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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

Akie - Sorry, another chance for Abe? Nope, not when it's high stake politics. You do realize that we are talking about the possibility of a war right? That Japan's reliance on mid-east oil is vital for its economy right? That he's thinking of raising the consumption tax to 10% and that his buddy Trump is thinking of increasing the automobile tariffs after the election right? Sorry no second chance, he gets paid too much for that. If he's an apprentice, he's Donnie's apprentice and in my book, we need true professionals, not two-bit apprentices.

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Posted in: Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol See in context

Agree with philly1 and Yubaru. Needs to be mandatory, and it needs to be a third party independent tester, not internal policing. How many souls are you responsible for when you strap into that cockpit? And their loved ones...

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Posted in: Record 3,129 stranded on Japanese mountains in 2018 See in context

Get these old timers out of cars and out of the mountains. This is getting ridiculous. I'm well on my way to being an old timer myself and I can't understand some of these folks.

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Posted in: Trump says Sarah Sanders to leave White House at end of June See in context

Good riddance, now get rid of Kelly Anne.

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

Hoo boy, didn't see that one coming! Understandably so, why should they let Trump dictate the narrative and negotiations? Go back to playing golf and kissing up Abe, you're not a diplomat.

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for attacks on 2 tankers near Persian Gulf See in context

Israeli SPECOPS under the direction of Trump, and Javanka.

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Posted in: Tokyo or bust as Tiger Woods eyes Olympic dream See in context

Golf as an Olympic sport is a joke. Just my opinion. There should be more games that poor countries can compete in.

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

The only reason why Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear treaty which was ratified by not only the U.S. and the EU was because it was brokered by Obama. Even U.S. security experts have been saying that it was working. Trump's infantile ego is at play here and is causing this "crisis." Iran's preconditions for talks will probably be to demand that the Lincoln be pulled out of the Persian Gulf. Then what is Abe going to do?

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

"...aim of encouraging the public to take a more proactive role in managing and investing their assets." To invest, you need disposable income. Most people are living hand to mouth, paying loans and working to the bone. If you have children, all the more so...

That's what happens when you have politicians and bureaucrats who know nothing about how the populace live. They have their own pension system separate from us.

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Posted in: Man on a mediation mission: Abe heads to Iran See in context

Not holding my breath, but agree with Yubaru, anything that can cool down the fire that Donnie started will be a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: G20 finance leaders say trade, other tensions 'intensifying,' but pledge action to counter risks See in context

Not that it matters to Trump since his knowledge of anything is pretty minuscule because he doesn't read, but has Mnuchin informed him exactly which two countries owns close to 30% of the U.S. debt? Does the Trump base know that? What is Trump going to do if China decides to slash its Treasury holdings like Russia? And Japan who is second to China who holds U.S. debt? Trump is going to hit Japan with auto tariffs after the Japanese election to save Abe's face? Not exactly playing with a full deck if you ask me. If they call him he's going to fold. How about sound domestic economic policies that add disposable income to the populace by providing adequate and fair wages, and social services that sustain the health and well being of the work force? G20 is nothing but the rich trying to get more of their share, damn the people.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend sent to prosecutors over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Uhh, the police found a wound on the face and a bandage on the foot and deemed it wasn't enough to suspect abuse, and this all on the heels of previous reports of two previous reports to the child welfare center? And what is enough physical evidence of abuse Mr. policeman? The future of Japan's existence are its children and right now it's doing a pretty messed up job of protecting its future. Poor baby didn't deserve this. This is an outrage.

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Posted in: Abe becomes 3rd equal longest-serving PM with 2,720 days in office See in context

Can't say that I'll be celebrating. Exactly what were his campaign promises? Abenomics? Abduction problem? Remember him and the LDP if another nuke disaster hits, they eased the regulations and started them up again. Also remember the recession that is bound to happen after the Olympics. All the money and resources that should have been used to clean up and assist the displaced from 3/11 was squandered for the Olympics. Don't forget to celebrate the surge in oil prices if his buddy Trump goes to war with Iran and I'm sure the Japanese auto manufacturers in Mexico are celebrating Trump's Mexico tariffs right now. These things will hit the everyday Tanaka-san on the street, so you can't just say, it's cool, I'm still partying in Shibuya.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Well, all you wimmin. Are you going to vote LDP again? These geezers are telling you to wear heels and make more babies.

