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Posted in: Sign at Swiss hotel directed to 'Jewish guests' draws anger See in context

Wow, that would be too incompetent a mistake to not be deliberate..

On another note, it was very unfortunate the Israeli government didn't condemn the Nazi rally in Virginia as much as they condemned this tiny remote hotel in Switzerland

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Posted in: Trump bows to pressure, calls neo-Nazis and KKK criminals See in context

The funniest part is, all these pathetic social failures cosplaying as Nazis carrying tiki torches have now all identified themselves in one of the most video covered events this year, so the retribution on them can proceed with minimal effort. They've done half the job in identification already!

The retribution for a Nazi rat has to be brutal seeing that is all they respond to. You'll find that the Nazi vermin will be scurrying back into their dark holes where they came from being the cowards they are

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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

Do normal Koreans really care that much anymore tbh?

The issue to me has taken on farcical undertones and I do not consider this as a legitimate issue anymore tbh

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Posted in: Trump orders probe into China's trade practices See in context

Although this is a good move as China's IP violations are truly egregious, Trump won't do anything about it. As clearly demonstrated China owns him completely, he's just a tool

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Posted in: Trump bows to pressure, calls neo-Nazis and KKK criminals See in context

Trump hilariously did far more damage to the alt right than he realizes with both his delay and now his belated condemnation.

Now the entire world conflates the alt right with neo nazis so their movement is over. These single social failures now won't be able to hold many more demonstrations without risking a savage beating reserved for nazi scum

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Posted in: White House defends Trump's response to Virginia violence See in context

Well Trump is clearly a white nationalist so his behavior here is expected. Dems should stop expecting Trump to help them out or act in a presidential manner in times like this as he is their enemy

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Posted in: Charlottesville rally organizer flees news conference See in context

Poor Nazi fled like the coward he is, I guess he's lucky he didn't get a beat down for his complicity in the murder of the innocent woman. I'd be surprised if he ever goes out in public again.

All nazi rats should beware showing their faces in public ever again and should scurry back to their basements

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Posted in: Officials: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to 3 deaths See in context

Nazi Germany did not respect democracy or freedom of expression therefore the Nazi should not be expected to enjoy those benefits of an open democracy. They are traitors and enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

Nazi vermin only understands force so they should be happily obliged. They were wiped out once in the 40's by the heroic generation, so we need to do our part today to not disgrace their actions and legacy

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Posted in: Officials: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to 3 deaths See in context

These guys are a new category of terrorist and should be treated as such going forward. Nazis are traitors to America and should not be considered Americans

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Posted in: Latin America rejects Trump's military threat against Venezuela See in context

Trump just cemented Maduro in for at least another year. Trump has caused real damage to people not just in America and one day people will seek justice

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Posted in: British PM May eyes visiting Japan in late August See in context

Dear god, I hope not. Her astonishing incompetence may rub off

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Posted in: Trump blames 'many sides' for violent clashes in Virginia See in context

The Nazis have drawn first blood and people cannot rely on the Pres to protect them from Nazis anymore. The Nazi now needs to be hunted down in every corner of America and removed. They only respond to force so no point opening dialogue

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Posted in: Trump reassures Guam it is secure See in context

I wonder if Trump realizes that the launches are supposed to be tests, or whether he will treat them as attacks

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Posted in: Burnley stuns nine-man Chelsea, Huddersfield go to top See in context

Really good games, so happy about the Arsenal result but defending is a fairly big problem. Chelsea's disintegration was hilarious and thoroughly deserved

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

Shooting down any test missiles headed for Guam would be a great gesture towards the US, but am worried whether NK would consider that a major escalation. Although not shooting it down would also create an unacceptable precedent and NK would ratchet up its tensions I would assume.

