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There's lot of pitchfork wielding self-righteous posters on this forum. You all appear to forget Tatsuya Ichihashi is "suspected" of murdering Lindsay Ann Hawker so why are the comments on this board automatically assuming his de facto quilt posting premature hatred like he is scum and you want him to burn him at the stake? Please Restrain yourselves even if the likelihood of him committing the offenses is 99% let the power of the courts decide his guilt NOT your own.

I agree with Himajin this is a severe case of missing white woman syndrome painted by the tabloid focused western media. Why is this story hyped compared to any other domestic murder with a suspect at large? The death Lindsay Ann Hawker is saddening but why is this story MORE important than every over death with an at large suspect? Is it because the JCOPs are incompetent fools and let the suspect get away? NO. all police forces screw sometimes and Japan has one of the lowest murder rates and rapes per capita of any industrialized nation so the incompetent JCOPS must be doing something right. Many of the British and American foreigner posters on this website forget that this country is many times safer than your own. The real reason is because the media again jump on the Japan bashing yellow peril wagon where a sweet innocent young western woman is in the strange nation surrounded by manga reading sex crazed panty stealing Japanese perverts.

Japantoday is also riding the bandwagon Bolding the title like it's more important than any other news article. imagine all the adclick revenues you will be raking in.I know this site is catered to the English teaching foreigners in japan but your severe lack of neutrality is somewhat disappointing.

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