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Posted in: Teenage girl jumps to her death at Machida Station See in context

This is such a tragic story - I wish this young girl could have reached out to someone for help - she had her whole life ahead of her. I pray she has found peace in heaven and also pray for her family at this terrible loss. Life is so full of challenges for young people these days - their young lives should not be filled with stress - it should be filled with joy and fun. As adults we have enough stress but childhood is a time for learning without pressure with exams, family expectations,etc - there has to be balance in their young lives - encourage them to do the best that they can in their studies/exams, but also allow them to have fun, too. Teach children about bullying as well - at home and in school if this is what may have been troubling this child.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

I agree with Steven Mcgrew - this money could go towards helping the many people who will be in temporary shelters for many years to come. We in Canada would much rather this be done - our government wastes so much money - 1 million dollars will not go far to clean up all this debris that has just barely started to arrive on our shores - the worst is yet to arrive. If we can spend billions fighting a war in Afghanistan, we can spend millions cleaning up the debris of this terrible disaster that hit Japan - our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan who are still coming to grips with losing so much two years ago - so many lost loved ones, their homes, their livelihoods. We in Canada can find tax dollars to clean up this debris.

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Posted in: Top 5 worst places to visit in Japan See in context

WHen I visited Japan in 2007,I liked both rural Japan and the big cities such as Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, but my favorite places were Takayama and Kamakura. Takayama is a jewel!

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Posted in: Canadians accuse referee of bias after soccer defeat by U.S. See in context

SuperLib - you're right, we Canadians have to get behind our Team Canada for the Bronze match with France - all this discussion/anger, etc will distract our team. I have never watched soccer but watched the game yesterday live - it was a heartbreaker but there, unfortunately, have always been terrible calls by referees at Olympic events. Look at that boxing match last week with the Japanese clearly winning the bout but the referee obviously blind as a bat .... well, you get the picture. Onto the Bronze Canada! And, Japan, onto the Gold!!! Women's soccer - wow - better than hockey!!!

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Terrible job that the Norwegian referee did in the game USA vs Canada. Should have been Canada 3-2, but there is always controversy with some Olympic referees. I hope Japan beats USA for gold!!! GO, JAPAN, GO!!!!

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My heart and prayers go out for all in Japan - this is such a touching picture that brings tears to my eyes. I pray families who lost loved ones can heal and grieve with a lot of support from others closeby and know others in the world are praying for you. God bless you all.

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

Shame on them both. What goes around, comes around as I always say. One day they may be in need of a helping hand with no one to offer them assistance. May they have a change of heart and return the money to so many who are desperately in need of food, water, clothing and shelter.

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Posted in: Cyndi Lauper to go ahead with concerts to lift Japan's spirits See in context

You go girl! Cyndi, I hope you have huge turnouts at your concerts in Japan - give generously everyone. Music is a gift in good times and in bad times - it never fails to lift one's spirit. God bless everyone in Japan - the world is supporting you in prayer and thoughts - and in donations to Red Cross and other legitimate charitable organizations worldwide.

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

Awesome Olympics - all the athletes were fantastic to watch. And, I loved watching the crowds across Canada enjoying these games as never before!

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Posted in: Mixed emotions for Japan after women's team pursuit silver See in context

BurakuminDes - I sure hope you're correct in Canada 9 - USA 2!!! Would love to see that happen to cap off a great Olympics for the host country. I think Canada did a great job hosting these Olympics and I enjoyed watching so many athletes from all around the world compete in their event - they're awesome!

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Posted in: IOC to look into celebrations by women hockey team See in context

LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE - IT WAS AN IMPROMPTU CELEBRATION OF WINNING! As XPOMPEY8 states - another way to get rid of Women's Hockey in the Olympics - they have the same rights as men to keep competing - other teams will get better to have a more equal playing ground.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods apologizes for behavior; unsure of return See in context

Very well orchestrated performance - he looked and sounded like a robot. I agree with herefornow - Elin was a smart woman for not standing "beside her man" and for not playing that game. Tiger is just sorry he got caught - he should just stay out of the limelight permanently. He has a whole entourage that wrote that speech that he probably spent the past 3 months rehearsing!! He sounded "wooden" and insincere. It's unfortunate he had to drag his mother to this "performance".

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Posted in: Nesbitt takes gold in women's 1,000-meter speedskating; Kodaira 5th See in context

That was a great win at the Oval for Canada. But, I'm like TokyoGas except I was hoping Japan would have had a sweep with Men's Figure Skating tonight - all three were fantastic to watch I thought. They weren't so stiff looking like some of the other skaters.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death from bldg; 1-yr-old daughter found dead in bedroom See in context

I agree with "knews" - who are we to judge. Obviously, this poor woman needed help. We don't know the depth of her despair or loneliness, or feeling of isolation perhaps. There are a lot of sick and lonely people out there, and not just in Japan, but everywhere. Life is hard and not all cope in the same manner. We need to have more compassion and be aware of our neighbours and if they need help - offer more help; not criticism.

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Posted in: Father, 3 children die in apparent murder-suicide in Hiroshima See in context

This does seem to be a recurring tragic story that I read quite often in Japan Today. Although it happens all over the world, it does seem to happen a lot in Japan. Why would the "child consultation office" ask him to temporarily give up children when he went to them for help? Why not give him "help" with his children - be it financial help, counselling, etc.from family and social services. I feel sorry for the father - he sought out help and was told to temporarily give up his children. This is not an answer for the poor father - give him assistance.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms See in context

Beautiful picture, but more beautiful if I was there. I visited Osaka Castle in June 2007. Osaka was a happening city - vibrant and full of life. I'd love to visit Japan to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

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