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Posted in: Tokyo's first traditional Texas smokehouse hits Azabu Juban See in context

If you like meat, then this place rocks! I've been twice and the food is very good. In addition, The apple pie could be the best I've ever had.

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Posted in: Charges filed against Konishiki for alleged assault over dog poo See in context

Yea, everyone's a victim these days. Cry me a river. Neighbor sounds like a entitled twit with no pride. Was he injured? Doesn't sound like it. Imagine the phone call. "Hello police, yes, I'd like to report an assault, I was shoved after I yelled at another man's wife about dog poo" Pathetic

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Posted in: Two knife attacks against students on streets in Chiba, Ibaraki See in context

More copycats.. Jeeze, the Japanese can't even be original in their crimes. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 11-day-old daughter in guesthouse See in context

Extremely sad.

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Posted in: Dentsu announces hit products in Japan in 2011 See in context

6 Child talento?? Are you kidding me? At least Mana chan is "not quite" as annoying as the little kid who pitches Toyota cars. But, they just keep getting younger and younger... perhaps in 2012 we will see Baby telento? In this country, it's possible.

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Posted in: Anti-TPP groups, lawmakers step up pressure on Noda See in context

@jazz350, good point. however.... on the Ag. side, Typical J business mind-set, protect your 1% rather than risk it for the chance of gaining a portion of the 99%. If your product is so good (Japanese rice is fantastic) then why not compete in the open market? Two words: Risk Aversion.

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Posted in: 'Awesome' U.S. angles for more tourists See in context

Awesome news dude! Let's party!

“Over the last 10 or 12 years, people have seen America as unwelcoming as we’ve focused on security

Yep agreed. Yet, Japanese still have to apply on-line for their "visa waiver", TSA and Homeland security still ratchet up to catch all those terrorists flying in from Japan and Korea... (sarcasm alert) but it's nice to see the USA waking up to the reality of tourism as an economy stimulator. Hope it works, but sounds like yet another gov. created agency.

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Posted in: Peach Aviation takes delivery of first A320 See in context

180 seats on an A320? That seems like a lot.... even for an LCC. I think the ave. is around 130?

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Posted in: China slams U.S. after Senate passes currency bill See in context

"boost in the yuan will make Chinese workers wealthier and more likely to buy U.S. goods, thus creating jobs and narrowing the trade gap." What does the US even produce anymore that Chinese consumers would want to buy?

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Posted in: Peach starts campaign to name aircraft See in context

I bet you money the name will be either "Momo" or "Sakura". Guaranteed! There is no originality when it come to this stuff.

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Posted in: The definitive Japanese bar code of conduct See in context

Nice article, but it just goes to prove that Japan does have good service but terrible hospitality.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

For this campaign, what's the PR tag line going to be? "Visit Japan for free and leave a glowing review", "Japan, it's not ALL radiated". Seriously though, with 10,000 free tickets to be given away (from April 2012) I guess JNTO will be able to report higher Q2 visitor statistics over 2011. As long as the numbers are there..... it's official.

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Posted in: U.S. eats: A taste of America in Tokyo See in context

Frijoles is very good, you can even sit outside on the patio area between there and Roti, just next door. Roti (Not on this list?) has lots of craft beer on tap. Devil Craft looks good, I'll have to try it out soon. The Oregon Bar and Grill has fantastic views, but their food is average, and their service (hospitality) unfortunately is lacking for what you pay- and I've been there multiple times, hopping it would improve over time..... nope.

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Posted in: Going to court See in context

Not a very effecient way to clean a court.

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Posted in: TEPCO report faults operating manual; disputes hydrogen explosion See in context

Brings new meaning the the Japanese phrase "Manual Doori".

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Posted in: Pure maple syrup linked to liver health See in context

I'm having pancakes for dinner with lots 'O maple syrup.

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Posted in: Why do young Japanese make the V sign when they pose for photos? See in context

What I have noticed is that when flashing the "V", Japanese tend to smile more. No "V', less smile.... just me?

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Posted in: On the move See in context

In a bid to conserve energy, got to love the irony of having 50 TV monitors displaying how much energy is being used.

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Posted in: Google launches Flight Search See in context

Guys (and Gal) I was thinking the exact same thing. That's a military plane...

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Posted in: United Airlines spends $500 mil to improve seats See in context

What's that saying ..... like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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Posted in: Solitary holdout refuses to leave Fukushima nuclear zone See in context

Great article. Excellent story. Almost has an I am Legend feel to it...lone survivor with his dog. Would make for a very fascinating documentary. But I agree with others, everyone has let this man down and what alternatives does he have?

This phrase is scary "an area that is officially too dangerous for human habitation". I saw a program the other night about a golf course near the plants which has completely been overgrown already and you can barley tell it was once a golf course.

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Posted in: Hulu hoop See in context

Who wears a dark t-shirt under a white dress shirt anyway. And if you are going to button a three button jacket, then you go for the middle one. Soapbox. Off. Have a nice day.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing from Fukushima exclusion zone See in context

Make their punishment 2 years of community service "cleaning up" within the 20km zone.

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Posted in: Kan resigns; says he did all he could, given difficulties he faced See in context

So our choices are between someone unethical, a right-winger, and a guy facing criminal charges. Are we sure this ain't a pilot for a new comedy series? Yea, the future's lookin good Japan!

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Posted in: Terrorist attacks a universal television event See in context

@Tokyokawasaki asks a good question, but there are other equally important questions which one needs to ask as an American, which can all be extrapolated back to our actions in response to 9/11.

Is the world and the USA a safer place now?

How is the US financially status compared to pre 9/11?

How about personal freedoms in the US?

Is government more or less divided?

How many brave US and coalition soldiers have died and continue to die in these wars?

Simply put, it seems that the world is more dangerous, the US is financially broke, it's citizens have less freedom, the government is polarized, and yet we continue to ask our soldiers to sacrifice their lives for cause which has not helped us at all and appears to be getting worse. Depressing.

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Posted in: Paying their respects See in context

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the old Imperial Army used tan suede loafers.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 12 years for Pink Panther thief over Ginza heist See in context

I bet the court officials pause and stumble over pronouncing this guys name every time they have to say it. For efficiency they should just refer to him as Dorobo san.

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Posted in: Rice futures trading suspended after price soars on nuclear fears See in context

Hope I'm wrong but, in typical "share the pain", "suffer together", or "create a rule to apply to minority rather than majority" style of decision making in Japan. I bet that the gov. will mix rice from contaminated areas with other other regions just because....... (enter your illogical reason here). Similar to what they did with milk and also the beef fiasco. Time to start eating your sushi with Taimai baby!

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones in Tokyo to film more BOSS commercials See in context

The teacher ads are my favorite. When he yells "SPEAK UP" to the schoolboy trying ask out the girl.. Hillarious.

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