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Posted in: Shrine honors cats at Japan island where they outnumber humans See in context

TNR, rescue or adopt, don't buy.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after her neck gets stuck in car window See in context

Was she STRAPPED into the child seat? I don't think you can get that far out if you're strapped in. When my son was that young, I only cracked the windows, and he was always strapped in and I would converse with him unless he was sleeping.

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Posted in: Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize Palestinian state, deepening Israel's isolation See in context

"Netanyahu has said Israel will maintain security control of Gaza even after any defeat of Hamas..." There you have it. With all the talk of a two state solution, the first step is recognizing Palestine, but Netanyahu has no intention. How can there be peace when the end game is even more repressive than before? So what will Japan do? They'll sit and look at the U.S. out of the corner of their eyes and follow the lead.

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Posted in: Japan still wrestling with legacy of graft-stained Olympics See in context

It was dubbed the "recovery and reconstruction" olympics for the Tohoku region, but the region didn't benefit at all. When the olympics were announced all the labor and construction equipment needed for the area moved to Tokyo. Now with the cost overrun everyone in Japan has to ante up, including the people of the Tohoku area. If memory serves, not one politician was ever indicted for corruption, only the commercial sector, so no wonder people are left with a rancid taste in their mouth. Seeing it all being played out again in Osaka.

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Posted in: Japanese firms offer highest pay hike in 32 years in spring wage talks See in context

The major firms, but unfortunately between 80 - 90 % of businesses in Japan are SMBs. The major firms could afford it because of all the low cost services and supplies they demanded from their sub-contractors and suppliers.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

Uuh...she's also one of the names being floated by the LDP for the post-Kishida premiership. Par for the course.

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Posted in: Rapidus last opportunity to put Japan back on global chip map, chairman says See in context

A day late and a dollar short. Construction has only just begun and full scale operations won't begin until at least 2027. Government bureaucracy is too slow, declining birth rate means that there will be less young engineers to choose from, and the all too many earthquakes are some real obstacles facing Rapidus. At least the chairman seems to know when he said that Japan is almost a decade too late. Not sure if Kishida and his gang understands, they seem to think that just throwing money at it is the cure all.

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Posted in: Fierce fighting in northern Gaza as aid starts to roll off U.S.-built pier See in context

Tacitly supporting all of Bibi's actions, supplying weapons and arms, and now trying to play cavalry to the rescue with humanitarian supplies. U.S. Govt speaks with forked tongue.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

So petty. They bought it, they can write on it. What's wrong with writing a pet cat's name on it for its good health? If it brings solace to the individual isn't that what a temple is supposed to do, bring solace to the people? I personally think writing one's wishes on the figurines is actually quite charming.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

If it's not street legal, it's not a car. It looks more like a drone on roids.

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Posted in: Coppola's long-awaited epic 'Megalopolis' divides Cannes See in context

It sure sounds like it's a spinoff from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. If so, give credit to where it's due.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

So give them a smile and thank them, it's a tedious and unappreciated job,

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online booking for Mount Fuji trail See in context

I had a friend climb and she said that the only thing she could see was the arse of the person in front of her. No thank you.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese banks lead fossil fuel financing See in context

Aah, but they all love their SDG lapel buttons and advertising how they are contributing to lowering their carbon footprint on their websites.

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Posted in: More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services See in context

At least try resigning on your own first instead of having someone else do it for you. It's a learning experience. But young people beware, if you continuously quit and move, it's not going to look good on your resume. Life isn't peaches and cream, so get used to some hard knocks, that doesn't mean having to suffer abuse, but it does mean learning that it's called, "work," not play.

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Posted in: Kishida plans to attend Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland in June See in context

How about trying to engage with Xi to cool temps over on this side? He has yet to meet Xi in China while many EU leaders have already done so. In fact Xi visited France and was met with a larger hoopla than Kishida just as Kishida was walking out the door. Kishida is irrelevant in Europe as he is is Ukraine.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

What is this percentage compared to the global estimates? For Japan it's probably more acute because of the dwindling population. We already have the elderly caring for the elderly and if the government doesn't get its act together we'll end up with elderly with mild cognitive impairment caring for the severely impaired elderly. The LDP doesn't care, it was Abe's policy that the families should take care of each other in his "beautiful Japan."

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Posted in: Nepal visit See in context

Official visit to Nepal to do what? There was a time when the LDP stopped all these nonsense GW "official" trips. They kinda slid it all back into their SOP again.

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Posted in: World wasted 20% of food produced in 2022: U.N. report See in context

We never did get the final numbers on the food waste at the Tokyo Olympics. I'm sure we won't see those numbers for Paris or Osaka either. Japan is facing increasing poverty amongst children so they really need to address this issue and ramp up food banks, children cafeterias as stop gap measures and address structural reforms. Kishida was recently touting OECD, but according to the OECD, among developed countries Japan has between 13% to 16% child poverty. According to UNICEF, Japan ranks 32nd among 41 developed countries. So much for the LDPs child support policies to counter the decreasing population. Child welfare minister Kato didn't say anything about this in the recent passing of the child welfare bill at the Diet.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to tackle global challenges with South America See in context

Oh how he's trying so hard to be relevant. Japan can't even get off coal and he's going to help S. America with climate change? Pledge, vow, promise to....blah, blah, blah.

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Posted in: Progress reported in Gaza truce talks, but Israel downplays chances of ending war with Hamas See in context

It's a lose/lose situation for all except one. Netanyahu. He has already been indicted, his trial has restarted, and he faced months of protests by Israelis for his corruption before 10.7. He has no intention of normalization which would put him behind bars if convicted. He wants this eternal war to save his own hide and his "legacy." He calls the trial a witch hunt. Sound familiar?

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

Japan does not have birthright citizenship. If you've been reading previous articles even the police admit to racial profiling, and how about the death of Wishma while in Immigrations custody? Tourists won't feel this, they have money and are here temporarily, but trying to live here if you're a foreigner and not white is a different issue altogether. The xenophobia or politely "Japaneseness" is systemic. BTW, Biden needs to take a good look at the U.S. as well. It's history is steeped in xenophobia and racism. This is a universal scourge.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula invites Kishida to eat his country's beef See in context

Nothing of consequence from this junket at tax payer's expense. I guess he could write a review of the wine and cuisine he enjoyed. BTW, I wonder if we'll get a chance to see the TOTAL travel expenses?

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

Video message while out of the country. What a chicken. Chicken hawks are the worst to be spouting off about "defense."

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Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

Right. And did you and Kishida talk frankly about this at the last circus in D.C.?

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Posted in: Kishida to stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting See in context

Can't even get full support from his own party, just how does he plan to lead the world? Lame duck trying so hard to be relevant.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party loses all 3 seats in by-elections See in context

Meanwhile the big boss Kishida will be romping around the world with other LDP members during GW using our tax money. Vote 'em all out at every level.

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Posted in: China coast guard confronts Japanese politicians in disputed East China Sea area See in context

Inada trying to poke the bear? Another air head LDP trying to become relevant. All of this really blew up when LDP Tokyo governor Ishihara said that he was going to buy the islands. Before that there was a tacit agreement between China and Japan (believe it was Zhou Enlai and Tanaka) not to make this an issue which is what China is referring to in the last two lines.

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Posted in: SDF punishes 5 members for mishandling state secrets See in context

Really? No wonder the U.S. has misgivings about how Japan handles classified information. I wouldn't trust these clowns or the government with my house keys.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit France, Brazil, Paraguay during Golden Week See in context

Another paid vacation at tax payers' expense. Zoom meeting anyone?

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