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Posted in: Residents of Fukushima really are this 'Happy' See in context

I love it!! Makes me feel...happy!!

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Posted in: Kim Jong-Un made 'Marshal' of North Korea See in context

It's pretty easy to get a "promotion" when you're the boss. Who in N. Korea is going to say no?

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Posted in: Toshiba to establish smart community center in Kawasaki See in context

Isn't this the same company we read about on these pages the other day that is bringing out a new CD-audio cassette-FM boom box? What might they do next - produce an earthquake resistant cassette player?

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Posted in: New Jersey town's monument to Korean sex slaves upsetting Japanese officials See in context

Hellooo, this isn't Japan! I think these Japanese "officials" will regret their requests. What better way to make it into a big news story and inspire other Korean-American communities to put up their own plaques? And they're essentially offering the city a bribe to take the plaque down!! How totally culturally tone deaf can these people be?

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Posted in: Toshiba CD radio cassette recorder See in context

Too weird!! I just gave away my old Sony CD-FM-cassette box 'cuz I haven't used it for like 10 years. Well, it's good to know that if I ever change my mind I could buy another. Is it possible that we've reached the end time of new technology, or is Toshiba just throwing in the towel?

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Posted in: North Koreans in Japan tight-lipped over Kim's death See in context

What I'd like to know is, just what is it that the pro-NK community in Japan love about NK? Do any of them ever elect to repatriate? I bet not. I've always thought it so puzzling that anyone not forced to, would have a love of repression and slavery. The mind is a strange thing.

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Posted in: Portable digital audio player See in context

Why is this news? It might have been 5 years ago, but what's different about this unit and the zillions of other mp3 players, besides having a speaker, perhaps. It's got an iPod Nano price without any of the iPod's cache.

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