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if any of these americans remember what its like in America, then maybe you wouldnt be so shocked with their behavior. yes it is true americans are loud annoying etc. but we are a mix of so many different cultures, and in every culture someone is loud. i deal with foreigners evry day.they disrespect us and we sometimes do the same. we gotta deal with bad looks and whispers of how awful we are in our own country. so you know what japan can deal with it, we deal with it the end. if it really comes down to it, japan can close there boarders again for another 200 sum years :p

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing brother in love triangle with ex-wife See in context

haha wow love the comments on this one. he should of never let a woman get between him and his brother. and if there is anyone to stab it should of been her, right in the face ha

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