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Posted in: Biden unlikely to alter U.S. base transfer plan in Okinawa: locals See in context

The people of Okinawa should know by now that the problem is not D.C., it's Tokyo.

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Posted in: Virus-hit Japanese companies turn to early retirement to cut costs See in context

Yup, overpaid executives, Showa ossan...no vision, and no flexibility. They should be looking at companies like Fuji Film who went from a film company and expanded into precision devices and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, the world leader that Fuji Film was competing against was Kodak who failed to diversify and remained entrenched in its old ways thus going the way of the dinosaurs.

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Posted in: 4-nation gymnastics meet in Tokyo shows how Olympics might work See in context

Bach said it all in his message, "you are setting an example..." AKA guinea pigs, or should I say minks, now that there's news of a mutation which could potentially render current vaccines ineffective.

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Posted in: Trump campaign faces legal action for using Village People song at rallies See in context

Ha ha! that orange buffoon is going to have so many legal troubles. NY AG, SDNY, and now the Village People are coming after him! Heck, even Deutsche Bank is wanting to cut ties to Trump! Someone should be playing that song when we see him getting out of his limo heading to the SDNY!

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Posted in: Gymnastics meet a test of Tokyo's readiness for Olympics See in context

And they're going to monitor ALL the spectators and do the contact tracing as well? What about follow up testing and possible contact tracing after repatriation? Even if there are false positives, with the first positive they had better isolate the individual, and if it's the athlete how is that going to affect their performance?

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Posted in: Republicans break with Trump over push to halt vote count See in context

GOP to support the process? Some waking up? There will soon be others, namely those who attended the rallies, they should be showing symptoms now, and no doubt some will go into ICU and suffer and perhaps die.. Others will say they regret voting for trump. Too late and too bad, your orange buffoon doesn't care about you now, he got your vote, bye Felicia.

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Posted in: World waits nervously, impatiently for U.S. election result See in context

There was a dream that was once America...it is now ravaged by a pathogen and willful ignorance and hate.

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Posted in: Health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house See in context

Homo sapiens are the worst species on this planet.

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Posted in: Japan carbon pledge boosts hopes of ammonia backers See in context

Right on Cricky...

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Posted in: Anxious nation awaits Election Day See in context

Hate + open carry + low intelligence and morals = big troubles. Never thought I'd be saying to be careful on election day, but here goes....be careful. May the best man win.

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Posted in: Tales of WWII-era Japanese ghosts persist in Philippines See in context

There are a lot on Okinawa too. For those who know the area, there's a ghost of a Japanese soldier with his arm in a sling crossing that long road going up the hill from gate 1 on KAB. Too bad this article didn't come out before Halloween. Seems a bit anticlimactic a few days after....

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Posted in: Japan's new climate goals lift prospects for crippled nuclear industry See in context

The LDP are at it again. They created Fukushima, the Democratic party had to deal with the disaster, and now the LDP are back in full swing with not as strict as it should be regulations, have no idea what to do with the contaminated water and now want to build more nukes. Where is Koizumi the Environmental minister poster boy? Nothing? Japanese had better learn to vote for party and not individuals because that's the only way they're going to get these idiots out of office. Suga's carbon neutrality is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy asks other companies to take on its idle workers See in context

The "shukkou" practice is common in Japanese companies who are facing financial hardships. In a way it's the company's way of sharing the responsibility of finding employment for the worker. It's another option for the employee; to work at another company while your original company pays your salary and if the new company feels that they could use your talents, they could make the transfer permanent by negotiating with the original company and for lack of better terms, "buy the rights" for employment. The terms also usually state that when the original company returns to financial health the employee can return to the company, but for all intents and purposes, once the company can make do without the employee's services, a "return to the nest" would be very difficult. Should the employee reject being transferred, they are then given their notice and provided their severance pay. Major companies like MHI have unions that can support the employees during this transition period but employees at SMBs don't have this support or luxury. Good luck to the workers, I hope they can find something substantial in these days of the pandemic.

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Posted in: Suicide leading cause of death among young people in Japan, statistics show See in context

Another study, another article, and no concrete prevention plan on a national and local level. Japan likes to hide the inconvenient truths about its society and has done little to establish safety nets for the troubled and desperate. For a country that has a declining birth rate and aging population it would rather spend gazillions of yen on military hardware. I saw a news clip last week and it was reported that the suicide hotlines were understaffed, any action from the government to increase subsidies for this important service? I have two very simple questions for the government. With all the disasters in this country and its dependence on young men and women first responders and the JSDF, how many will you have in 30 years? Where is your tax revenue going to come from? The children and the young are crying out and you guys in government have the gall to be sleeping through your diet sessions wearing your abenomasks.

