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Posted in: Man told he owes unpaid adult web site fees, ends up giving scammers over ¥100 million See in context

Caught by phishing - hook, line and sinker.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses Switzerland, Vietnam of manipulating currency; Japan, China on monitoring list See in context

Typical Trump and Munchikin financial policy. Blame others for your own failures. Trump's pandemic policy has wrecked domestic production and the number of bankruptcies, unemployed and miles and miles waiting in food lines is a clear indication of the toll it is taking on the U.S. The U.S. is no longer a main player on the world stage, Trump has made sure of that.

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Posted in: Minister fends off criticism that decision to suspend travel subsidy campaign came too late See in context

Nishimura doesn't have a scientific or medical background, he's just the man to be leading the fight against the pandemic.

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Posted in: Coronavirus forcing more and more women into poverty See in context

Japan is a government and society run by Showa Ossan who probably don't even know the price of lettuce. This is a country that has a severe declining birth rate that can't or won't protect the women and children who are literally the future of its existence. This pandemic has only exacerbated and has brought into more focus all the social ills that society already had, it is not the cause. The lack of action is inexcusable but sadly not surprising.

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths top 300,000 in U.S. just as vaccinations begin See in context

And not a peep about this from the wanna be president and his cult.

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Posted in: Surging coronavirus undermines leaders' support in Japan, S Korea See in context

I can't say for Korea, but for Japan, if the testing is so low, you need to stay put. Nishimura and the other covidiots kept spouting that there wasn't any evidence associating the travel campaign with the surge in cases. It's this type of thinking that got us here, it's pretty dang obvious and it's not like the government performed a study to justify making a statement like that. They'll never admit that their idiot campaign is responsible for this, besides, Go To Travel is grammatically incorrect, so much for the brains being paid for by our taxes.

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Posted in: Suga tells climate summit Japan will review efforts toward 2030 emissions-cut target See in context

Pledge, review, consider...Japan's way of saying we won't commit but want to look good on the world stage.

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Posted in: Japan to accelerate anti-disaster measures in 5-year plan See in context

This could have started back in 2011 after 3/11. Instead, they turned their attention, finances and resources to the Olympics. So what we are going to be faced with is the failure and loss of money from the Olympics and an increase in taxes to cover for this loss all the while paying for more public works projects, all on the heels of a crippled pandemic economy. LDP at its best, but one thing for sure, they'll keep drawing their big salary, perks and bonuses.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

Poor leadership and poor public health education. Aso was one of the first to use the useless plastic mouth guard and now just about all the idiot "tarento" are using these in place of actual masks. The politicians also like to pat themselves on the back by saying that the world is amazed at the Japanese model for handling the pandemic; uh....like which country exactly because in all the articles that I've been reading about, Japan is rarely mentioned, if they are, it's only a footnote.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic sponsors asked to pay more See in context

Asinine. How much is Dentsu contributing? There are more important things to be considering now in this pandemic as there was when Abe and cronies submitted Tokyo as a candidate, e.g. over 100,000 displaced from the tsunami and earthquake.

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths smash daily record, spurring pleas to trim back Christmas See in context

And not a peep from the man-child who wants to be the next president. The pandemic should be the priority for the leader of any country. Someone should ask him what his plans are for the pandemic if he is to serve a second term. He has no plan, just like he didn't all this year.

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say government unlikely to meet carbon neutrality goal by 2050: poll See in context

Japan always "pledges" to do something. Actualizing is another whole different ball game; seen it too many times to believe anything coming out of Nagata-cho.

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Posted in: Firms' winter bonus payments face biggest fall since 2009: Nikkei See in context

But Kawai, Anri, Abe, and all the other incompetents and crooks will get their bonuses.

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Posted in: Imagine: John Lennon shot on his doorstep 40 years ago See in context

It was the last time I tripped, the dream was over.

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Posted in: Osaka asks gov't to send SDF nurses to help cope with virus cases See in context

JSDF will Go to Hospital. Discount coupons?

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Posted in: Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID See in context

Chickens have come home to roost. Weeding out the MAGA gene pool again.

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Posted in: Challenge of dealing with influx of Olympic visitors amid virus seems insurmountable See in context

Planning and preparing for the worst is the only way to execute competently should the need arise. This is neither a plan nor preparation and I see only bad news at the end of the tunnel for these games. These numbers don't even address the number of patients who will require emergency treatment from heat stroke. Wearing a mask in the heat and humidity is not a good condition even for locals let alone foreigners. I really pity the health care workers. Good luck Tokyo, not my Olympics, don't tax me.

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Posted in: Trump assails vote integrity while urging turnout in Georgia See in context

Trump and his no mask rallies is intent on cleaning out the MAGA gene pool. I pity the medical staff in this county. MAGA folks, don't vote, it's rigged anyways, stay home.

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Posted in: Quarter of Japan university students thought of quitting studies amid virus See in context

The educated young are the future of Japan, this is bad news. The government should have had a robust plan for students after the initial onslaught but all they could come up with was a super spreader tourism campaign.

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Posted in: Trump to appear in Georgia in gamble over control of U.S. Senate See in context

For all the GOP and MAGA supporters. It's a rigged election, don't attend. Trump, Sidney Powell, and Rudy have been saying so for weeks. Mitch and Lindsey aren't arguing against it so don't participate in something rigged. Give your money instead to Trump's Save America PAC so that he can continue the good fight, and pay for his legal fees against the SDNY.

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Posted in: Prosecutors consider summary indictment of Abe aides: report See in context

Something that is slippery and can't be caught is called slimy.

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Posted in: Postponement costs for Tokyo Games to total ¥294 bil See in context

And what is the projected revenue? If you don't know, or at least I haven't seen any numbers since the pandemic then cut your losses now, and stop the hemorrhaging. Good god, it's simple business.

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Posted in: Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons on way out See in context

Pardon 'em all dumbo! SDNY and 'Tish James is still going to come for you. Oh BTW, while you're busy with your Santa wish list the death list from Covid is increasing; you might want to get engaged with that while you're playing golf and making your Santa list.

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Posted in: Japan to give more financial aid for hospitals fighting pandemic See in context

Aah yes, throw money at the problem with no clear plan just to show you're doing something. And what of the staff shortage? Throwing money isn't going to solve this problem. Increase overtime pay and work them until they drop? Nothing different from abenomask, only this time it's money.

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

He should have been thrown in jail after the first airline incident. There's no law to enforce masks but there are laws for interfering with the safe operation of a flight, and the safety of passengers. As for the hotel, they should have filed a complaint for interfering with business, 営業妨害 and thrown him and his baggage out into the streets.

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Posted in: GOP objects to Biden nominees, a sign of what's to come See in context

Randy Johnson - You forgot, the GOP controlled both houses in the first half of trump's administration and y'all still couldn't get rid of the ACA.

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Posted in: Disgraced lawmaker closer to losing seat over election law violation See in context

And what of her winter bonus?

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Posted in: F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Even Lewis couldn't outrun 'Rona....

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't to ask older people not to use travel campaign amid virus spike See in context

Yes, no Go to for the elderly. Let the young Come to and bring you the virus. We make home deliveries!

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Posted in: Singapore studies COVID-19 pregnancy puzzle after baby born with antibodies See in context

The last paragraph seems to imply that the lack of infections is across the board. I wish the article mentioned the age of the mother and the severity of her case. Encouraging news though...

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