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Posted in: Elderly driver, passenger die in Fukuoka 5-car crash; 9 in hospital See in context

For starters, I think they need to change the renewal system. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe after age 75 the renewals are every three years. The cognitive and physical functions decline rapidly after that age so license renewals should be on an annual basis. There should also be incentives to return the licenses such as gift coupons, I think the elderly would appreciate this; heck I would! Most of all there needs to be cheap and convenient transportation for the elderly. Many need the wheels to go shopping and to the hospital or pharmacy to get their meds. The government has been woefully negligent on the aging population problem and instead of the old geezers in government making misogynistic statements about women making more babies they should be working the issue that is staring them in the face.

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Posted in: Trump lavished with royal pomp and pageantry on state visit to UK See in context

I hate it when his infantile ego is being fed.

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Posted in: Japan's policy on N Korea questioned amid Abe's resolve to meet Kim See in context

Sorry Akie, questioning is part of democracy. With all the time and money he spent with Donnie if he deserves any prize, it would be queen of the Orange Bowl.

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Posted in: Japan's policy on N Korea questioned amid Abe's resolve to meet Kim See in context

Abe lost his window of opportunity to meet Kim months ago. It should have taken place right after Singapore. Too bad, that's what happens when you're too busy playing golf with orange man.

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Posted in: Abe to meet Iran's Khamenei to mediate with U.S.: report See in context

If he's just going to be a mouth piece for Trump, he's not going to get very far. It's going to be a difficult to negotiate for an orange faced devil who speaks with forked tongue.

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Posted in: Automakers in Asia tremble as Trump threatens Mexico tariffs See in context

Abe's buddy strikes again!

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Posted in: Japan to tackle plastic marine waste, uphold free trade with ASEAN: Abe See in context

Abe talks of sweet nothings. How about concrete steps and metrics to show to the world that Japan will begin reducing plastic packaging and production? How about fines for violating standards determined by law? That's how you start Abe-chan.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups See in context

8T, I think it is true. Before Japan began its colonization of Asia, it secured the southern and northern islands.

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Posted in: The kids aren't alright: Japan struggles to protect its most vulnerable children See in context

Declining population and the country can't even protect the future of its existence, its children. Japan's safety net is non-existent and whatever is in place is a very poor and embarrassing model.

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Posted in: Sputtering economy creates uncertainty over Abe's tax hike plan See in context

If Trump and Bolton continue with their agenda with Iran, look for an increase in oil prices. Abe's tax increase, Trump's high tariffs, and an increase in oil prices will be a great combination for a disaster, all man made. Speaking of disaster, the natural kind, of which Japan is plagued with, throw that into the mix and Japan will be facing a a threat to its very existence. Abenomics anyone?

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Posted in: 82-year-old man dies after being bitten by dog in Hyogo Pref See in context

It's not the dogs fault, we should be clear on this. Tosa ken are usually bred for only one thing and that is to fight. The TV footage showed miserable living conditions for the dogs and they were in all probability treated the same way, miserably. You don't get a good fighter by showing love and caring. Also, yakuza are usually associated with the dogs. It's the humans' fault, and I'm going out on a limb now, but the dude who got mauled was probably associated with the yakuza in one way or another.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress treat Trumps with French dinner, live orchestra See in context

Everyone was wearing black, white, silver or a similar shade for the occasion. Huckabee decides to wear hot pink. Also, someone should teach Trump to button up his tux. These guys are a bunch of circus clowns.

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Posted in: Man assaults wife after learning she trolled his YouTube videos for six months See in context

Just hope they don't have any children.

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Posted in: Parts of Japan experience record high temperatures for May See in context

I think we can all agree that Japan has experienced climate change first hand? The typhoons hitting the Okinawa area are stronger, and unpredictable, and because of the ocean temperatures getting higher up north, the storms are maintaining their strength instead of dissipating by the time they get to mainland Japan. Rainy season will no doubt bring torrential rain to mainland and the summer temperatures will probably be higher than Okinawa. So in light of all this directly impacting the citizens of Japan, Abe will play golf with Trump and in all probability will not bring up climate change and the need to abide by the Paris Accords.

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Posted in: On the surface, it's all going to be a display of warmth, friendship, hospitality. But there's an undercurrent of awkwardness and concern about what the future might hold. ... We're coming to a decisive moment. This is, I think, the moment of truth. See in context

Ha ha! Trump just downplayed NK missile tests. Great security partner for Abe when Japan is very concerned every time Kim fires off a round or two in the general direction of Japan. There, in a nutshell, is the relationship between Japan and the U.S.

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Posted in: Japan trade a problem for Trump, but not as bad as China See in context

Ha ha! Just to echo Yubaru's point, have Trump's Beast try and drive through the streets of Tokyo and not the main highways! See how far you get.

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