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Posted in: Japan picks Mitsubishi Heavy to develop its own stealth fighter See in context

Yup, I agree with a couple of the posts. Unless Japan is ready to implement first strike capability which is against its constitution, then UAV is the future for the defense of Japan. Plus with Japan's low birth rate, who's going to fly and maintain these new stealth jets? You could easily transfer the stealth technology to drones and have video game raised generations flying the vehicles. Japan is once again going the same way they did in WWII with the Yamato and Musashi in the age of carriers.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales fall for 7th straight month See in context

If there was even a semblance of leadership and effective plans to keep people afloat during the early days of the pandemic consumer confidence wouldn't have tanked as it has. Consumer spending is not only economical but also psychological, the average consumer saw how ineffective the LDP were and are now holding onto their cash for only essential items.

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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

Abe was always doing photo ops by eating food from the Tohoku area to show that it was safe. Suga should tap one of the tanks and drink the water to show the world that it's safe. And as someone has already posted, if he has that much confidence, bottle it and start selling it, and I would go a step further and tell Suga to sell the water as souvenirs with the Tokyo Olympics logo.

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Posted in: Lawmaker Anri Kawai released on ¥12 mil bail after 4 months in detention See in context

Aly Ruston, you're right and I'm not holding my breath either, been around too long but I would like to see the press keep putting pressure on ol' Abe.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers weigh virus control center at athletes' village See in context

Yes, and what of the thousands of foreign spectators who will be in town, what is the plan for them and what if there are simultaneous cluster outbreaks in the Olympic village and out in town? During the peak of the pandemic this spring, Tokyo's medical infrastructure was on the verge of collapse, how will it hold up when you add thousands more to the mix? And this is only for the 'rona, what about the number of heat related cases that will surely add to the number of patients going to the hospital?

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Posted in: Lawmaker Anri Kawai released on ¥12 mil bail after 4 months in detention See in context

Local politicians who accepted the bribe have told prosecutors that when receiving the money they were specifically told this (money) is from the Prime Minister. Anri and her husband both received their summer bonuses even after being indicted as most Japanese were losing jobs and going into bankruptcy. Sorry, no sympathy from me, and I would hope that the prosecutors go after the big Shinzo apple too.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist witnessed the death of Malcolm X See in context

Thank you for this article, it is much appreciated.

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Posted in: YouTuber, 2 others sent to prosecutors for stunt at Shibuya crossing See in context

Idiots on both sides of the law. Simply amazing.

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Posted in: Japan rejects nuclear ban treaty; survivors to keep pushing See in context

And this shows the hypocrisy of the Japanese government; they'll use Hiroshima and Nagasaki to play the victim card to absolve themselves from their war crimes but won't support anything that steps in the direction of a nuke free world.

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Posted in: Japan prefers piecemeal approach to big bailout for carrier ANA See in context

JAL received a lump sum bailout that saved them from 2.3 trillion yen debt almost 10 years ago. This debt was not based on something uncontrollable like the pandemic but basically poor management. JAL was the "national" airlines of Japan and received favoritism and basically placed ANA on an uneven playing field. And now ANA has to eat this? Why the double standards, someone big owns a lot of JAL stock?

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

The rest of the world will be starting work on the 4th. If Nishimura's plan goes into effect, Japan will basically still be closed while everyone is back at work "making money." How is that contributing to the economy? Customs for imports and exports will be closed, TSE will be closed, the banks will be closed. They've been talking about children falling behind in their studies, so schools are also going to be closed? Nishimura has no clue, he just wants to tout that his Go to project is a success.

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Posted in: Gov't puts off decision to release treated Fukushima water into sea See in context

Ok, so the IAEA says that it meets global standards. What about the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) and the NRA (Nuclear Regulatory Comission)?

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

If it's coming from Nishimura, it's only about his Go to project. The more that participate the better...takes us for idiots? It's so obvious.

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Posted in: Japan had record 610,000 school bullying cases in FY2019 See in context

Another survey. Japanese ministries spend too much time on surveys and not enough time on concrete actions to prevent and prosecute. Didn't we just have another survey released a few weeks ago about DV and child abuse? Just another way for the government to show us that they're hard at work with our tax money.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers show masks do block coronavirus, but not entirely See in context

And what about those little plastic mouth guards that Aso and the TV tarentos like to wear? How effective are those?

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Posted in: Suga vows swift decision on release of Fukushima radioactive water See in context

Just FYI. Tritium does not decay in 12 years, the half life is 12 years. Suga is already under fire for rejecting scientists to the science advisory panel who are critical of the government. Environmental minister Koizumi has been mum about this lately even though the Nuclear Regulation Authority is under his purview. The NRA was formed and restructured from the corrupt Nuclear Safety Commission after the Fukushima disaster. The initial NRA had very strict regulations on restarts and oversight during the Democratic party's Kan and Noda administrations but when Abe took power around 2012, the agency did a quick turnaround and became very lax in restarts and oversight. A lot of this was news at the time, but has fallen by the wayside now. Japan can't be trusted, it needs a third party report to legitimize any actions it takes on waste disposal. Abe prioritized the olympics over the Fukushima cleanup, that in itself should be self-explanatory.

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