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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

Yeah, except that Japan has vowed to never have nuclear weapons. Perhaps this will change with the constitution.

They have vowed it but nothing in their constitution prevents them from acquiring a nuclear deterrent. I'd say this is a much more preferable option over retaining a huge standing armed forces, spending heavily on maintenance and military purchases, etc.

All it would take is for China, Russia, or NK becoming more aggressive in the region, or for the US pulling out of the region, for the public to warm to the idea

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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

About time too! Japan needs a full nuclear triad for deterrence, if they had that they wouldn’t need a bigger conventional military force, so would be a win-win for all.

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Posted in: Okayama buses strike by continuing to run and refusing to take anyone’s money See in context

That’s a good way to keep public opinion on the side of the strikers

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against Tokio singer over alleged indecent act See in context

Good to hear this case was settled out of court in a civilized manner, unlike in the US where mass hysteria would have occurred.

This guy has been punished enough with his career in tatters, and good on the girl for withdrawing the complaint.

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Posted in: S Korean activists try to put up statue symbolizing forced laborers during Japanese rule See in context

Good to hear the SK police put a stop to this silliness.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' breaks TV record but faces controversy See in context

I’d say there’s no malicious intent here, but I can see how Indian people may be uncomfortable. I also think Indian peoples’ stature in US society has increased markedly over the past decades too

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Posted in: Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says S Korea's Moon See in context

Well if this all leads to permanent denuclearization and NK put back into line, then I’d say Moon may have a point

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Posted in: Japanese whaling town holds annual memorial service for whales See in context

Really nice touch by the town to hold a memorial service to hunted whales, very heartwarming and shows ethical sustainability.

No other place in the world does that. Not even the anti-whaling nations are bothered enough to hold whale memorials for their “supposedly” beloved whales. Hypocritical and heartless

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Good on the Philippines for removzing this silliness.

They were prossies earning good cash during wartime. Do we also need to start making statues for storekeeps and taxi drivers??

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Posted in: Australia pledges $500 mil to restore Great Barrier Reef See in context

The loss of half the reef has got to be one of the biggest environmental disasters we have ever seen

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Posted in: Korean leaders aim for complete denuclearisation; will work with U.S., China See in context

All words no action, all the while in the background NK continues to finetune their nukes and increase their arsenal. Until NK loses all their nukes permanently and submits to constant inspection, this is another play for time by this disgusting stain on humanity which will thankfully be annihilated if they don’t get into line.

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Posted in: Japanese actress accuses director; starts #MeToo group See in context

Good on her for seeing this through to the end through arbitration and negotiation, as is standard.

Just be careful about turning it into a witch hunt like in America, otherwise the movement will die before it starts.

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Posted in: Abe hails outcome of inter-Korean summit; business leaders skeptical See in context

Am not surprised most are skeptical about the “summit”, nothing concrete came from it besides some hand holding and seeing Moon fawn like a girl over Kim

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Posted in: Trump says he will maintain pressure on N Korea See in context

Well done to America, Japan and other allies for bringing this foul criminal state to its knees through sanctions. These SK talks didn’t produce anything of substance, which was expected, so time to keep the pressure on and even pile it on further.

Hopefully next time we can get more than some photos of two morons holding hands

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Posted in: Education minister apologizes over 'sexy yoga' claims See in context

Ministers are permitted to use government vehicles for private use in between public engagements, local media said.

I'm not sure what he did wrong?

Even if there is something sexual about the place, peoples' sex lives are none of anyone's business, as most here agreed last week with the lewd behaviour of the anti-nuclear Niigata governor paying for sex with young girls. Or is everyone triggered only because the guy is from the LDP?

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Posted in: Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card See in context

$8K!? I suspect the mood in that household is dire right now..

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Posted in: In Japan, new rules may leave home-sharing industry out in the cold See in context

TBH, they should maybe just leave it to the apartment complexes and residents themselves to decide.

My apartment complex banned all home-sharing after numerous and repeated offences by foreign guests, and this was very well deserved. Because of these morons, home-sharing will never again be allowed in our apartment building.

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Posted in: Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage See in context

Excellent news! Automation and robots are the only future for Japan. Mass immigration is a non-starter

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Posted in: Man charged with libel for hate speech against Koreans See in context

Why are there even pro-Pyongyang ilk in Japan in the first place? These are enemies and so harassment is expected.

They should leave immediately as they would surely not survive if conflict broke out with NK

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

This incident would have been avoided if illegals are deported on arrival to Japan.

Keeping these immigrants here and pent up for extended periods is not a good policy and they should all be deported immediately instead.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

This guy is a fool.

Although I do suspect secret recordings like this could not be used in a court of law or anything due to the reasonable expectation of privacy concept.

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Posted in: 10 dead, 15 injured after van plows into crowd on Toronto sidewalk See in context

It’s pointing to terrorism, 10 dead now..

You cant really protect yourself against car attacks like this..

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Posted in: False terrorist attack alert issued in central Tokyo See in context

@zichi: Like I asked smith, anything since 9/11? That's when modern anti-terrorism measures were implemented. Also, 1970?! Should we also go back to the 1600s as well for good measure..?

Nothing before 9/11 is valid

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Posted in: False terrorist attack alert issued in central Tokyo See in context

@smith: Of course everyone knows that terrorist incident which occurred over 20 years ago now, but generally we talk about post-9/11 where most modern anti-terrorism measures came into place.

Not one single attack since then by foreign terrorists so far means that the foreign embittered are being properly monitored in Japan and they know their place. This is good news and glad we are being protected properly, unlike other countries around the world. Well done to the security services here!

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Posted in: PM's dash See in context

Very cute girls there

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Posted in: False terrorist attack alert issued in central Tokyo See in context

Well still not a single terrorist attack yet in Japan, whereas the US and Europe see one every week. So I’d say the authorities can be forgiven for this mistake.

Although with more tourists coming into the country the risk is getting higher, and higher vigilance than normal is required. The biggest risk are foreigners in Japan who are highly embittered, and they should be monitored heavily and removed if stepped out of line

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Posted in: Abe welcomes N Korea decision to freeze nuclear, missile tests See in context

Looking less and less likely by the day that NK will be giving up their nukes. I assume the Chinese also gave them that advice on Kim’s recent secret trip to Beijing.

No issue, these sanctions forced him to the table in the first place, if these talks fail NK will suffer egregiously and international opinion will be for more tightening.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un tests Trump with latest nuclear offer See in context

Very ominous signs and looking highly likely they won’t give up their nukes. Am not sure whether SK could accept a removal of US troops from their country either

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Posted in: Aso voices concern over U.S. protectionist policies to Mnuchin See in context

Good to hear nothing was brought up about Trump wanting a bilateral trade agreement with Japan. Such silliness should just be ignored and attention diverted from it

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Good to hear the PM of Japan honoring the heroic war dead of the nation, like any other head of government on Earth would do. It is his duty and would be treasonous not to honor them

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