Regardless, anti-missile systems need to be rolled out all over the country and preparations should be made to increase their capacity a few-fold

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Posted in: 3 workers fall to their deaths at Tokyo building construction site See in context

That's incredibly tragic and there definitely needs to be an inquiry as that's completely unacceptable for 3 people to die like that

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Posted in: Trump says he won't rule out military response to Venezuela See in context

Sadly, this will only play into Maduro's hands as now he can spin it domestically as an attack by America on Venezuela and those in opposition to him are American sympathizers, agents, or traitors

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Posted in: Russian dopers ordered to return Olympic medals; some say no See in context

Russia returning stolen goods? Good luck with that. It's a natural cultural attribute of the doper and the Russian

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Posted in: North Korea military option 'locked and loaded', says Trump See in context

Jees, NK must be scared out of their minds by Trump's latest tweet!

Trump just looks cringingly pathetic now, desperately trying to get in the last word over Kim Jong Un ffs, like a girl at primary school desperate for attention

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Posted in: WWII veteran, 93, brings back flag taken from enemy soldier See in context

Very nice to hear that such a treasure for the family is returned, that's actually quite a nice flag

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Posted in: Tokyo does not own Sea of Japan, China's air force chief says See in context

It's just so unfortunate that China continues on with this sort of BS while the NK situation degenerates day by day which could potentially result in millions of deaths in SK and Japan, which I get the feeling China would welcome with happiness.

Due to the pure hatred and hostility of China, I am more and more convinced that Japan might need to nuke up to ward off the Commie threat

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Posted in: Whaling towns of Taiji, Denmark's Klaksvik to become sister cities See in context

Until The Cove is made for each Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and all the other egregious offenders, Japan's program should continue normally and even expand to match the mass slaughter seen in Norway. Otherwise any protest is hypocrisy to the worst extent and should be ignored. It is stupidity like this that got Trump elected

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Posted in: Japan could legally intercept a Guam-bound N Korean missile: Onodera See in context

It will be interesting to see what Japan and the US do to this supposed Guam missile test from NK seeing as it passes directly over the mainland.

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Posted in: N Korea dismisses Trump's threat; says only 'absolute force' can work with him See in context

For a madman, Kim Jong Un does have a point when he says Trump is a moron full of s**t who only responds to force.

Now the media is reporting that NK will launch future missile tests into waters off Guam. Trump's incompetence and astonishing stupidity has just directly put America as a prime target and endangered the national security of the country. There is no way back for him now

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Posted in: 6 Keio University students face gang-rape charges See in context

This is a very good response by the Uni, back in Australia this would be swept under the rug and the victim encouraged to drop it. In the US, the victim would be attacked

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Posted in: Whaling towns of Taiji, Denmark's Klaksvik to become sister cities See in context

Will there be a The Cove for this Danish town? I doubt it, they only go after easy targets

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Posted in: Japan on alert after report of N Korea's nuclear-tipped missile threat See in context

The biggest winners here are Russia and China. America and Trump are being humiliated on a daily basis by NK, and now Russia and China know that Trump is a moron who can be triggered in 2 minutes on Twitter. What you think is going to happen when they start their trolling of Trump?

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Posted in: Guam stays calm; dismisses N Korean threat See in context

Trump is getting trolled by NK globally and in real time. After Trump warns of war if another threat is made, NK makes the most direct threat they've made so far literally hours later. It's almost like watching a child getting bullied and slowly curling up into a ball while crying. I assume Russia and China will probably start now too.

America has truly, truly become a joke, but TBH they deserve it for electing for such tragic comedy

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Posted in: Gay marriage postal vote sparks fury, debate in Australia See in context

Tony Abbott is more of a moron than I ever thought

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Posted in: Trump says opioid crisis threatens everyone See in context

I'd say the only real way to combat the crisis is to legalize weed in the most affected areas. These guys got hooked for a reason and that's to treat mainly chronic pain, which would leave these sufferers in a terrible position if they were either arrested or forced off their opioids. Weed would help them with their pain and their withdrawals

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