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Posted in: We youngsters lack passion and ambition? Hardly See in context

this generational gripe has been going on since the beginning of time...a little more freedom is the answer

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Posted in: Mexico: Soldiers kill 25 in gunbattle near border See in context

did i read 28,000 dead... no news is good news, I guess if one of them was a muslim cab driver they would put a stop to this and the entire world news would be on it

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Posted in: Fixing American 'dumbocracy' See in context

nicely done, it is true, in the USA dumb people do vote

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Posted in: Will Tokyo Sky Tree's completion bring down 'skyscraper curse' on Japan? See in context

right on about capitalism. There would be no tall building without capital investment.

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Posted in: 18-yr-old girl arrested for online sale of photos of herself naked See in context

I am gonna assume the case was broken when a J-cop left his cell phone open on his desk with pictures of the girl on them.

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Posted in: BP Gulf spill costs hit $2 billion; no end yet See in context

we can put a man on the moon , but we can not plug a 24 inch pipe. where have all the smart people gone?

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Posted in: Constant drone of vuvuzelas killing World Cup atmosphere See in context

he shoots, He scores .!

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Posted in: Envisioning a post-fossil investment era See in context

I have some snake oil I can sell you.

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Posted in: It’s time to penalize drivers who leave their motors running See in context

It burns more fuel to restart the engine. You never notice the puff of smoke when the engine is started? I am glad there are so many that worry about such things, You can offset my V-8 engine. Thanks.

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Posted in: Hatoyama's flamboyant shirt inspires copies See in context

wrangler brush popper , been for sale for years in Oklahoma , ride'em cowboy.

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Posted in: Ronald McDonald under fire from child obesity opponents See in context

Miki D works for me, I take my son there, he likes the corn and orange juice. The toys are better than the ones you can get in the USA. do not fear the clown. There are not that many around. Ronald McDonald house is a very good organization for children in hospital. Maybe the thought police should go after the evil Burger King or that sinister Hello Kitty .

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Posted in: Latest look See in context

I take the theme for fall is depression ?

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Posted in: Do you believe in life after death? See in context

in my travels I have met 3 people whom have "died" hart stopped for more than 4 minutes, and they have told me very similar stories. Believe what you may, there is Not a shred of evidence your Don't have a Soul.

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Posted in: Saga man arrested after police find 265 items of women's underwear in truck See in context

looks like he may have a future in the Police !

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Posted in: Obama demands vote on health care reform See in context

focus on Jobs Jobs Jobs. If people had a job they could buy health insurance and not need a hand out. He keeps talking about the high cost of health care, but the Government is the largest manipulator of cost through regulation and medicaid and medicare. he would be a superstar if he would fix that mess ! Hope and Change !

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Posted in: Croc attack See in context

the first time a saw those warn by an adult, my first thought was, "this guy must have just got out of some institution".

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower vs Tokyo Sky Tree See in context

It just seems to me to be kinda short and fat , I know it is taller than Eiffel, just doesn't look it to me

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Posted in: More Israeli names match new Dubai suspects list See in context

Good spy work

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Posted in: U.S. pilot who dismissed Pearl Harbor reports dies See in context

sounds like he lived a good life after that day. fair well

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Posted in: Man robbed of cash and clothes on way home in Tokyo See in context

they did not take his shoes? I thought that is all young punks were into. I get a giggle every time I think of this one.

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Posted in: Japan offered to hide Bamiyan statues, but Taliban asked Japan to convert to Islam instead See in context

islam such a peaceful tolerant religion

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Posted in: Banking with the dinosaurs See in context

i also have had trouble with using my credit card. the funny thing was the fraud agent I talked to on the phone did not know what questions to ask , I had to tell him who I was , middle name etc. funny. I had to go to 4 different banks and finally had to open a new account to deposit a government check . so now I carry a big wad of cash when I travel .

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Posted in: CanCam Super Kawaii Collection 2010 See in context

they work for me. a little candy now and then is good

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Posted in: I’m shut out of my daughter’s life See in context

boy that is a sad story

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Posted in: Kim Jong-il's birthday See in context

I wonder if she knows how many lives those two have distroyed

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Posted in: Backstage violence livens up 'Music Station' See in context

I heard A was out with B's woman. B has violent tendencies, but A has a drinking problem and could not keep his mouth shut. C instigated the situation by calling B a punk for letting a sloppy drunk like A go out with his girl. That guy C , he get away with everything!

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Posted in: Setagaya burger master goes for traditional touch See in context

mmmmm hamburger, but No ketchup? what's up with that? If I am around I may give him a try, I do like a tasty burger.

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Posted in: Built for speed See in context

those colors look slow, how about Ferrari red.

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Posted in: GOP's Brown wins Massachusetts Senate race in blow to Obama See in context

Hip Hip Hurray ! My "Cadillac" health insurance is saved ! It is a Great Day for the USA

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Posted in: GOP: Response to Reid remark shows double standard See in context

Black republicans prefer to succeed in the business world where they do not need to deal with public ridicule and the Uncle Tom label. Like Jessy Hastings Republican congressman from Oklahoma.

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