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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

enjoy it while you can Japan - soon there will be none left :-(

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Posted in: All Blacks' Ellison signs with Japanese club See in context

no more caps for him then

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Posted in: Murder in Japan See in context

why do anywhere between 50% and 85% of the population think the country is becoming more dangerous?

The article beat me to it - MEDIA

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Posted in: Man falls from Ueno station platform but avoids oncoming train See in context

they should bill him for the trouble caused - emergency service call out, train driver councilling, over time for drivers etc

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Posted in: 40 winks See in context

Is there anyone in Japan, or the world by now, that does not realise yet that their politicians are a joke?

They are just in it for the money, they don't care about you and I...

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Posted in: Three dead, one child severely injured in Nagoya head-on collision See in context

so sad and I have to wonder, as others do, if they were all wearing seat belts. Not saying this would have saved them all but if they were not then maybe accident investigators could suggest how many might have survived if they were.

In Hampshire, UK, last week the police were doing a crack down then giving offenders a choice of points and a fine or going to the fire station for education on why they need to wear seat belts - much more direct than the video on driving license application...

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Posted in: Students using stand-ins for online employment exams See in context

Why don't they use prometric? I recently did a prometric test at Temple Uni and they are very strict about checking photo ID and moderating the exams.

If they just do a blind test on the web what do they expect?

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Posted in: Comedian Masako Ohara goes nude for book on love See in context

maybe if she went for single guys she might have more luck

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Posted in: Nap time in the Diet See in context

you'll see the same in just about any meeting held in Japan - someone will be asleep. It beggers belief that people truly believe that Japan is a dynamic fast paced with it country - NOT TRUE. Anyone that has worked there will be happy to debunk most western myths about Japan

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

and why is this not in the crime section?

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

prosecute the teacher for actual bodily harm and the principle for try to pervert the course of justice.

Oh, and sack them both without pension

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Posted in: Watanabe wins best actor at Japan Academy Prize ceremony See in context

Is there really any competition for him in Japan? I would imagine he gets it most years....

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Posted in: Continental Airlines to sell seat assignments See in context

This is getting more and more common. Virgin sell off the exit row seats and when they offered it to me I tried to make a joke of it saying before they used to look for people like me - reasonably fit male traveling alone who could help people out in case of emergency and at the very least get the door open.

Didn't work - didn't pay - they plane was half empty so had plenty of leg room.

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Posted in: Have you ever shopped online from foreign countries? If yes, why? See in context

the first two - normally I buy on the internet from overseas because I can't get the item in Japan but also sometimes because it is cheaper.

I also do all my birthday and Christmas present shopping for friends and relatives in the UK on UK sites to cut down on the shipping...

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Posted in: American cheerleaders show Kansai their moves See in context

much nicer than the cheerleaders for the TwentyTwenty England v. Pakistan games last week.

Most teams in the world outside the US don't get their own plane and here the cheerleaders do - crazy world!

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Posted in: ANA to offer women-only lavatories on international routes See in context

can we get men only ones as well so we don't get stuck behind some woman putting on her face for 30 minutes? Maybe a urinal type one like they have on the shinkansen so we can be in and out in 30 seconds?

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Posted in: Asian publishing and e-books See in context

I would have bought an eReader but the price of them is too high still and more staggering is the price of eBooks. The prices of both have got to come down - if they do I think demand will go up and they could possibly make even more money. Stack them high and sell them cheap!

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Posted in: Komuro disqualified from skeleton race See in context

Very careless!

But on a positive note a British girl has set the track record - go Amy!

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Posted in: Are there any sports that you think should be dropped from the Winter Olympics for whatever reason? See in context

I think the winter olympics are pretty well balanced on the whole

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

WOW! This man deserves the highest honours that Japan can bestow. Sell your story pall and make as much money out of it you can - you deserve it.

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Posted in: Do you support damages suits filed by former smokers who argue they have developed health problems, including lung cancer, because tobacco companies sold them cigarettes? See in context

The dangers have been known about for years - in general I would say no but then I would have to qualify that by the number of years that they have been smoking.

What is blatantly unfair is that when you see a 100 year old person saying that there secret to longevity is half a bottle of whisky and a packet of cigarettes a day!

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Posted in: Challengers gain in important phone software fight See in context

and besides Japanese phone manufacturers aren't interested in the outside world as they have their own market.

not true - docomo have teamed up with TATA in India. How big a market do you want?

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Posted in: Why do Japanese celebrities featured in photos or stories on Japan Today frequently come in for a lot of derision from some readers? See in context

because we come here for news and not to hear about some talentless puppet - OK we come here for the laugh!

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Posted in: Exile wins Best Artist of the Year at Billboard Japan Music Awards See in context

what muppet puts this on the same day as the Grammys?

Exile - who?

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Posted in: Hideaki Ito spotted with heavily intoxicated woman See in context

does anyone really care?

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Posted in: Setagaya burger master goes for traditional touch See in context

This is a Japanese hamburger restaurant with traditional touches.”... The avocado and pineapple burgers

sounds really Japanese.

I wonder why there are so many "gourmet" burger restaurants in Setagaya-ku?

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Posted in: Hatoyama says Nago mayoral result shows will of the people See in context

Most of the other 48% probably voted for the other guy because they have always voted that way following party lines...

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Posted in: Would you be willing to pay for access to newspapers' online content? See in context

Never say never but at this point in time NO!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

Japan has argued that signing the convention may not protect Japanese women and their children from abusive foreign husbands.

I know a case where it is the Japanese farther that disappeared with the two children leaving the foreign mother in the lurch.

Also let's not forget Japanese wives can be abusive too - very weak argument for not signing the Hague convention

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Posted in: Obama hits Wall Street; pushes for bank size limits See in context

good job Obama - just when a recovery of sorts is starting you put the skids on it!

Yes I agree some more regulation is required but to shoot from the hip without thinking it all through is just plain madness. And the UK opposition coming in with comments about they have the same idea - guess they just lost the City vote...

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