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Deep Bao comments

Posted in: Taiwan's health minister contracts COVID See in context

Why is that ominous face in background? Why AP uses a distorted, unrelated image here? This is not from Taiwan’s press event of such news.

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Posted in: No, you're not going crazy - package sizes are shrinking See in context

Mr or Ms kurisupisu,

We love our fresh markets in Taiwan but many people have container gardens for herbs on balconies, too! Alas, the fruits and veggies there do grow smaller. It seems nature knows her confines : )

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Posted in: Intruders steal ¥30 mil from elderly man’s safe at home See in context

The sanctity and security of Japanese homes are becoming treacherous places for elderly and children. It is a relief to learn this is not another story of intrafamily troubles.  Pray they catch these thugs before they do more harm.

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Posted in: Summer in May See in context

There is no “I” in beach.

Most Asian family regard outdoors as another opportunity for shared communal experience.

Only the selfish want to make nature an experience just for self alone.

Much left to be learned from opening mind to beauty of other cultures if one can let go of thinking and speaking only of self all of the time.

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Posted in: Which do you think make better pets: cats or dogs? See in context

Dogs or cats bring joy to our shared lives. Not enslavement of a species but mutual respect and symbiotic coexisting. Do not understand the need of negative commentators here like Mr. WilliamBjornson and Mr. TrevorPeace that want to disparage any joy in life from others.

Such critical views of pets, other peoples’ individual art and fashion tastes and regarding all humanity as cold-hearted in general may leave them quite lonely in the end.

Good luck finding another source of almost unconditional love. To many of us here, pets are dear friends.

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Posted in: Snack in style with Japan’s glowing gamer chopsticks See in context

Tried these in Taiwan. Simple food like noodles slide right off before getting to your mouth and the battery pods hard edges are uncomfortable. Pass.

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Posted in: Nurse stabbed by patient’s husband in Mie hospital See in context

Mr or Ms GreatBritain48

the entire story says “nurse”, not he or she, not him or her.

Both men and women can be nurses.

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Posted in: Nurse stabbed by patient’s husband in Mie hospital See in context


Sorry for the fatal illness that befell your friend in Japan but do not understand how you want to turn their story into pity for your experience.

Medical staff here are under constant stress from many directions. Why do last 2 commenters from outside Japan want implicate the medical professionals in Japan as possible abusers?

Don’t project feelings. This nurse in this story is a victim of a serious crime here, not you.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Forces conduct live fire drill See in context

First on the field awaits the coming enemy, fresh for the fight; 

second to the field hastens to battle and arrives exhausted.” *

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

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Posted in: Japanese jewelry store reveals high-end Pokemon accessories for classy Snorlax fans See in context

How cute!! Was looking for a sleepy Totoro but this little Snorlax is also quite darling.

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Posted in: It’s effective to install high-performance cameras at self-checkout systems to monitor shoppers’ eye and hand movements. It’s also essential to assign employees to appropriate areas to help deter crime. See in context

Uniqlo/GU and Eslite are perfecting the self checkout systems but desperate and hungry people aren’t after clothes or books.

Supermarkets need staff to handle the meat, fish, produce and dairy as well as show the goodwill and loyalty of their employers toward paying customers.

We must stop with all these greedy corporations pushing for AI and machines to monitor and control our lives and reset our societies back to real human interactions again.

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Posted in: One-person instant ramen pot may be the one and only cooking gadget we need See in context

Cute, convenient and pricey, too!! Yes, would be great in dormitory or hotel room but do people really boil crabs in their hotel rooms in Japan?? Sounds fishy, : ))

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Posted in: Dinner time See in context

Mrs. Kishida is lovely. Please visit Taiwan again soon!

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Posted in: Biden urges N Korea to right 'historic wrong' of abductions of Japanese See in context

He is elder but doing his best. Did Mr. Biden “fell on his knee” or “took a knee” in respect to comfort and hug Megumi’s mother?

Megumi's mother Sakie Yokota, 86, said Biden fell on a knee to hug her as she was seated.

Thank you Mr Biden to promise you will protect the People of Taiwan with your military response if needed.

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Posted in: Biden to lay out who's joining new Asia trade pact See in context

Not simple! You are TokyoLiving in Japan so You do not know what the People of Taiwan really want. You never lived in Taiwan so, you should not speak on what you don’t know. You always LOOLOOL too often, too easy with your simple ways.

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Posted in: Taiwan not included in launch of new Biden Indo-Pacific pact See in context

Not simple! You LOOLOO to easy. You are TokyoLiving in Japan so you do not know what the people of Taiwan want. You never lived in Taiwan so, you should not speak on what you don’t know.

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Posted in: Cormorant fishing See in context

People all across the world have long worked with nature. Peoples of India happily sang to the birds and danced on one side of a river. The birds’ swim and flight would cause a great stir to the water as they dashed to the other side where many fish threw themselves on the land. Drummers with cymbals and gongs on the other side then scattered the birds, leaving much of the larger fish too big to swallow on the shore and shallows where women and children recovered them.

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Posted in: Gloomy night See in context

Not so gloomy but is Tokyo safe for this woman to walk alone and for two grade school boys on a school night without their mum?

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested in ex-girlfriend's apartment See in context

He was probably lurkin nearby. Smart girl watching from outside but hadn’t guess he’d already made a extra key and would sneak in while she’s out.

And J-guy’s no more offensive online than texting about J-cops, J pop, K pop, my Jgf, my Jbf or him calling me an egirl. Like Karens, some Kens and Gregs are way too sensitive about the wrong things and try to make a big deal over nothing.

This girl doesn’t need the grief and needs to move out before he gets out.

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Posted in: Canola world See in context

Absolutely adorable that little hat wandering ahead of mum in a brilliant sea of yellow. Children are our precious treasures.

Also wishing for everyone’s peace from neighbors across the sea to across the world!

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Posted in: Motorized Electric Gaming Bed takes gaming furniture to next level See in context

Girls like gaming too but if we walk into a young gentleman’s apartment for the first time and see such monstrosity, mum says our keep shoes on and best forget him.

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Posted in: Give your mom a Totoro-style Mother’s Day present with Corn Gift Set See in context

Adorably cute for mum’s kitschen but regrettably overpriced.

Will have to buy materials at Daiso Taipei and handimake with love.

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Posted in: Under cover See in context

Peace to you. “It is a genuine kindness to think of others rather than seek to aggrandize oneself.

Blessings to all here as well, from your kindred neighbors in Taiwan.

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Posted in: The Japanese art of making trash containers from old papers See in context

We have in Taiwan, too!

Japanese grandma always made ready when time to peel the mikan.

You are missed, おばあちゃん!

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Posted in: Japan remains favorite country for Taiwanese: poll See in context

There is much love and support for Japanese people from Taiwan’s people. Friendly neighbors! Please support Taiwan’s businesses when it is ever possible.

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Posted in: Mos Burger’s elusive chocolate bread causes a stir in Japan, but is it any good? See in context

Love chocolate filled steamed buns! I’m sorry but these small loaves seem overpriced.

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Posted in: 2 dead, over 160 injured after M7.4 quake hits northeastern Japan See in context

Love and support for Japan from Taiwan!

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Posted in: Take a Korean vacation in Japan with Tokyu Hotels and Shibuya 109’s newest themed hotel plan See in context

This does look like great fun!

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Posted in: Psyduck teapot produced by Japanese craftspeople serves up a soothing cuppa See in context

Perfect for a birthday gift.

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