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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

India showing its true colors. The cargo doesn't belong to them and it's for humanitarian purposes. Japanese government also showing its true colors in PPP.

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Posted in: Russian-run restaurant in Chiba looking to hire Ukrainian evacuees See in context

Brilliant, please have a follow up story!

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Posted in: Couple at heart of Abe cronyism scandal found guilty again over fraud See in context

And no mention of the Akagi files? The man committed suicide because of this, the rot goes all the way up. Sagawa and the files know exactly who gave the order.

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Posted in: Kishida, 6 U.S. lawmakers affirm Japan alliance See in context

Don't even think about trusting Lindsey Graham.

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Posted in: Russian military's damaged Black Sea flagship sinks See in context

Is that a carrier strike group sailing through the Dardanelles now? Wishful thinking.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold navy drills off Koreas See in context

And lurking somewhere below are the subs. Too bad this photo wasn't the Black Sea.

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Posted in: More flee as Ukraine warns of stepped-up Russian attacks See in context

I'm no expert but from where I'm sitting, NATO and the west had better wake up. Putin wants to end this by May 9, so the gloves are coming off. We'll probably see a barrage of the likes we've never seen before. He'll launch attacks from inside the Russian border into the Donbas so NATO or anyone wanting to get involved can't make any incursions into Russia without the risk of seriously escalating. Send in "advisors" and heavy anti-aircraft, and anti-missile weapons systems. The other option is to sit and watch the Ukrainians get mercilessly pummeled. "They make a wasteland, and call it peace." Tacitus.

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Posted in: 4 arrested for disrupting coronavirus vaccinations in Tokyo See in context

Send them to Shanghai.

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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors charge 4 yakuza members in weapons for drugs case See in context

Enjoy being the tough guy in a state pen.

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Posted in: Japanese students seek to act as bridge with Russia See in context

Use your Russian skills to counter the propaganda. She said, "Russian people should not be considered evil because of the actions of their leaders." Yes, that is correct, but surveys reveal that 80% of Russians support Putin. How many of the 80% actually support and how many are only saying that out of fear? The moral and existential dilemma for Russians are similar to what Germans faced during the Nazi regime. Protest and die or end up in a concentration camp.

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Posted in: Russia faces global outrage over bodies in Ukraine's streets See in context

Jeff Lee, you're absolutely correct. I didn't go into details, but the massacre is the same. A loss of command and control and dehumanization of civilians. Calley only, but Medina was acquitted, and it should have gone all the way up to Westmoreland but it didn't. There have been other massacres in history, the problem now is what will NATO do?

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Posted in: Russia faces global outrage over bodies in Ukraine's streets See in context

My Lai, ala Russia.

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Posted in: Defense experts back Japan acquiring enemy base strike capability See in context

If you couldn't trust the LDP during the pandemic, the Tohoku recovery, the Olympics or numerous other issues that occurred during "peace time" what makes anyone think giving these clowns weapons is going to fare any better than a total cluster. Think twice or thrice before handing destructive capabilities to someone that has a proven track record of gross incompetence.

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Posted in: We want to contribute to dispelling the public’s anxiety and reassure people. See in context

Raising and consuming are completely different. Consume and eat, TEPCO...

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

Good luck young folks! Don't let them beat you down and when you are down, talk to someone, don't let problems fester.

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Posted in: Kishida says Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens foundation of international order See in context

So you're educating the Myanmar officers so they can return to help crush the democratic movement at home? The hypocrisy is sickening.

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Posted in: Kishida, U.S. ambassador visit Hiroshima See in context

And while all this is going on, Abe is talking about going nuke, and neither Abe nor Kishida have yet to meet with Nobel Peace Prize winner, ICAN.

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Posted in: 40% of Taiwanese believe Japan will help them if China invades: poll See in context

Neither Japan or the U.S. will intervene, they don't want a hot war with China. Xi is watching very closely how the west is reacting to Russia's invasion, and right now he sees only arms shipments and economic sanctions, both of which I think China could withstand better than Russia. The biggest difference will be the use of air and naval forces instead of ground troops. For the greater good, someone should muzzle Abe. Keep working diplomacy, and never stop talking.

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Posted in: NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine See in context

Bronco, yes you are correct, the people of the Soviet Union defended their motherland, but in that reasoning lies the problem, this time the tables are reversed and Putin is the invader, not the Ukrainians. NATO estimates 15,000 dead, and the other day on a pro-Kremlin site, the numbers were over 9,000. Of course the Kremlin took that page down and said it was hacked, but even if hacked, the numbers are still comparable with other sources. Putin already controls eastern Ukraine as you would like, so why not stop? He's made a wasteland of the area where the ethnic Russians live, do you think they appreciate the destruction, misery and suffering caused in the name of liberation? Bombs and missiles don't distinguish between ethnicity.

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Posted in: Kishida visits Cambodia, also one of China's key partners See in context

Kishida is paying tribute to the police officer who was killed by the Khmer Rouge in an ambush during peace keeping operations in Cambodia. Japanese government (LDP) sent unarmed civilian police who had no training in a combat zone on its first ever UN peace keeping operation. If I remember the original broadcast reporting, they were driving bumper to bumper in a convoy, RPG took out the first vehicle and it was a turkey shoot after that. A deadly fiasco for the naive government.

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Kishida now can't say anything about China not condemning Russia's invasion. So much for trying to be the leader in Asia. Nothing more than a door to door salesman.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit India to build Indo-Pacific partnership See in context

Are you going to talk about Putin and the invasion which you incidentally condemned?

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Posted in: Essential things I’ve learned from raising kids in Japan See in context

The roads are narrow and there are many blind spots in Japan. On our walk to the park, I would point out the dangers to my son so that he could get a good idea of what to look for. The same on the return walk because it's a different perspective.

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Posted in: SDF launches new cyber-defense unit See in context

Only now? Also better watch out for viruses in the fax machine.

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Posted in: Japanese, U.S. Marines hold airborne combat drills See in context

On the ground joint training is good, but it's the dithering old geezers in the government who will make or break any response. No one will make the call because it's not in their DNA, they will work on consensus and end up a day late and a dollar short.

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Posted in: Foreign fighters in Ukraine await weapons in chaos of war See in context

Arming inexperienced guys with little or no training is dangerous and fool hardy. Arm the men with military experience, send the rest to assist with clearing rubble and searching for survivors, or working on getting aid to the shelters etc. There's more than one way to fight this war.

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Posted in: Wear to be seen See in context

Dull. Dull zombies. Doesn't inspire.

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Posted in: BOJ in dilemma as Ukraine crisis raises specter of price hikes See in context

If Japan had real wage growth the past 15 years they wouldn't have to be in this predicament when all indications are that companies can ill afford additional cost during these trying times. SMBs are going to feel the pain.

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Posted in: Business exodus from Russia has limited impact on Japan's economy See in context

Per Asahi Shimbun on 10 Mar. "The government will raise the average price of imported wheat sold to millers by 17.3 percent from April, with a more devastating increase expected later because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine." Note the word, devastating. Russia and Ukraine together export about 25% of the world's wheat, and due to a poor harvest in Canada and the U.S. the writing is already on the wall. Rich countries will buy up the wheat and wheat that should have been allocated to poorer countries for food aid will be in short supply. There are no winners in a war.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe wants attempts to alter status quo in Asia quashed See in context

Why is this clown speaking on foreign policy? If he wants to get back on the international stage send him to Putin as a special envoy. According to Japanese press, he's met with Putin 27 times, surely he's on a first name basis as he has bragged about his first name basis with Donald.

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