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It is amazing they even tried to come up with this, if it is not a crime then why did you have to go through and hide what you were doing, just stupid to me

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

a simple solution for those that carry backpacks on the crowded trains, take it off your back before boarding the train and place it at your feet, works great.

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed in car crash See in context

I would tend to think it is probably part of a disturbing trend that I see a lot in Japan now, many people do not care to stop for traffic signals when they should, I don't understand why but i see it dozens of times a day.

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I agree that effort should be made to enable people with disabilities to be able to access as many things as possible, however there needs to be limit for everything, there is no such thing as unlimited access to things, having lived in Japan for over 30 years, I still am meet with limits on things I would like to do, not because i have a disability but because I am not Japanese, so people need to be realistic about this sense of a unlimited world.

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