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I would hate to be kyronstavic's child. Personally, I would rather be overly cautious when it comes to the safety of children, but of course the idea of drawing squares on the playground is ridiculous. On the other hand, disinfecting a building where the virus is very likely to be is a great precaution.

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⑤ In the case of (1) or (2) *whichever is applicable

(1) In the case of resignation or loss of employment

(2) In the case of the situation set forth in Article 3, Item 2

⑥Proof of previous employment and income

⑦ Choose whichever options applies to you (1) or (2) .

(1) You have lost your home

(2)There is a risk of loss of residence

⑧The applicant or those who belong to the same household as the applicant

Date of resignation

Employer location

Reasons for reduction of income / employment opportunities

Employment details before the current situation

Date of your loss

The address

Current situation

Current address

Home owner

The amount of rent

Reason for risk of loss of residence





Birth of date

Income (monthly)

Deposit savings

Total amount

※If the income of the month in which you apply can be reliably estimated, please state above. If not, provide an average over the last three months. Any other forms of income must be included such as child support allowance or employment insurance.

Please note:

1.If any statements are found to be false, your application and all future application will be denied. Furthermore, any payment received will have to be paid back in full.

2.It is necessary to register with Hello Work and undergo training. (This may not be applicable anymore.)

3.Further information maybe required.

4.Your previous work place, bank and so on may be contacted.

5.The landlord may be contacted for further details.

6.Benefits may be stopped if any requests are denied.

7.All payments will be made directly to the landlord.

By signing this document, I hereby guarantee that all information is true and accurate.

Personal information may be used to provide payment to guarantee the residence, and will be used in accordance to Japanese law.

Date Signature

This is a fairly accurate translation of the application for those who cannot read Japanese well.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc agrees on rent relief plan for virus-hit firms See in context

@bugle boy

There are restrictions of course but the ones regarding seeking employment have been lifted. Additionally those that don't meet these requirements probably don't need the support.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc agrees on rent relief plan for virus-hit firms See in context

I would just like everyone to know that there is rent relief for individuals. The program is the Housing Security Benefits program 住居確保給付金. It used to be only for people who lost their jobs but it has been expanded to cover everyone who needs it during the pandemic. Additionally, there is no longer a requirement to sign up with Hello Work to receive these benefits. They can cover rent for up to 9 months in total if needed.

Furthermore, those who are freelancers, subcontractors or otherwise self employed you can apply for the 1 million yen payout program for sole proprietors. I hope that no one has to worry about things like not paying the rent or having food on the table during these trying times. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

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