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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker meets Myanmar junta leader See in context

You train their officers at your Defense Academy and this is how you're repaid? Sounds like you got the short end of the deal.

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Posted in: At least 5 members of Kishida's new cabinet had links with Unification Church See in context

Copy / paste.

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

And security? Abe's dead because of the amateur security. Think you can handle all these dignitaries?

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Posted in: Support for Kishida cabinet lowest since it was formed: NHK See in context

Kishida is only Abe 3.0, it's no wonder the numbers are starting to tank. The people voted for the LDP, so hey, live with it. When will you learn?

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Posted in: Japan foreign minister promises Cambodian PM to help ASEAN on Myanmar See in context

How about Japan stop educating Myanmar officers at their National Defense academy in Kanagawa?

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Posted in: Role in Japanese war machine made Hiroshima, Nagasaki A-bomb targets See in context

Hiroshima possibly; Nagasaki? Not necessary. But then those two cities shouldn't be mentioned in a vacuum, don't forget Nanking, or Dresden. The world went mad during those years, some have atoned and learned, Japan hasn't yet. There will be another pilgrimage by the LDP and the ultra-right uyoku to Yasukuni on 15 Aug.

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Posted in: Slim majority of Japanese oppose state funeral for ex-PM Shinzo Abe See in context

It's an LDP party, let them pay for it. For others, pay at the door.

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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

Dive shops had better get their gear squared away. Men died on that ship. It's not a wreckage, it's a tomb, a memorial that couldn't be. This isn't the first time dive shops have Fd up. I've seen videos several years back with tourists having no disregard to the ecosystem and scraping the live coral with their hands and fins. They'll even take tourists out for a dive even when the sea conditions aren't good resulting in accidents or deaths. Every summer there's some kinda crap that they're responsible for. Really gives a bad name for the "real" divers.

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Posted in: Osaka court fines man for putting 2-month-old son in freezer See in context

Rodney, read the last sentence in the article, and don't compare mooning with abuse. Not humorous.

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Posted in: Osaka court fines man for putting 2-month-old son in freezer See in context

Child was in temporary custody in September, where is the child now? This report is incomplete without providing information on the safety of the child.

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Posted in: Fukuoka support group using metaverse to reach out to 'hikkikomori' See in context

Great idea. I know a person who was a hikikomori and played online games all day and wouldn't come out of his room. He told me that the gaming community helped him come out of his shell and he is now a successful network engineer at one of the largest Japanese telcoms.

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Posted in: Russia hits Ukraine's Black Sea port despite grain deal See in context

Mr. Kipling, please note. Ukraine and Russia signed separate but identical deals with the UN and Turkey, not with each other. Therefore any attack is a betrayal of the UN/Turkey agreement; basically the international community. Turkey and the UN were to be monitoring for any possible military use so if Russia had any suspicions they should have addressed it with the UN and Turkey, not unilaterally attack the place, this is called diplomacy and a respect for international standards, something that Putin has failed to demonstrate to the world. Forensic ballistics could provide more information on the projectiles.

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Posted in: Winter Omicron wave swamps hospitals in Australia See in context

Seigi - My mother is 90, and my son and wife both have asthma. Ever since this started we've been vigilant and so far we've been spared. You go live your free life around your loved ones, but stay away from mine.

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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context

Alfie Noakes, a proper thank you!

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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context

For clarity, Soka Gakkai is affiliated with the Komeito, the LDP's junior partner in their coalition. Touitsu Kyoukai is the Unification Church aka Moonies. Yesterday, someone cited a good source video showing Abe making a speech for the Unification Church. To the poster, I'm sorry I didn't remember your name, but thank you for posting.

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Posted in: Typhoon expected to make landfall on southwest Japan on Tuesday See in context

Much ado about nothing. Enjoy the rain that you didn't get during rainy season, plus it will cool things down a bit. When the pressure drops down to 940, call me.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

How about taking a look at all the advertisements and societal images of so-called beauty in Japan which are all run by corporate Showa geezers.

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Posted in: Aso likens Russian war in Ukraine to bullying of weak children See in context

"Countries that look strong" are unlikely to be targeted..." And did Aso learn nothing from history? How about 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? From what I understand the U.S. "looked" very strong in those two instances, and uh....were not only targeted, but attacked.

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Posted in: With 'Thirteen Lives,' Ron Howard revisits Thai cave rescue See in context

If anyone can do it, Ron Howard can.

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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context

And so with Kishida's wish to extend his relationship into NATO, does Article 5 apply to non-gold card members like Japan?

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Posted in: Japan to host G7 summit in Hiroshima on May 19-21 next year See in context

Another showcase to portray Japan as a victim in the war, while LDP continue to march en mass to Yasukuni and right wing morons ride around in their trucks blaring toxic and obnoxious slogans about imperial Japan. How about holding it in Fukushima? If I remember correctly, the Olympics made it all good over there, sample some of the local delicacies and tour the reconstruction sites.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief tells ASEAN rules-based order key to Indo-Pacific region See in context

BeerDeliveryGuy, to your point first; Japanese visiting military academies in the U.S. are from Japan, a country that had democratic elections not a military junta installed by a coup. To date, at least over 1500 deaths can be attributed to the current military government, including a Japanese national. As to your point about JSDF involved in PKO operations in Myanmar, I'm not familiar with any operations there under the junta, please show me the source. Overseas PKO operations require extensive debate within the Diet and I have not seen anything of the sort since the coup. On the contrary many Japanese companies have been pulling out. The aid for infrastructure was provided during Aun San Suu Kyi's democratically elected government's administration. I also don't see any interoperability necessity between the JSDF and the military of Myanmar. My point is that Japanese tax should not be spent to educate officers who will return to be a part of the repressive regime in Myanmar, a regime that has already killed a Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief tells ASEAN rules-based order key to Indo-Pacific region See in context

Meanwhile Kishi and his JSDF defense academy trains and graduates officers of the Myanmar military for free so they can go back to their country and further kill and repress the people's democratic movement.

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Posted in: Kishida says there are no numerical targets for defense spending See in context

Basically a blank check to buy new toys directed by Kishida's patron Abe...

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Posted in: Japan judo hits crisis point as bullied, burnt-out children quit See in context

Yamashita's own federation is responsible for pushing the win at all cost mentality, and just cancelling this tournament is not the fix. Ever since Japan's dismal performance at the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul, which was dominated not by Japan but by Korea and the European teams, Japan was "shamed" and went on an all out program to win at all costs. They created this monster to save face at the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games total cost drops to ¥1.42 trillion: source See in context

Do the simple math and figure out how much each person in Japan, including children will pay for this farce. Sapporo can pay out of their own pockets if they want to host another joke party.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils plan to set up pandemic crisis control unit similar to CDC See in context

Just another layer in Japan's overloaded bureaucracy.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 singles in 30s not willing to marry: Japan gov't survey See in context

Enjoy your freedom all you want, that's good. Just don't do it at the expense of your parents. Don't have mom cook, clean and do your laundry. Japan had a better start thinking about how to care for the aged free folk.

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Posted in: Kate Kamoshita of Learning Compass: Navigating life with ADHD In Japan See in context

Good on ya! Japan really needs to get a grip on its education system.

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Posted in: No bartender required: Premixed Jack and Coke going on sale See in context

No thanks. Sinatra on the rocks please.

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