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Posted in: Clinton tells Asia: America is under new management See in context

SARGE,this kind of propaganda remenber me the goverment of george bush,here in europe is full of american looking for jobs,look in florida with 300,thousand grands you can buy a villa, america made too much enemies through the history,today there is a collap of the american economy who will take years,we are talking about 15 or 20 years to restart and close this economy hole.

the real state crisis the bank crisis the credit cards crisis people losing their jobs the privat credit crisis after losing a job the auto industry crisis the refinacial difficulties to get a credit even if you have a company the dollar losing points the tourist visiting drop after the new inmigration law in the USA the drop in the hotels occupation the casino bankrupt in las vegas the people without a social security and getting more fat increasing the cost of operation and health care charging the american economy with high bills and difficulties to make this social care for all american impossible.ect,ect.ect.

please give me a break, do you want to keep pushing the button ?america dont have the power this day to say we are right in the economic policy,how many americans lose their hole life money in the finacial crisis ?american,japanese,europeans,and muslim,yes those muslim that you accuse are the one who give and sell oil to america very cheap to keep the 8v engines running and americans warm in winter. im catholic and i learn to see me a mirror before to talk about another people. who support america for good.have israel oil? who pay the bill for israel? the muslim,yes so before you start to make enemy,go to the library and read about some economic books about the middle east and where the money are coming from,you know where ?from the muslim saudis.im european and we have to work for a better america and a better way of life now that George bush is not there.look around? there is no money and you only have time to point and say you are bad and we are good ? who are you to point or acusse the people because they was born muslim? who are you to say the people you are wrong and we are right?

come to europe and you will see how much damage george bush made to the word and america and you will change your point of view.we are tired of this kind of reading.

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Posted in: Fujitsu asks 100,000 employees to buy its products See in context

The boss calling one of the employers.

sukoda, yes sir? you only want to buy a headphone,,you are fired,,

sukoda: but,boss i dont have much money,,

Boss: GO to the bank and make a credit,and buy more things to help the company,,and it will help you keep your job for at least a year..

Sukoda:thanks boss your so kind,...

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

THE TEACHER; yes you can go late at home at any time we are not against this, the estudents: may we see our children only in the weekend,because working 15 and 16 hours per day,there´s no time to see the family?

THE TEACHER: yes,only in the weekend,that was a good idea, let me write it down in a note for the future..

The students: we are happy about you said.Arigato Teacher..

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Posted in: Cars are no longer as appealing to young people in Japan See in context

i will buy a horse,he can eat grass every where without a problem.

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Posted in: Hustle Mania See in context

when i see this picture i beleave in the time machine

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Posted in: Yokohama mayor sued by ex-hostess for ending relationship See in context

NAKADA send me flowers to me too.Do i have to suit him ?

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Posted in: Bush dodges shoe protest during visit to Iraq See in context

all the country with a big amount of oil are in the terror list from the USA.that´s why Brazil and Chavez pick up some help from the Russian,,i dont understand how can a president talk about: we are fighting and we gonna win ? but against whom? against the irak people ? is saddam hussain still there? please give me a break please,welcome to reality,killing irak people doesnt help to keep the peace in that country....

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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

unscrejects are the japanese or american people selling japanese cars with a weapon in North America? if you dont know what to do save space in this place, i live in Germany and i drive an BMW i dont care where a car come if the car protect my family for accidents,our wallet from stupid 8 V engine who only drink plenty Gas and make you use your credit card at the end of the day.

Thats why now come the credit card crisis in America with this kind of menthality..telling the people we are the best your car industry is killing our life..make good quality cars and not dinosaurs.

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Posted in: Elderly couple run over while cleaning highway in Shizuoka See in context

SARGE: people are not allow to clean Highways,is too dangerous and there is a personal who make this job,,and the company who clean the highways,always wear neon clothes and they clean behind the clean wagons...sorry for this too old people but is not the driver fault...

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Posted in: Nagoya man arrested for indecent behavior with 10-year-old girl See in context

i have one question.does the japanese society create kids? so. why do not make strong laws to inforce and stop this kind of behavior ?,why do they see in a kid ? why dont make the law much stronger against this kind of sickness ?PLEASE. STOP BOTHERING KIDS.....

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Posted in: Hospitals in crisis See in context

privat hospitals is the solution...

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Posted in: Actress Tomoka Kurotani named 'Grapefruit Ambassador' See in context

i will like to visit japan,do i have to talk to her to get a VISA ? or a grapefruit juice as welcome drink? im confuse now..

