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Posted in: Police appeal for help over unsolved 2000 murder of 17-year-old boy See in context

This murder has been handled in a terrible way really.

Those who are interested in knowing more about it can watch the excellent information video put together by KyotoRobato (one of the few foreign content creators I like on YT)


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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

Spent a few days in Cairns for the golden week and the plane was full of Japanese people.

I’m amazed at how cheap Australian hotels are compared to the Japanese ones.

I’m happy to spend a lot of money to travel overseas, but I don’t particularly enjoy going to restaurants in Japan which at this point of my life feel same old same old.

It’s a matter of priorities: if you spend money locally, you won’t have money to travel overseas.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

Plus I don’t get this constant chase of higher inflation. How do they measure it? Because I’ve seen quite sizable price increases compared to two years ago, so the constant 2% that they bring up makes me think that they’re using the wrong calculation method.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

150 yen and 160 yen per dollar are 6.7% difference. How could this not affect people? How about one reduces their salary by 6.7%: does it affect them?

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Posted in: Japan unveils plans for next-generation passenger plane project See in context

developing an airplane from scratch is orders of magnitude harder than developing a car from scratch. China managed to do so by heavily relying on western technology. A consortium to achieve the same outcome feels very much like a cow which is to be milked as much as possible before disposing of it.

The consortium may be better off buying Embraer or Bombardier and rename it Mitsubishi something. That’d be far more successful.

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Posted in: Singapore Airlines revamps Premium Economy Class See in context

Read the article,

I did and I was of the same idea when I wrote this article. PE's hard product improvement over economy is laughable and a waste of money. It's no wonder that PE and F are slowly dying. Polarization of income means that high-income people tend to fly J, middle income fly Y and low income fly LLCs. F adds very little to the J experience, especially if one's objective is to sleep on the plane. What is PE supposed to offer that Y cannot? A broccoli salad? Too little for the extra ask.

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Posted in: Singapore Airlines revamps Premium Economy Class See in context

Maybe for the airlines you fly with, let me guess Southwest or United? 

Singapore Airlines is head and shoulders above either of those airlines, and I would say any American based airline as well!

This is worth the extra money!

He isn't wrong. Premium economy literally provides a service which is comparable to economy class (= same meals, and only 1 or 2 inches more of personal space) for a much higher price. I fly business when I can afford it or economy when I cannot. Would never dream of wasting money on PE. Unless PE provides lie-flat seats, it's a con job.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air with powerful M3 chip See in context

A lot of market speak but this might finally convince me to upgrade from my 9 year old workhorse MacBook Air.

I upgraded from an old intel to the top of the line MacBook Pro 16-inch 2 years ago. And it's been a great investment I don't regret at all. I won't replace my laptop until at least M5. But you will be suprised by performance and battery life improvements you'll get switching from an Intel MacBook Air.

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Posted in: Abductees' families say they won't oppose Japan lifting N Korea sanctions See in context

Still this nonsense discussion.

1) it is impossible to claim that all those who disappeared have been abducted by North Koreans. Japan has its fair share of unsolved crimes.

2) what would the point be in North Korea refusing to return the abductees at this point? they’ve confirmed some of them had in fact been abducted and have been let go back to Japan.

Being stubborn doesn’t pay off at all. Japan would be better off lifting the sanctions and obtaining information through soft diplomacy.

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Posted in: U.S. and EU pile new sanctions on Russia See in context

What I find amusing is that while most condemn China's support for Russia during this unjustified invasion of a sovereign country, most people tend to forget how backstabbing India's foreign policy is. Not surprising, but this is why nobody is taking the world's biggest democracy seriously. At least China is open about its transactions/objectives.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving woman’s body on road where she was fatally hit by taxi See in context

Who wrote this article?

the guy didn’t leave a body on the road, he left a woman on the road where she was fatally hit by a taxi.

talking about a body fatally hit by a taxi doesn’t make sense.

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Posted in: High school girl killed, likely after being dragged 5 km by car See in context

What a sad event. Drivers in Mito and surrounding cities are the worst.

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Posted in: Dog that bit 12 people not vaccinated for rabies See in context

What is not being said is whether the dog has in fact rabies. That's the whole point. This article is nonsense.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

totally unexpected.

