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@Raw Beer

Quite the opposite. He wasn't fired for being something, he was fired for being against something. Specifically comments against a specific group of people. Which happened to be against a specific inclusive clause in his contract and hence was fired for breach of contract.

What you wrote though is exactly what religious schools in Australia are.fighting for. The right to exclude LGBT teachers and students. Definitely against that......

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RiskyMosaic, definitely a fair call. Every part of his argument is spot On. Happy to hear the argument for keeping them in though. And he definitely isn't the the only one who thinks this.

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He is being fired because of the specific content of the tweet related to gay people, after being warned for the same thing last year. The fact that he's ignored his employers attempts to contact him hasnt helped either. It is pretty clear in his contract but he chose to do it anyway. He has chosen his religious beliefs over rugby and thats fine. But noone can be surprised at the outcome.

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Let's celebrate for sure, but why can't the date be changed? Used to be a different date anyway. What would be so wrong to change the 26th to a day of solidarity or similar and celebrate Australia Day on another day? We have rememberance day and Anzac Day to remember those who fought for our country and gave their lives. What do we have to recognise all the aborigines who lost theirs?

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