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Posted in: The battle for control of the growing breast milk industry See in context

Long ago my pumped milk saved a crack baby's life...the 12th baby a local prostitute had prematurely. The little creature was so tiny! Some of its siblings died under mysterious circumstances...I got to see the side of humanity most people never see. What concerns me is this. The movement back to breastfeeding that began in the 1950s emphasized the personal bond...the emotional tie that would help build better families, closer and healthier kids. The I watched it turn into a health food branch...purely materialistic. Sometimes career mothers would pump for hours to freeze bottles for the nanny. Huge effort...and somewhat noble. But hardly the tie that binds. Now it looks like even the tie that binds with a mother, baby and nanny will fizzle into a complete and marketable commodity...one that no doubt will become part of free trade zones, nursing sweatshops, and on the shelf at Walmart.

By the way...wet nurses were known to switch their own baby for the employer's...putting the boss's baby out to a baby farm to live on gruel and maybe starve. Busy, social butterflies might never even notice... Not a great system!!

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Posted in: Neighborhood heroes come in all sizes See in context

In Chicago, where most people have no air conditioning, a terrible heat wave carried off many people...but not many black or Latino people because they call family members and neighbors every day. Some cultures do that as a matter of course. I'm happy the paper here spotlights someone who gives us all a reminder of what's truly important in life!!

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Posted in: Even Christian evangelicals are warming to gay marriage See in context

The reason many of us Christians in the US are not beating the drum about this is purely realistic...humans need close relationships, someone to live with, to care for and be cared for. We saw the cruelty after 9/11 when gay partners were thrown out of apartments with no concern for their humanity...churches have done this, businesses, families have done this. Christianity is first the good news of the father's unconditional love for all His children and Jesus preached in the open air, not behind the barbed wire of exclusion. So many of us are thinking like this today. The issue of divorce went through this evolution. The Bible says, "I, your God, hate divorce." Some us see this not through the eyes of laws, but also abandonment and coldness in any human relationship.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. can reach TPP agreement at July meeting: official See in context

Sorry to argue...the American people including powerful senators, are doing everything they can to stop this TPP. They are suspicious of every sneaky, secret word in the thing. "Growth" can be another word for more sweatshops, human rights abuses, safety violations and corporate greed. A lot less of that growth is what most people want...they want their country to have sovereign laws and identity and they want to stop feeling guilty for every pair of jeans or toy they need.

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Posted in: The N-word in America: a term loaded like no other See in context

I live in the deep South. Race relations are cordial because we want to get along. The real problem is the power versus poverty status quo. Mostly we are kind and respectful...we look out for children no matter what. I would never want to live without black people...they laugh a lot and enjoy life. I wasn't raised to be racist and have grown up comfortable with all sorts of people. This article is very good...covers the bases as we say in baseball.

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