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Posted in: Ever since Tokyo Olympic bid ambassador Christel Takigawa used the word "omotenashi" - a term expressing the spirit of Japanese selfless hospitality - in her speech to the IOC last week, it has become See in context

I have lived here for over 14 years.

Brent Ewasiuk has summed up the country and the people perfectly and the Japanese people are why I continue to live here.

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

May I ask Hashimoto-san whether, since he supports the use of forced prostitution (which is prohibited by the Geneva Convention) that should a foreign country invade Japan that he will offer his wife and children as prostitutes to the invading army.


I thought not. I think that he should therefore resign as he has damaged the reputation of the good people in Japan.

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