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Posted in: iPhone 5 not just a phone; it's a stimulus too See in context

i am not going to upgrade my iPhone with the new 5, but if no profits will go to China, i guess i will.

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

behold other distinguished countries. China is a bully.

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Posted in: Coast guard on lookout for 1,000 Chinese fishing boats See in context

violent protest alone is stupidity. now fishing with typhoon coming - what are they teaching their people ?

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

there are more peaceful asian countries that can help Japan. never go with China anymore. they seem to hate the peaceful Japanese people inside. and now that they have some leverage, they use this to do violence and express their anger. let's teach them by not working with them. remove them from your busineses. other Asian countries that have similar island disputes, better do something now or they will be doing the same. teach them a lesson. ignore them and never work with them. never hire them. they hate the Japanese people but they love stealing Japanese technology and have them as their own. like the shinkansen and without thinking about the safety of their own people. Japan is not just about technology, it's the safety of using that technology as well. every other technology has risks, it's up to the people who use them to prevent that risk to happen.

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