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Posted in: Japan's moon lander comes back to life See in context

All those days I used to go to the JAXA building at 3AM: good times! Nice to see this achievement. Per aspera ad astra!

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Posted in: Lunch lineup See in context

Even after being here close to 20 years I still don’t understand why people wait in line for ages in all sorts of weather when they could get something just as good around the corner without the wait

Herd mentality and plenty of time to waste

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Posted in: Asian stocks track Wall Street gains; Nikkei closes at 34-year high See in context

Wow the comments... I'm sure some of you were loving the crypto/NFT craze just a few months ago. Of course, you wouldn't share with the rest of us how much money you lost, right?

never bought or intended to buy crypto. And I wouldn’t even call crypto a financial product.

that being said, it’s obvious there’s risk in investing, and one needs to judge whether they can bear that risk or not. Interest rates on bank accounts in Japan are basically 0%. I keep 6 months worth of salary in cash and the rest is invested. Everyone’s needs are different.

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Posted in: Asian stocks track Wall Street gains; Nikkei closes at 34-year high See in context

I made the call late last year that the Nikkei would test 40,000 points by the end of '24. It should come sooner!

Anyone with a pension or investment fund should be majorly cashing in. Put everything on stocks ASAP. Everyone has the chance now to retire rich!

I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately one can’t really withdraw money from their pension like in other countries. I see those as extra taxes on the paycheck rather than as an investment.

i wish they let people opt out should they wish to. I’d dump all the money in stocks 100%, but that wouldn’t feed into the Ponzi schemes pensions are.

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Posted in: Asian stocks track Wall Street gains; Nikkei closes at 34-year high See in context

Never made so much money in a week (I’m under 35).

very very very good time to invest.

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Posted in: University entrance exams begin across Japan See in context

Could you please tell me specifically what kind of system is the modern education system?

What is different from Japan's education system?

There are various issues facing Japan's education system, and if reforms occur, Japan's industry and economy will continue to develop.

There is no modern or old education system. There’s an education system which forces you to study to gain your degree, and an education system in which people are awarded degrees just because they attended classes and passed an extremely basic exam. Universities in Japan belong to the latter category (yes, one of my degrees is from the top university in the country so I know what I’m talking about).

Japan produces a lot of good research, but the amount of academic litter is equally gigantic, and this is partially caused by professors/students who would have no business being at a university in any other country.

If Japan‘s industry wants to thrive, a more meritocratic system needs to be implemented by universities, and larger investments should be provided to universities producing high-quality research.

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Posted in: University entrance exams begin across Japan See in context

Good luck to all.

However I wish Japan, as a major country, would have a way more modern Educational System, such as the European northern countries, where students actually learn something useful, that develops their minds too, not just learning to pass the exams by using endless memorization. 

Learning foreign languages are a proof of that, sadly...

universities in Northern European countries are notoriously garbage with the exclusion of 4 universities in the uk.

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Posted in: Passengers' cooperation in deadly JAL crash made for 'miracle' escape See in context

Congrats. What about the pets abandoned on the burning plane? If things were arranged differently, they could have been evacuated with their families.

I feel for those pet owners. I don't think I would ever recover from having my pets burning to death.

Those talking about pets as if they were the last of their thoughts during a crash probably never established a meaningful bond with theirs (if they ever had any).

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Posted in: Putin says he will visit disputed islands off Hokkaido See in context

Good. Arrest and deport to The Hague.

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Posted in: 81-year-old driver arrested after killing two pedestrians on highway in Okinawa See in context

There are also good older drivers. On Jan 1 we went with an 80+ neighbor and her driving was first-class and safe.

then one could argue the opposite. If she cannot be a reason to withdraw one’s license, but only the capability to drive, why not letting 10-13y.o. kids drive? As long as they are tall enough to reach the pedals, that should be enough, right?

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Posted in: 81-year-old driver arrested after killing two pedestrians on highway in Okinawa See in context

In many areas in Japan, public transportation can be really poor. So driving is the only option for people who live in those area. 

it’s up to the government to find a solution to this, either via the delivery of food or through the provision of transportation for the elderly. People above 75 have no business driving a car.

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