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Posted in: 18 people to be prosecuted over insulting messages on comedian's blog See in context

Why is this article longer than the article about the 57yo guy stabbing his wife and disabled son in the neck?

Is the career of a died out comedian that "might have" killed a high school girl more important than 2 people who were actually killed? For japan, Yes!

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman held after slamming 2-yr-old daughter’s head into floor See in context

damn, I'm 23 and I dont feel like slamming my kid on anything, putting him in a coin locker so me and my wife can eat dinner, or beating him to death for not saying itadakimasu.

When i was a kid, my uncle beat the sh!t out of our neighbor for beating his daughter. I mean, he heard the girl scream like hell, knocked on their front door, and took him out in the middle of the street, and beat the hell out of him. I understand hitting you kid for discipline, but BEATING your kid just means you are a f'ed up parent.

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