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Posted in: Putin a bigger threat than Islamic State: McCain See in context

Definitely true, Russia is by far the biggest threat at the moment

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Posted in: France's Macron hits out at Russian media; Putin denies hacking See in context

Good man Macron, the lying Russian needs to be outed and humiliated at every turn

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Posted in: Trump condemns fatal Oregon stabbings; says victims stood against hate See in context

Jees, what a nightmarish incident.. I'm also guessing this terrorist would have murdered the two women as well if not for the 3 patriots who stood up for them. I'm guessing not many Yanks will stand up for harassed women and vulnerable people anymore after this

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Posted in: Man held for coercing 18-year-old woman into unwanted porn shooting See in context

More than anything, this seems more of an issue with contract law. Porn is a massive industry and is here to stay, so the improvement required is to end predatory practices in contracts like they do in the mortgage market

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Posted in: Denver sportswriter out of job after tweet about Japanese Indy 500 winner See in context

Good riddance, morons like these just don't seem to go away. Have fun honouring your heroic veteran father flipping burgers!

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Posted in: Japanese, U.S. universities to discuss whaling, dolphin hunting See in context

Norway catches 3 times as many whales as Japan and the majority of their catch are pregnant Minkes. If people are genuinely concerned about the killing of whales, then they are suspiciously going after the wrong country, implying that they don't in fact care about whales at all

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner reported to be under FBI scrutiny in Russia probe See in context

Jees, Kushner was supposed to be the "moderate" or "liberal" in trump's team, but now it looks as though even he is dirty and corrupt. His entire team is the swamp

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Posted in: China urges Japan to be cautious over missile defense See in context

Japan wouldn't need to invest in major anti-missile defenses if China wasn't shielding its closest ally North Korea and if China wasn't expanding military spending by 10% per year would it?

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Posted in: Appeals court upholds block on Trump's travel ban See in context

Another day, another humiliating defeat for the fool and those who follow the fool. I almost feel pity for him

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Posted in: Trump condemns leaks after UK police briefly halt information sharing on Manchester attack See in context

What's he going to do about the moron who leaked top secret Israeli intelligence to the Russians? Surely that deserves a far bigger response

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Posted in: Trump directly scolds NATO allies, saying they aren't spending enough on defense See in context

Out of all Trump's positions, this is one of the few that I can agree with. Spending the committed amount in the NATO treaty is a very reasonable request. However I do agree with the European diplomat who said that it wasn't the right time or place to bring it up, and his creepy obsession with Russia is once again showing

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for stealing food See in context

Although this is an article about the Yakuza committing a crime, this is actually really good news!

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of 17-year-old girl See in context

Good on giving him life instead of death, now he has to suffer for the rest of his life while desperately wanting to die. If they abolished the death penalty, I assume the murder rate would drop as you wouldn't get people like this who want to kill once before they are executed

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Posted in: 15-year-old arrested over forcing classmate to eat insect, dog feces See in context

Although I agree that this needs to stop and some form of reprimand is needed for the kid, I don't think locking up a 15-year old is the right way to go. The parents need to get more involved here too I think

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Posted in: China, Russia launch long-haul challenge to Boeing, Airbus See in context

More competition is always welcome, but I think they will have an extremely hard time convincing people their planes are completely safe and have high performance

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Posted in: Man spends wife’s inheritance from her mother on mobile games See in context

400,000 a month?! That is an absurd amount, 10,000+ each day..

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.N. privacy expert's queries on conspiracy bill See in context

The problem is the two-thirds majority in both houses the LDP controls. This is much more dangerous than people think in that a bill doesn't really even need to be debated to pass

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Posted in: Feline good: Cats counter stress at Tokyo firm See in context

Actually, I would definitely enjoy this

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Posted in: Flynn declines to comply with U.S. Senate subpoena in Russia probe See in context

How long does this farce have to continue? Try him for treason and execute the traitor or cut a deal for him to turn on Trump and the others

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Posted in: Trump calls for international isolation of Iran See in context

I don't understand the US's bizarre obsession with portraying Iran as an evil terrorist power. Virtually no other nation even in Europe shares this strange belief. Cosying up to Saudi Arabia, which TBH is far more questionable IMO, is very disappointing and very dangerous as they are actively working against Iran in the ME, as shown in the carnage in Yemen. Trump basically cemented in another decade of conflict in the ME. So much for his dealmaking abilities

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Posted in: China killed CIA sources, hobbled U.S. spying from 2010 to 2012: New York Times See in context

Hectic! We may be witnessing the beginning of a Cold War level espionage war

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Posted in: Trump looks increasingly isolated in White House See in context

Well he insulted basically all Repubs, so not surprising none of them want to defend him. When they do, they just look like brown-nosing cowards anyway so maybe they're sick of the daily humiliation

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Posted in: Annual number of foreign visitors to Japan tops 10 mil at fastest pace See in context

Great news! As China becomes wealthier, this trend will likely escalate to hectic levels unseen before. Tokyo desperately needs to sort out its massive hotel shortage or at least open up rental properties for sublet on Airbnb, etc. otherwise we will see absurd hotel prices in the near future, maybe even towards the end of this year

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Posted in: Netflix's 'Okja' has chaotic screening at Cannes See in context

So people booed a technical glitch and applauded the film? Why is this news? I was thinking the movie itself caused the poor reception

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Posted in: Man arrested after jumping onto tracks over trouble on train See in context

Is it fairly common for people to flee onto the tracks, or is this a recent phenomenon? Because it seems that each week recently there's a new case of a suspected groper fleeing onto the tracks

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Posted in: Trump facing a crisis he can't manage with tweet or taunt See in context

The biggest trainwreck in the history of America. Looking past after Trump is impeached and jailed for treason as well as the rube traitors in Congress who aided this farce, America's democracy needs to comprehensively change in its structure to permanently prevent a Trump situation from ever happening again. Never Again

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Posted in: U.S. decries Washington brawl during Turkish president's visit See in context

Woah wtf! Embassy security teams attacking protesters in a different country? Do they still think they're in Turkey? What exactly is the protocol here?

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Posted in: Putin rushes to Trump's defense See in context

A new low in the history of America. Instead of the White House releasing transcripts of suspect meetings as would be normal in a a free open society, the hostile Kremlin is offering to instead. Fruitcake Trump should be considered an enemy of America

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Posted in: Lawmakers want Trump to explain giving intelligence to Russia See in context

Looks like even GOP members are moving towards subpoenaing the Comey memos. Trump will have hell to pay for once those are released and he will have to go on trial for treason after he is impeached and his supporters purged

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Posted in: Embroiled in controversies, Trump seeks boost on foreign trip See in context

All smoke and mirrors. Luckily his recent treasons will not be swept under the rug and he will be brought to justice and pay for his crimes. His troubles haven't even begun yet and he'll have hell to pay once the Comey memo is subpoenaed

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