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Posted in: Man arrested after grabbing police officer's gun, shooting him See in context

In the 8 years I've lived in Japan I've only heard two stories with police firearms being discharged. This one and a few years ago in Aomori when a cop shot his own foot while trying to apprehend a guy with a sword.

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Posted in: Who am I? 14 ways to say 'I' in Japanese See in context

'Wa' is not the wa from washoku. 和食 as the author suggested. It is another reading of 我 and it is used everyday by people of all ages and genders still in Aomori. It is also one of the oldest ways to say I. Watashi and boku are for you imperial city folk.

'Wai' わい is also used very often in the countryside, especially Tohoku where junior high school students even use it.

私たち ' we' is わいど waido and you is な na.

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Who says we all have to be productive? It's like economists are chasing us with a whip saying you must be productive! Let everyone chill out a bit. The creators of the rat race are getting ticked off cause people are saying they don't care about speeding up the economy.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber says sorry after visiting Yasukuni shrine See in context

Haha. Love it. Justin Bieber visits Yasukuni. The world needs more idiots like this just to remind world leaders that they are all idiots too.

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Posted in: Abe takes Obama to Jiro's in Ginza for sushi dinner See in context

I wonder if he'll eat Oma maguro. They sell that stuff for hundreds of dollars in Tokyo but they practically give it away in Aomori. I once got 2 kilos of it and it just rotted in my fridge cause I couldn't eat it fast enough. Everything in Tokyo is overpriced and not fresh, no matter how much they charge for it. Want good seafood go to Hokkaido and northern Tohoku.

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Posted in: Stem cell controversy sets back Japanese science See in context

This woman is obviously a fake. You can tell by looking at her. Just like Samuragochi. Japanese frauds are easy to pick out cause they dress flamboyantly and try so hard to stand out. The real researchers and composers are too busy working on their projects to care about pink furnishings for the lab and long whispy hair with sunglasses. If someone looks like they came out of a manga story, then they are probably a fraud. No one will be able to reproduce her work.

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