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Posted in: Abe leaves for Europe, North America with G-20, China in mind See in context

Just please don't invite Trump to Japan to meet the new emperor!!!

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

Feed the addiction and organized crime who will be running it. What a "healthy society!"

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Posted in: Japan slams WTO ruling on South Korean Fukushima food ban See in context

I live here and don't eat anything from that area. It's a sad fact because of all the lies the government has told us

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction See in context

Idiotic. Donate to a charity if you're going to waste money on some fruit.

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Posted in: Suga considering U.S. trip in May to raise abduction issue See in context

Suga and Abe are headed in the opposite direction. Instead of heading east to the U.S. they should be heading west to meet with Kim and Moon. Trump loves Kim, he's not going to bring up a subject that he doesn't have a vested interest in and risk irritating his bromance with Kim. Look what he and his administration did with Warmbier. They know that both North and South Korea still hold the same grudge against them from WWII so it's a no win position. Unless they overhaul their entire position with Korea this isn't going anywhere. Stuck in the middle and all dressed up with nowhere to go.

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Posted in: No-go zone: Trump to skip 'boring' White House press dinner See in context

Orange man is too thin skinned to attend.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

How 'bout just doing chores, taking the kids to a nearby park and explore the neighborhood? You can explore different parts of the neighborhood everyday, walk with the kids on their route to school and have them point out things that they see, while you scour the area for danger and point it out to the kids? How 'bout that? If you're single, do the same, who knows, you might meet that special person on your walk. Cripes, there's a lot to do on days off.

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Posted in: Man who threw bicycle from 12th floor of building, injuring woman below, gets suspended sentence See in context

Really? Suspended sentence for an attempted murder conviction? Not even a mandatory anger management class or community service? No restitution for the poor woman? Next time I want to "shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it" I'll choose Sakai.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese teenagers found drowned in Australian lake See in context

Lakes can be deceiving. There isn't as much buoyancy in fresh water as there is in salt water, and if the water temp was cold they could have cramped up.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe over murky state land sale See in context

Sagawa never really answered any substantial questions and only dodged in the hearings. Investigators should be calling on Akie to testify, but then that would never happen.

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Posted in: Thai police arrest 15 Japanese men in call center scam See in context

Charged with only immigration violations? Does Thailand have laws similar to FCC violations, or operating without a business license, racketeering etc? Man, I'm only a layman and can see the numerous other charges these dumbos could be charged with. They should be tried and serve their sentence in Thailand before being deported to Japan to eat their dessert.

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Posted in: Yakuza population hits record low in 2018: police See in context

Ha ha, all the crooks are in the government now!

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Posted in: Abe planning trips to Europe, North America in late April See in context

Sorry Akie, but me thinks Abe and leadership are mutually exclusive terms.

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Posted in: Nissan's governance committee says Ghosn had too much power See in context

Stating the obvious is supposed to make us say, "aaahhh...?" There should be a complete house cleaning at the top including Saikawa. Incompetence and if not that, then professional negligence. Stockholders should be up in arms. Whose hanko is on the internal and external audits since Ghosn became CEO/

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Posted in: Abe may meet Trump in April: officials, media See in context

Golf and party at Mar a Lago, kiss up, then, agree to cost + 50% to pay for U.S. security. Then talk about N. Korea and Japanese kidnapped vicitms for about 5 minutes and agree to automobile manufacturing demands. Meanwhile Akie drinks up all the great wine from the personal Trump collection! Golden week retreat at tax payers' expense.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Better take care of the dwindling birth rate and aging population first. Where's your revenue stream going to come from for all your defense toys and whose going to man these? Wait, I know, you're going to use the same ol' story. Increase the consumption tax to 10% and tax the heck out of old people who live on a fixed income and then you're going to develop AI robots right? All the while, the same ol' farts run the government and live off everyone's taxes. Abenomics 101.

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Posted in: Frugal consumers, higher costs take fizz out of Japan's food stocks See in context

Good point jcapan! The producers should start thinking about internal excess cost like packaging before simply hiking the product price. I would like to see a study of what percentage of the retail price goes to packaging.

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Posted in: Court rejects call to halt nuclear reactor in western Japan See in context

Everyone remember that name, Judge Akira Onose.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors form new board See in context

That logo in the back sure looks like Adobe Acrobat. Not exactly the same, but neither was the old Tokyo Olympics logo.

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Posted in: Epileptic driver of wheel loader that hit and killed 11-year-old girl gets 7 years in prison See in context

A wheeled loader is considered heavy equipment so this guy was on epilepsy meds and was still able to get his license, and the company he worked for let him work. The police also said that he was in an accident prior, but the article doesn't say if they knew about his epilepsy. I guess no one knew and the guy of course understood that it would be difficult to get a good job if anyone knew so he hid his condition. There's a broken system and the result is the death of an innocent victim. Is this "tough" road traffic law really going to solve the underlying issue or is it just going to drive more people with conditions into hiding? This really is sad.

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Posted in: The art and science of Japan's cherry blossom forecasting See in context

Don't' get me wrong, I think they are beautiful and I understand the cultural implications, but me thinks it's much ado about nothing.

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Posted in: Suspected abuse of record-high 80,100 children reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

This is a deeply rooted problem that needs more safety nets, pro-active intervention and counseling and therapy for not only the victims but also the perpetrators. Most people who abused were themselves abused and the cycle needs to be broken.

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Posted in: More details emerge over fatal abuse of 10-year-old girl by father See in context

The children are being killed, committing suicide, and screaming out for help and the system fails them. For a country that desperately needs its future generation, it sure isn't doing much to secure its future.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years in prison for Osaka road rage murder in 2018 See in context

What a joke. A terrible joke. Chased the kid for a minute then killed him. Prosecution seeks 18 years and the sentence is 16? The car was used as a weapon so if someone ran and chased another person with an axe for a minute then killed them, they would get 16 years? Go figure.

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Posted in: JOC chief 'did not know' of lobby firm's links to middle man: investigators See in context

For someone who holds the purse strings, at best, he's inept and incompetent for not doing his due diligence.

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Posted in: About 40 dogs burned to death at Nara breeding facility See in context

Adopt, don't buy. Put an end to this business!

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Posted in: Families of detained Yasukuni Shrine protesters seek China's help See in context

And how would the Chinese police react if someone started a fire in Tiananmen Square?

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Posted in: Actress Yoshiko Mita’s son gets suspended sentence after 4th arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

How about mandatory addiction counseling to go along with two years of community service?

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Posted in: Global arms firms show off wares in Japan See in context

Ha! And with Japan's dwindling and aging population who is gong to fly and man these new toys?

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Posted in: Auditor said to have questioned Nissan on payments to Ghosn See in context

Of course the auditor would have noticed. A company as large as Nissan would have both internal and external audits and if their findings were not further investigated by Saikawa and others they should also be held accountable.

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