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Posted in: Squish, pop, and roll your way through Tokyo’s new bubble-wrap play park See in context

Covid isn't enough of a problem for these kids so we are going to add suffocation, choking and fire hazard into the mix just for fun....

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

@David no no no..... Pfizer only a small piece of the Israel puzzle, possibly would have happened with any vaccine given the circumstances.

Their vaccine rate is high compared to other countries, but still not high enough.

Delta rates of infection much higher across all vaccines.

Israel has a high vaccination rate however they also have a very young population who are not of vaccine eligible age, therefore leaving them susceptible to Covid but not included in vax % stats.

And perhaps most importantly, infection rates might be up, but being vaccinated reduces the severity of symptoms therefore you have much less chance of dying or even experiencing severe symptoms compared to the unvaxxed.

Again, facts matter.....

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

@Dan how is this vaccine any more experimental than any other vaccine roll out in history? Yes it has come to market extremely fast, but that is due mainly to 3 things, advancements in Technology, collaborated efforts and a big reduction in red tape.

Yes, vaccines have typically taken much longer than this, but it has nothing to do with testing, its all about waiting for signatures from relevant authorities. Corona vaccines have gone through pretty much the same testing procedures and undergone the same scrutiny as any other

Don't let facts get in the way of a good story though, hey?

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context


ring around clinics directly and get on a cancellation waiting list(some will even have free spots to book you in) . Still waiting for my age-group's turn but got in on a cancellation last week. Have multiple friends who did the same. And your doing them a favour by taking a vaccine that might otherwise go to waste.

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There most definitely is a link, but not what most people are thinking.... Regardless of what restrictions are being reccomended all people are thinking is that if it's safe enough to hold the Olympics it's safe enough for me to be out/ Govt aren't taking it seriously why should I?

Do as I say, not what I do.... Never has worked, never will. People follow examples not instructions.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

There's more to this story than just the opening hours dispute. According to 7-11 there have been numerous complaints lodged against this particular franchisee leading up to this that the franchisee has failed to address. I don't know enough to necessarily side with 7-11, just that this may not be the clear cut poor franchisee case many are making it out to be.....

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Could probably argue back and forth on Garces but Ben Skeen... Really?? Anyone but him This guy literally got pretty much every major decision wrong and was terrible in between...

AUS v WAL was in the refs ear all bloody night, making something out of nothing with that Kerevi fend, but then seeing nothing to review when the Welsh try had Davies at least very suspect of being offside.... ( first half was almost 55 minutes just because of the constant TMO interference)

ENG v AUS try to offer the pass was not forward, at least the referee had the sense to put him in his place on that one....

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The sunwolves got thrashed this year because they didn't have their national players or coaches available. And that was the strategy. The core of the national squad were off at training camps and playing non super rugby teams. It was a team of token offerings from the top league teams. Sunwolves were doomed to fail from the beginning though. No incentive from the top league corporate teams to release their best players. The corporate funding never came in as promised, Japan Rugby were not prepared to underwrite them considering everything. And South Africa pushed hard for financial guarantees which weren't forthcoming. A real shame though. Only have to look to the Jaguares to see how it could have been

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@Raw Beer

Quite the opposite. He wasn't fired for being something, he was fired for being against something. Specifically comments against a specific group of people. Which happened to be against a specific inclusive clause in his contract and hence was fired for breach of contract.

What you wrote though is exactly what religious schools in Australia are.fighting for. The right to exclude LGBT teachers and students. Definitely against that......

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RiskyMosaic, definitely a fair call. Every part of his argument is spot On. Happy to hear the argument for keeping them in though. And he definitely isn't the the only one who thinks this.

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Posted in: Folau's anti-gay post condemned as 'unacceptable' See in context

He is being fired because of the specific content of the tweet related to gay people, after being warned for the same thing last year. The fact that he's ignored his employers attempts to contact him hasnt helped either. It is pretty clear in his contract but he chose to do it anyway. He has chosen his religious beliefs over rugby and thats fine. But noone can be surprised at the outcome.

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Posted in: 'Invasion Day' protests draw thousands on Australia's national day See in context

Let's celebrate for sure, but why can't the date be changed? Used to be a different date anyway. What would be so wrong to change the 26th to a day of solidarity or similar and celebrate Australia Day on another day? We have rememberance day and Anzac Day to remember those who fought for our country and gave their lives. What do we have to recognise all the aborigines who lost theirs?

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