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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

Wow! Approved! Just in time for distribution in 2022.

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Posted in: Spain to let travelers from UK, Japan in without a PCR test from May 24 See in context

Looks like Japan got Spain fooled with their inaccurate numbers.

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Posted in: Japan may let pharmacists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

So slow to act, but I'm sure they will be quick to enact the tax increases on the people of Japan to cover the cost of this pandemic and Olympics just like they did with the earthquake tax. Households are paying an extra 2.1% in income tax for 25 years through 2037. While companies were supposed to pay an extra 10% tax for three years, they were off the hook after two years. Next up is the "pandemic tax" in 2023 and I'm sure these companies will be left off the hook again.

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Posted in: Over 80% in Japan oppose Olympics this year: poll See in context

Not enough of these 80% are protesting. Actions speak louder than words. I would even consider more social media protests and bombarding government offices, sponsors and athletes with emails and phone calls as sufficient actions. If the protests get more international exposure, perhaps other governments, sponsors and athletes will support it.

I can't remember anytime I have seen a poll that said 80%. The people in Japan are not divided on this issue.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 542 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,261 See in context

Currently, Japan has the largest number of active cases since the pandemic began, over 83,000. I guess this information isn't news worthy.

Friday, the nationwide testing total finally exceeded 120,000. It's nice to know that it's possible to exceed 100,000 tests in a day. I'm sure the government will prevent that from happening again.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

Another soup Sandwich.

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Posted in: Man shot by police officer dies in Nagoya hospital See in context

I believe the first bullet in Japanese police issued .38 revolvers are glazer safety tips.

A warning shot and after that only one shot with 2 cops on the scene. From that information alone you know that this news story wasn't in America.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 879 new coronavirus cases; 1,057 in Osaka See in context

How about including the number of people who have been vaccinated on a daily basis?

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Posted in: Fewer people traveling during Golden Week amid virus spike See in context

No mention of the number of travellers at the airports considering Japan has 29 airports that handle domestic flights. It's easy to cancel shinkansen tickets even on the day of departure. The cancellation fee is free or just 500 yen. But the strapped for cash airline industry has no plan to refund non-refundable airline tickets that many people purchased before the spike. And keep in mind, people love to pack restaurants in the daytime during golden week.

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

This is going to be the biggest wave in Japan. They will call this one a tsunami.

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Posted in: What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time? See in context

What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time?

That's easy to answer. Crowded trains in the mornings. Packed restaurants during lunch. Crowded cafes in the afternoon. Crowded discount grocery stores after 8pm where people will buy their food and alcohol.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' director won't boycott Georgia for superhero sequel See in context

It would be better if he filmed it in Wakanda.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases rising in 42 of Japan's 47 prefectures See in context

It's going to spike again. In the daytime, shopping malls, coffee shops, and restaurants are crowded. Let's hope we don't have any friends or family end up on the death list. Then it won't feel like "just 13" or whatever the total will be in the future.

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Posted in: Jay Leno apologizes to Asian Americans for decade of 'wrong' jokes See in context

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Laugh in the whole world will laugh with you.

I guess not.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations next week despite syringe shortage See in context

First, there isn't enough doctors and nurses qualified to administer the vaccine. Now, there isn't enough syringes. What's next?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 769 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,345 See in context

Do these figures include people being tested at private clinics? Do these clinics report their figures to the government?

PCR home testing kits are even being sold at Costco now for 6000yen. Are these results being reported?

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Posted in: Japan scrambles to deny reports that Olympics cancelation possible See in context

I guess the show must go on. You dig yourself into a money pit, you might as well lie in it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 970 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,535 See in context

The last 3 days, the number if tested way below 50,000. The four days before that, the number if tested was above 60,000 peaking close to 90,000 a few times. The news should always report how many people were tested.

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Posted in: Tick-Tock: Tokyo Olympics hit the 200-days-to-go mark See in context

So if looks like $19 billion is tax payers' money. What a money pit. Japan didn't need the Olympics to increase visitors to Japan. It is already ranked one if the top tourist destinations in the world. A fool and his money is soon parted.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,337 daily COVID cases; nationwide tally 4,519 See in context

Yes, it will surpass 2021 people in January, because not enough people are not willing to give up their holiday season habits.

The "Go To Travel" did fine this summer. So they got cocky and added "Go To Eat" and "Go To Event". That's when things went astray.

Clubs and bars will be packed tonight and these party people will then rest up at home with their families.

But don't worry, we will still have the Olympics this summer.

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Posted in: Police shoot knife-wielding man before arresting him See in context

Shot the suspect in the thigh? Only fired twice? Lucky for him that the officer never received any training in the U.S.

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Posted in: Police officer shoots knife-wielding man dead in Niigata See in context

I'm sure the officers were wearing vest. Aiming for the leg within 2 meters would have been possible, but of course police officers train like soldiers aiming only for center mass.

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Posted in: Study links Go To Travel campaign to increased COVID-19 symptoms See in context

Studies show you reap what you sow.

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Posted in: English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world See in context

Japan's version of Sharknado. I can't wait to see it!

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Posted in: Suga congratulates Biden; hopes to strengthen alliance See in context

I believe we can all agree that there won't be any more childish twitter rants from a US president. We will only miss those tweets for their entertainment and shock value.

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Posted in: Trump says protesters would have met 'vicious dogs' if White House fence breached See in context

Every year over a 1000 people are killed by police in America. Every year around 100 of those are unarmed black men and women. Not every person brutalized by the police ends up dying, so imagine the tens of thousands that lived through these experiences and their families, friends and neighbors. Also, keep in mind this is not a new phenomenon. Some of you have only seen this a few times. Here is a website with the statistics of police murders in America. Also, photos and background information on the victims.

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Posted in: Gov't suggests schools reopen for some grades See in context

Is getting an education worth the risk? Even though children might only exhibit mild symptoms or none at all, how about teachers and parents? It's a shame that the economy and education trumps people's health and well-being. It's the world we were born in.

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

As of now, they have tested 111,325 people so far. 10,439 tested positive. Of those, 1069 have recovered and 222 dead. It's impossible for this so-called state of emergency to end on May 6.

By the way, a 30 year old male in Saitama died of COVID-19 on April 14. No mention if he had any pre-existing condition. I believe he is the youngest person to die from this virus in Japan.

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Posted in: You've got mail: 'Abenomask' distribution starts in Japan See in context

46.6 billion yen is a waste of taxpayer's hard earn money. I'm returning mine with a note "Don't waste tax payers' money."

They should have had an online request system for people to order the mask if they need them. I haven't spoke to any one thrilled about getting these masks.

I wonder what company is earning this money to make these masks. The government should reveal that information. I'm sure it would reveal political connections.

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