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Posted in: Hundreds of U.S. theaters begin screening 'The Interview' See in context

I watched it yesterday also. No matter what, you have to admit this one was the first of its kind and with that you would expect the degree of controversy that came with. I personally enjoyed it and thought it raised some interesting ideas into the aesthetics of North Korea. Absolutely hilarious and I'm glad they did release it in the end. Lets see what Mr. Un's next move is now.

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Posted in: YouTube, web channels show Sony's 'The Interview' a day before theaters See in context

I just watched the movie, it has it moments and it is fuuny at times but also silly. I would give it a b+

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Posted in: Sony tries to save face with 'Interview' flip-flop See in context

I just watched the movie, it has it moments and it is fuuny at times but also silly. I would give it a b+

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Posted in: Sony cancels Dec 25 U.S. release of 'The Interview' after threats See in context

Sorry I should have said this:

‘Team America: World Police’ should Replace ‘The Interview’ at all Theater`s for now

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Posted in: Sony cancels Dec 25 U.S. release of 'The Interview' after threats See in context

'World Police' should Replace ‘The Interview’ at all Theater`s for now

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Posted in: Sony cancels Dec 25 U.S. release of 'The Interview' after threats See in context

Sony made the wrong decision to give in

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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

Free the Nipple

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Posted in: Sony studio, producer apologize for Jolie, Obama remarks See in context

When words we say in private conversations can be used to topple careers, fortunes and reputations, or even condemn some to prison time, there is no freedom of speech.

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Posted in: Nuts! Korean flight delayed by first class spat See in context

For poorly served nuts, she has been yelling at cabin crew men. It is good he got fired as I want to be hired to correctly serve nuts on her chin.

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Posted in: Experts see Korean parallels in Sony hack See in context

Kim Jong Un now owns all your Playstations

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Posted in: Rie Miyazawa, Ai Fukuhara among Best Dresser Award winners for 2014 See in context

OMG ! she looks like a scarecrow, she always looks like someone slam a door in her face

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Posted in: Figure skaters Ando, Fernandez ready to start 'happy family' See in context

I give it 2 years before we here "sorry it did not work out"

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

No prisoners in my case, if a person is looking at their cell phones while riding a bike and they get close to me they get knocked down, stupid idiots......... had to put one down just last night during my daily walk.

Bicycle Laws: Riding while carrying an umbrella, listening to an iPod, or talking on the phone are prohibited; violators can face a fine of up to ¥500,000 but the the prohibition on riding while using phones/umbrellas/MP3 players is largely ignored.

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Posted in: Bicycle parking, reinvented See in context

I really like this way of parking bikes. It's so efficient usage of space. It's also good in the way that your bike will be kept safe from thieves and vandals.

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Posted in: Asian Games kick off 'Gangnam Style' See in context

How do you say "one trick pony" in korean?

한 트릭 포니

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Posted in: Cover-up See in context

why don't they just go live in a dark cave if they are so afraid of the sun, way over-doing it.

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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda hears no evil, speaks no evil, sees no evil in new Toyota ad See in context

cosmetic surgery for sure

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Posted in: Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo hack See in context

You know how to stop naked pictures of yourself from ending up online???? Don't take naked pictures of yourself. Pretty simple.

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Posted in: New lineup See in context

Meet the new boss Same as the old boss

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Posted in: ASKA pleads guilty to using, possessing drugs See in context

Last week, Tokyo police arrested two men for allegedly selling MDMA to ASKA for 500,000 in March.

Sounds like that punk ratted his suppliers out to the cops, what a SNITCH

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Posted in: Survey shows longer periods of smartphone use can lead to lower school exam scores See in context

smartphone = the birth of Zombies , just look around when your walking down the street, how many kids do you see with their eyes buried in the screen, and these days it has got so bad that almost 80% of them riding bikes are now looking at their phones while riding

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Posted in: Beyonce reigns at MTV Video Music Awards See in context

Why do the MtV VMA's suck...

Because it's become a popularity contest instead of focusing on real music, real talent, and real creativity... and let's not forget real ORIGINALITY! MTV is about what the industry can make popular so people who have the need to be popular go out and buy whatever is popular. Real music fans - from the birth of MTV till today never, ever relied on MTV to give them the best music out there

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Posted in: Japan must hike sales taxes again to conquer debt: IMF See in context

Bringing in more tax revenue probably wouldn't do anything to reduce the deficit right now: At first glance, this seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? But, we don’t have a revenue problem in this country; we have a spending problem.

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Posted in: Man held over hit-and-run deaths of 3 women in Otaru See in context

As more and more zombie cell phone users who use their phone while driving, riding bikes and even walking, we will read more about this kind of sad news.

DUI & Cell phone use is really asking for trouble

" Cell phone users are also as impaired as alcoholics. The quarterly journal Human Factors and Ergonomics Society reports that motorists talking on cell phones are actually more impaired than drunk drivers with blood-alcohol levels exceeding 0.08. It doesn't matter whether the phone is hand-held or hands free."

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Posted in: Cameron Diaz bares all in 'Sex Tape' movie See in context

kudos`s to the guy who Photoshop the picture

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman on limousine bus ride to Narita See in context

What is a 17-year-old girl doing on a bus by herself at 3AM?

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Posted in: Apple will fix faulty iPhone 5 models See in context

Good. The only problem is I had to carry my ass all the way to Shibuya to get my phone fixed (it got replaced). I live in Yokohama so it isn't exactly convenient for me. You think such a powerful company like Apple would have a bit more regard for their high paying customers? Maybe give them more stores to go to?

wow so much BS here, no way you when to the website to know how to get it repaired. but nice try

Mail-in Call Apple and request a postage paid box to send your iPhone in to the local Apple Repair Center. Your iPhone will be examined by the Repair Center to verify eligibility. After it has been serviced, your iPhone will be returned to you by mail.

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Posted in: No trash See in context

This has gone crazy, so what`s next, are they gong to make everyone stay inside during his trip here? We hope you’re not thirsty — Tokyo shuts down its vending machines for U.S. president’s visit


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Posted in: S Korean gamer arrested after son starves to death See in context

someone needs to cut off his man part so this want happen again

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Posted in: Latest trailer of Hollywood remake of Godzilla released See in context

God, this is a movie that I really wish to see

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