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deepstar6 comments

Posted in: Asia learns to live with Trump rhetoric, but unease remains See in context

Asia learns to live with Trump rhetoric, but unease remains

Really? Rocket man is Asian.

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Posted in: Softbank's takeover of Sprint hits U.S. security concerns See in context

With stronger Japanese yen it is obvious to Japanese firms to think that now is the time to go on a buying spree. US authorities are definitely concerned and hence it is obvious to hit that brake as their reflex action. If yen continues to grow, sooner or later authorities will have to put a cap (if its not already in place) on number of take overs per nation/anum. National security concerns are just eye wash.

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Posted in: Subway sandwich scandal inches into court See in context

Sometimes if you don’t give an inch, you’ll wind up in court.

Oh I like this phrase above.

"If you don't give an inch, you'll get a pinch."

"If you don't give an inch, lawyers will take a bite."

Any more ideas?

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Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family See in context


What the station did wasn't against the law.

Sooner or later it will be.

No one could possibly know how the victim would react to such pranks. She could have had pre-existing medical condition. This does not mean that she is to be blamed.You could kill a diabetic by overdosing with sugary drink. Response to stimuli...

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Posted in: Yahoo! overhauls email for web, mobile devices See in context

Should I go Ya Hooooo! or Ought oh ?

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Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family See in context

Oh please don't waste my time playing this blame game. The underlying fact remains unaltered, that a precious life was lost. Serious laws must be created to take down this prank industry. Scamsters and pranksters work alike fooling their victims. So why leave pranksters above the law?

One must not be able to escape merely by paying $500,000 and keep it under the wrap. Take it to the court if its already not. Only then this prank business like "MTV pranked" etc could be stopped.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed 5 times on street in Shibuya See in context

Somebody please explain. Stabbed on a street in Shibuya? Police hears that woman screaming near MINAMI-SHINJUKU?

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

Is wearing masks a tradition in Japan? If not, sooner or later it will be.

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

Found one more reason to wear mask --- BAD BREATH

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Posted in: Norovirus outbreak in Osaka infects 48, claiming 2 lives See in context

That virus infected me and my family too (I live in Tokyo). First my kid, then my wife, then my kid again and finally me. I lost a couple of kilos (good for me). Especially not good for babies and toddlers at all. Washing hands, mouth and almost anything does not help at all. Neither does wearing masks. Hope the authorities pinpoint the outbreak source.

Good luck! Stay fit!

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Posted in: Beat the heat with some unusual uchiwa See in context

Oh Wow, i-phone uchiwa is denitely smart! Could I use it on my iPad too?

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Posted in: Horror movies recommended to scare away summer heat See in context

Practically any movie watched in air conditioned theatres could keep you cool for atleast a couple of hours. One could then have lunch at some restaurant sitting right under the aircon. Then head to cool-off@book-off and try and read some books and again choose a perfect location under the aircon. Finally, try to window shop in a dept. store. Finally tired of doing nothing? No worries, it's time for a cool dinner in a cool restaurant. Ah, last but not the least, ice-cream at ice cream parlour will definitely cool off. Is it too early to head back home? Oh don't worry, circle once in Yamanote line. Now that you are so cool, please head back home and maybe watch horror movies listed above (just for courtesy).

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Posted in: Glowing blue objects turning up on Toyama beach See in context

Spectaculor view! Nature's own Hanabi.

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Posted in: India's Maruti Suzuki fires 500 workers over riot See in context


Riots are solution to nothing. No one needs them. The point I am putting forward is that Suzuki management needs to do some introspection here. Riots just dont happen suddenly. It's triggered and always is a by product of something. Who employed uneducated wild animals in the first place? Fire 500 wild animals in the work force, but before that fire 50 monster gozillas in the management.

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Posted in: Taking Hello Kitty love to the extreme See in context

Yuck! No thanks, no one would want to see the exterior of this car, nor the owner, nor the owner's toilet.

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Posted in: India's Maruti Suzuki fires 500 workers over riot See in context


What the heck are they doing in India? or any other country for that matter...

Its business plain and simple. They are taping the second most populated market, now with spending power. Can you even dream of pulling out, bringing jobs back etc. One thing you must remember that if they are there in India or any country for that matter, they are in for profits. No point otherwise isn't it? Suzuki mangement seems to lack the understanding on how to recruit and compensate their work forces in that plant. This what is "unbelievable". The riots are just the by product.

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Posted in: Why you must learn kanji See in context

Damn it !! Why didn't you write this earlier?

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Posted in: Lucky tea See in context

Whats the point when you artificially create a good luck charm and fool people to think they will have good luck in future? I must applaud to the sales strategy of this tea. I am sorry I don't buy it.

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Posted in: Woman sits on, kills infant son See in context

Police said that Takashima had visited a child consultation center three times since last December because she believed her son’s mental development was slower than average.

The ideal age of delivering a healthy baby is before a woman turns 30. Furthermore, having common sense of not smoking and drinking while pregnant is crucial. Some fools in this country think it is stylish. Who suffers in the end?

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Posted in: Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes See in context

“There are all kinds of things you could be able to do that we just haven’t yet thought about.”

That's right! One can use it to find where mutley the mutt burried his bone. Or maybe, what's on the other side of the black hole.

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Posted in: Young women interested in how plain-looking 'Black Widow' lured men to their doom See in context

Young women interested in how plain-looking 'Black Widow' lured men to their doom

Wait for the next blockbuster movie.

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Posted in: Needle found in soup at Gusto restaurant in Tochigi See in context

I now hate the idea of soup and salad bar. It leaves a security loop hole open to pranksters.

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Posted in: Concerns grow over children using tablet computers See in context

Just remember this quote: Anything in excess is harmful to health. So the key here is to limit access to these devices. iPad for babies is a wonderful idea as it introduces next generation computing at early stages. The day is not far when we oldies get ridiculed for using notebook PC with keyboards and mouses.

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Posted in: Narita to build terminal for low cost carriers See in context

I am curious to know the differences in facilities and services between ordinary, budget and private jet terminals at Narita. Can someone come up with the comparison chart?

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Posted in: Child porn cases on the rise, NPA says See in context

Online file sharing is just the medium of delivery. Why blame the medium when you can cut right at the source?

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Posted in: 10 governors demand TEPCO explain corporate power bill hike See in context

This is just the begining, TEPCO will first try to recover Fukushima costs from corporates and eventually from you and me. By doing this TEPCO wants you and me to responsibily pay for Fukushima mess.

Sell off your ASSets, TEPCO!!. Say "sayonara" to your bonuses and reduce your salaries. Do not beg in front of your customers.

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Posted in: Losing battle See in context

We can never win any battles against mother nature.

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Posted in: Pachinko addiction a growing problem for Japanese women See in context

Pachinko addiction a growing problem for Japanese women

Why only Japanese women? Pachinko addiction is not just a problem. Its a menace to the society. Pachinko is the reason for many crimes here in Japan.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context


Thanks for clarifying.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gate Bridge to open to traffic on Feb 12 See in context

The bridge has been nicknamed the “dinosaur bridge” by Japanese media because of its unusual shape. It looks like two dinosaurs facing off.

Honto da~

Naming it as TGB48 would have been better.

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