a problem. Big mouth Ishihara's legacy is alive and well and people are still cleaning up after him, not only Japan, but also in Tokyo.

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Posted in: July Fourth will test Americans' discipline See in context

Test of Americans between the "have and have nots." Brains and common sense that is. In other words, "Weeding out the gene pool."

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Posted in: In Mount Rushmore speech, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroes See in context

PTownsend, love your play on words, freedum lovers!

Yup, everyone attending must sign a waiver that stipulates they or their immediate family will forego all medical treatment related to COVID 19. We can't allow urgent hosptial beds and equipment to be used up by willfully ignorant people who just wanted to go see Il Duce.

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Posted in: Japan's single mothers, female nonregular workers hard hit by virus See in context

Exactly, Abe's womenomics is an abject failure for women. If you want to go further, how is the household supposed to support online education? No PC, and more than likely no high speed internet, probably just the mom's smartphone. How is the mother supposed to pay for the expensive after school entrance cram jukus? Abe was born with a silver spoon and doesn't have children, he has no idea of the ordinary person's struggles let alone a single mom.

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

Game over. Buy Nintendo Switch.

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

Abe putting his eggs in Trump's basket is cowardly and asinine. He seriously needs to re-think his golfer - caddie relationship with Trump. Bolton's book paints an embarrassing picture of Abe and Japan, and for Abe to continue thinking that Trump can play a leader on the world stage is either willful ignorance or idiocy. If China cracks down further in Hong Kong there could be another Tienanmen massacre and the world will have let it happen. You either stand for democracy and freedom of speech or you don't.

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Posted in: U.S. tells Japan it hopes for in-person G7 summit in late August See in context

The pandemic is not over in fact getting worse and Abe still wants to attend an in-person summit on the behest of orange man who can't even control the pandemic in his own country? He's going to risk his staff, his security, and the press corps just because trump is throwing a hissy-fit? Make sure you wear your Abenomask, I would love to see that photo!

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Posted in: EU to reopen borders to 14 nations, including Japan but not to U.S. tourists See in context

Parisiens would do best in the future by appreciating the tourists than turning their noses up to them.

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context

Shift workers are the working poor, they just barely stay afloat working two, three jobs at a time, so the unemployment numbers can be very misleading. While all this is going on Abe just received his summer bonus of over 4 mil yen and Anri and Kawai both received close to 4 mil yen in their bonuses too. SMEs are going belly up, no one knows just how bad the populace is suffering economically and yet these folks along with all the bureaucrats received their bonuses. No share the pain in Japan, rather; "let them eat cake."

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Posted in: Few economic benefits to be gained from hosting Olympics next year See in context

Really not sure who wrote this, but I really don't need Ishihara to tell me what dreams I need and I certainly wouldn't have used him as a source for the justification of the games. I also don't agree that the average citizen won't feel the pain. You can bet we will be paying through the nose to cover abe's behind on this failed attempt. Fully agree with the last sentence and that's why there shouldn't have been the Olympics in the first place. Japan still had so much to do with the Tohoku area after the tsunami and melt downs. Instead we now have to pay for the Tohoku area, the olympics, and now the fall out from Covid 19. Thanks LDP and Abe.

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Posted in: Half of Tokyo residents oppose Olympics in 2021: poll See in context

I don't live in Tokyo but if you're going to use my tax money to fund this or whatever cost over run Tokyo will accrue, then I have a voice too. Cancel now.

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Posted in: Hamilton eyes Schumacher record as F1 steps into brave new world See in context

I've been a fan of motorsports for many years from way back in the days of Dan Gurney, Richie Ginther, Jackie Stewart, and all of the greats that followed like Niki, Senna, Schumacher and now Lewis. I have to wonder though, in this day and age of the pandemic, environmental collapse, and incessant warfare, is this really where we should spend our money? Just a personal thought about re-prioritizing before it's too late...

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Posted in: Cat honored by police for leading to rescue of man stuck in canal See in context

Good on the kat! Hope someone treated Koko to a nice chicken dinner! Cat's were once worshipped by the Egyptians and had a goddess named Bastet. It seems Bastet is alive and well.

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