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In the photo, see the front man pointing his weapon in the door? The weapon is not nestled into his shoulder at all. If that were a real gun and he fired it, it would kick back, glancing off his vest causing him to fumble and have to re-aim.

My airsoft buddies in Tokyo would ANNIHILATE these SDF buffoons in a firefight.

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Posted in: Kindergartens to accept 2-year-olds to address day care shortage See in context

If a child is in daycare for 20 hours or more a week, that child feels it has been abandoned by its mother and will be emotionally damaged for life -- trust issues and serial co-dependent relationships for starters.

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Posted in: Okinawa residents demand all U.S. military Osprey aircraft in Japan be grounded See in context

Why not the US just out of Japan and let Japan have a strong self-defense force (and keep Article 9)? Common sense. Would you want me to sit in your living room with a loaded gun to help "protect" YOUR family. No, you wouldn't. I protect my family and you protect yours.

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Posted in: Supermarket customer injured in robbery attempt See in context

Stabbing a woman in the neck? And earlier a guy robbed a woman in a wheelchair? Thieves in Japan are extra dickish.

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Posted in: Man steals bag from woman in wheelchair in elevator See in context

I bet he was disappointed. He'll strike again within a week.

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Posted in: The racist cliche Hollywood won't drop See in context

The race-bating the Media won't stop.

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Posted in: WWII veteran, 93, brings back flag taken from enemy soldier See in context

Better late than never.

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

When North Korea makes a threat, the US makes money selling defensive weapons to South Korea and Japan. North Korea being a "threat" is a scam. MODERATOR: Every time I post this opinion, you remove it and say it is "Off Topic", which it isn't, or "Offensive". Really? Who am I offending? YOU, perhaps. Keep your politics OUT of your decisions to delete comments.

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Posted in: Japan approves U.S. Marine flights of Ospreys after crash See in context

Speed over safety...

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Posted in: Japan approves U.S. Marine flights of Ospreys after crash See in context

Having 2 huge tilt-rotors is a bad idea. Better to have 4 smaller tilt-rotors. If an RPG takes out one rotor, the other 3 could keep it from a hard landing. With only 2, you're toast.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

The US wanted to test an atomic bomb on a real city. Japan's cities were convenient. Sociopaths are in charge.

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Posted in: Guam stays calm; dismisses N Korean threat See in context

Who benefits from North Korea being a "threat". Wake up.

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Posted in: Google fires employee behind anti-diversity memo See in context

Google, explain why over 40% of your employees are Asian, and only 1% are Black. Seems you're not interested in "diversity."

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Posted in: 2 teachers arrested over alleged indecent sexual acts See in context

BertieWooster, he requested and accepted nude pics of children. Answered your question?

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Posted in: Man posing as 85-year-old woman's son on phone cons her out of Y23 mil See in context

How does this work? Do all Japanese men sound the same on the telephone?? How can you not recognize your own family speaking on the phone?

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Posted in: Otsu to become 1st city nationwide to launch bullying consultation via Line See in context

So, the problem as been acknowledged. Good. And good idea.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman using smartphone while walking See in context

Either she was walking in the street or he was riding on the pavement.

People keep saying that. They could have both been at a crosswalk.

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Posted in: Vin Diesel and NBC plan 'Miami Vice' reboot See in context

Here's an original idea that mixes in Miami Vice and the superhero craze. Black vice squad agent is ex-military. Was in a secret genetic engineering program to make super-SEALS. He's an expert martial artist and gunman (Deadpool-ish) but can breathe underwater and has lightning reflexes. His name? BARRACUDA. The Heart song is the shows theme song (similar to old classics brought to life with Gaurdians of the Galaxy). Give him a signature car, like the classic detective shows (Magnum P.I., Columbo, Rockford Files..). Which car? How about a prototype of the 2019 Plymouth Barracuda. Boom. Not so difficult.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market See in context

Just like at Golden Gai. . .

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Posted in: Man, 9-year-old son found dead in Tokyo river after night fishing See in context

Honestly, it never stops blowing my mind that people actually have to learn to swim. When I was in kindergarten, my class was having a learning to swim day. I immediately got into the pool and starting swimming. I played in the pool while the other students were spending hours learning to do what seemed totally natural to me. If I actually wanted to drown myself, I would REALLY have to work at it, since I naturally float (doesn't everyone?). Seems people just over-think the situation and freak out.

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Posted in: Australia foils terror plot to bring down plane See in context

"Australian authorities" Correction -- "Australian civil SERVANTS"

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Posted in: Japan considers buying more U.S. energy as Abe prepares to meet Trump See in context

Japan could be EXPORTING energy if they would just harness geo/hydrothermal energy.

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Posted in: Filming begins on first Marvel superhero flick with black lead actor See in context

WRONG. The black half-vampire vampire hunter superhero Blade played by Wesley Snipes from the film "Blade" (1998) and it's two sequels is a MARVEL character.

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Posted in: Japan to upgrade Patriot batteries for 2020 Olympics See in context

North Korea has WMDs and has threatened to use them, but the US hasn't brought that regime to its knees. Why not? North Korea is a cash cow for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. North Korea and the US are skaking hands and laughing behind Japan's back. Such a scam.

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Posted in: Doctors should be able to ask patients about guns See in context

@Reckless What does the "freedom of speech" have to do with asking personal questions?

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If a doctor is prescribing SSRIs (anti-depression medication) such as Prozac, Zoloft, etc, then, yes, the doctor should ask about gun ownership. Nearly all mass-shootings in the US were perpetrated by a shooter that had been prescribed SSRIs. The warning labels on anti-depression medication list such possible side-effects as "suicidal thoughts" and "psychosis."

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Is there a reason Atsushi looks as if he's drenched in blood?

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Posted in: Turkey detains more generals, journalists in widening purge See in context

Erdogan = Stalin

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Posted in: Mass killing raises questions about security in Japan See in context

"Security" is a euphemism for State power. Vigilance on the part of individuals is needed, not increased security measures by Big Bro. As other commenters have said, these types of atrocities simply cannot be prevented by planning to thwart them ahead of time. Now there is a knife attack at a mental institution. Another knife attack at another mental institution is unlikely in the near future. So, what's the next threat? Could be anything. Could involve knives, poison, acid, fire, gas, debris on a shinkansen track, releasing a starving bear in a school yard, putting liquid mercury in people's unattended shoes in an entryway.. You look one way and the attack comes from the other. We need more observant and brave people, not "security."

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Posted in: Why the Pokemon-McDonald's deal in Japan could be big See in context

"Hey, at least Pokemon Go gets gamers out of their houses and getting exercise walking around"... to McDonald's.

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