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura See in context

of course work is more important than love calls,if she only talk about material things....ooops!

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Posted in: Visa publishes expats guide to living in Japan See in context

i think many stablishment want fresh cash to deal with the debts of the days,,and to decrease the negative cash flow in the income of the stablishment..

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Posted in: Father held for beating wife, 3-month-old son in Osaka See in context

how do you feel if your japanese wife punch at you and your baby? just because you dont have a job,or no income,only a cryng child in your arms..it means in my point a bad way to treat a wife..nobody told this little 3 old boy to get burn,they create it,,and if they dont know how to deal with it well they have to LEARN.

unemployment,desilution,lose of faith in the future,many of this problems bring people to lose control,specially when money is tight to find.only a sick person can beat a 3 moths old child,or somebody in very deep stressful situation... by the way.sorry for the baby...

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Posted in: The future of contract employment in Japan See in context

Well im making my own import/export trading/cigar Lounge in Germany(Berlin),and i was talking with my finance advisor last few days about the full and a partime you worker..and i was very schock about i heard.to keep a company working this days,with a lot of cuts and very high energy cost,plus difficulties to expand through this global chaos,,remenber if you call a company outside your country to offer your products,,they always says this days i will think about it,,for about 8 years it was a dream to hear this word,,is difficult to keep high salary cost without making cuts this days....

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Posted in: Too much verbal jousting and 'nantonaku' from Aso, say critics See in context

Thanks seesaw the same to you..

well i think is about the point of view of MR.Aso..if you are rich or come from a rich family you will act and talk like this in some how politic change people´s mind...

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Posted in: Visa publishes expats guide to living in Japan See in context

OTARU you made my day,,i jump from my seat ,ha.ha.ha...

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Posted in: Keiko makes first media appearance since husband’s arrest See in context

sorry for her,,people like she,,needs supports no negative comments,,im my own opinion,,,depresion,,and sadness is around this people,,i will like to read oneday, someone showing support when people are in trouble only one day .....we make mistakes because we are human...and sometime the people around you only want your money no more...

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Posted in: High-flying Komuro crashes to earth See in context

does he needs a sales advisor ? im able today.....

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Posted in: Caregivers slave away for low pay See in context

yeah, they are hard workers,,they need more money...

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Posted in: Obama lookalike comedian Nocchi hones his routine See in context


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Posted in: Two men arrested for possessing 108 cannabis plants in Fukuoka See in context

they said only for medical reason..how to work from 8 a.m. to 23;00 with out stress...

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Posted in: Woman attacked by bear in Karuizawa See in context

no traspassing,private property,,beware with the bear..all those signs where already there..

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Posted in: Japan's burgeoning class: Working poor See in context

In a country that boasts the world’s longest-living population, where young women with Louis Vuitton bags crowd the sidewalks, Murasawa’s is a voice of hopelessness and despair—a voice increasingly heard in Japan.

who wear Luis Vuitton clothes? the very rich people,,and come together with a bentley,or a nice range rover,,why someone has to be overworking to buy a Louis Vuitton bag,instead to put this money in a bank account and make plans for the future... i see this is the peak problem in japan,,when i read shes working and she cannot buy an tv set..please there is plenty second hand shop in japan,people has to start step by step in life not living a parachute way of life, even in Europe i see people try to reach a better way of life,step by step,,i remenber my ex-japanese girlfriend,she came to europe,Germany and she was making joke about the way people spend the money here. thats is the first problem in japan people want to show and be bragging about they have,,and thats a very low kind menthality.i remenber when i was working in a bank in my earlier´s 20 i was buying brand clothes and dinner outside like crazy,paying friend´s problems,at the end i lose my job.what happens no money to spend,friends gone,and the worst,a close full with expensive clothes and no money in my pocket,.i learn to do it step by step,i finish the university and start to make good money but i learn my lesson at that time,now im 38 and i see with plenty hapiness the mistake i made in the past.

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Posted in: Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama See in context

bebert,the time machine said: the riot of L.A.,,do you remenber ? think twice before you talk..

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Posted in: Tosa dog bites boy, postman in Osaka; owner arrested See in context

the dog order a box of bone in internet,and the postman eated it on the way ,,that was the porpuse....

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Posted in: NHK says 5 enka singers who played golf with gangsters won't be on Red & White Song Contest See in context

how do they know they are gangsters ? because the gold teeths or the way the walk....

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Posted in: What runaway girls do to survive See in context

i got kids i can not read this no more.....a shame.....

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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

the left one looks like a Thai She-male,,isn´t he.sorry (she)....

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