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Agreed! The US really needs to step in. After all, we have agreed to defend Japan. The same logic China is using to claim the islands could be used to claim all of the Ryukyus. Last month, a low level Chinese politician said that it was time for Japan to give Okinawa back,, according to JT.

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If Assange is guilty of rape and assault, why on earth should be be applauded? Chomsky's premise is ridiculous!

"Now Assange is holed up in the embassy of a country run by an authoritarian, Correa, who has shut down free press in his country. They deserve each other."

By all means YES!

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Congratulations Japan!

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Posted in: Actress Yasuko Matsuyuki involved in traffic accident while driving in Tokyo See in context

Thanks JT for the photo of Matsukuki-san. (not)

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Posted in: Basketball washed away by tsunami returned to owner See in context

A really nice story !

Much better than hearing of TV/movie stars getting divorced, remarried, etc.

YAY for the kids!!!

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I have eaten my body weight in korokke, but none of them had any seafood. Am I missing something?

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Posted in: U.S. concerns over Okinawa base plans prompt Japan to delay announcement See in context

Other Prefectures should bear more of the responsibility of hosting our US forces. Okinawa is paying a high cost because of Toyko's decision not to allow the expanded use of other Prefectures.

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I'm not hating on American hamburgers. They are part of the reason I weight 278 pounds! Like I said, please don't follow in my footsteps . . . Exception: In & Out burgers are great any time and any place.

However, life expectancy is going down as waist lines are going up in Japan.

You have to admit that the burger in that picture looks really nasty. Desho?

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Posted in: Say cheese – with Lotteria’s new burgers See in context

Unhealthy fast food is going to turn Japan into another land of fat asses like here in America. Already the nation's longevity is decreasing . . . Please don't follow in our footsteps!!! Japan has delicious and healthy food, Don't be tempted by burgers and fries!

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Posted in: Kuroki reported pregnant 2 weeks after denying relationship with Akanishi See in context

Yay Koroki-chan! I'll bet you'll have a beautiful baby. A couple of my cousins when to your high school so we're always interested in your adventures.

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Posted in: Kuroki, Akanishi deny they are dating See in context

Nice looking photo of Kuroki-san. (at least).

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Posted in: 36-year-old Harvard law graduate elected Japan's youngest female mayor See in context

Cheers for Koshi-sensei! It's wonderful seeing young people seriously run for office and actually get elected. I hope her success inspires young women to follow in her footsteps! Yay! Gambatte!

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@Joseph Garrett Baxter: Interesting comments! Very worth reading. TNX

For those against Hefner, remember his competitors in those days - Penthouse and Hustler. At least Playboy was (is) a of much higher quality and speaks for both women and men.

My point is that if one begins the New Year in a negative frame of mind, there is a good chance the year will follow in a like manner. Look for good things in life and try to avoid bad things - a simple philosophy once told to me by a Catholic priest. Works for me, but YMMV.

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Posted in: Hugh Hefner, Playboy ready for next chapter See in context

@sensei258: What a wonderful way to start the New Year with your snide comment. May your New Year be filled with a clouds of off-color remarks. "Judge not, least ye be judged". should start you off . . . . .

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

Okinawa is overburdened with our bases. Other Prefectures should take on more of the responsibility of housing US bases. I think this is more of an issue of the Japanese government unwillingness to recognize heavy load Okinawa has been forced to accept. Other Prefectures should participate as well. US bases are needed - that's not the question. But Okinawa - Japan's smallest Prefecture - is supporting 80% of our military, and have done so since the end of WWII.

In my opinion, too many US military assets are concentrated on the very small island (Okinawa). I would think military commanders would also want better distribution of their resources. 30 miles is not very good separation.

Additionally, I think the population of Okinawa will no longer stand for moving Futenma to Henoko. This is not an issue between Okinawans and Americans - it is an issue between Okinawans and their central government.

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Posted in: A must for anyone going to Okinawa See in context

Okinawa is an amazing place filled with beautiful beaches, kind people, and delicious food! Their recent 5th Worldwide Uchinachu Festival showed the world many wonderful aspects of Okinawan culture. Thousands of Okinawans returned to celebrate their heritage. I can't think of another place where such a festival exists. Okinawa is delightful! Visitors will not be disappointed!

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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

Okinawa has zero tolerance laws for drinking and driving. Even passengers are fined if a driver is caught driving intoxicated. A large number of US Military members violate their laws by driving while intoxicated laws each year. Some American drivers are very aggressive in their driving habits. Such as tailgating, running lights after turning red, not stopping for pedestrians to cross, weaving in and out of traffic, etc. much like they may drive in the States. I believe the US military has educated it's members and their families as to Japanese driving laws, but a few people choose to ignore them for their own selfish intentions. The amended SOFA agreement is good for the Okinawans as well as Americans stationed there. The US members now have a larger incentive to follow Okinawa's laws, and the Okinawans can seek justice for its citizens. Surely we would expect the same if the tables were reversed.

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Posted in: Comedian Cha Kato, 68, weds 23-year-old woman See in context

W-O-W !!! hummm. . . .he's 68? She's 23? I'm 66! Kato-suma is my idol! :) If he's a player, then he is a LP.

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Kuroki Meisa looks great no matter what she's wearing!

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Beautiful scene! No need to micro pick at the details. Just enjoy what is shown . . . . or not, and move on if you don't appreciate the work.

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For Asian airlines, I've only flown JAL and ANA. Both have given us great service, however JAL has gone the extra mile by running a forgotten jacket quite a distance to get it to me in Kansai, before our connection departed.

Also, providing Okinawan candies and Okinawan music while taxiing for departure at Naha is a very nice touch.

We like both Airlines, and believe all of the American carriers should have JAL and ANA train their cabin attendants. American carriers are certainly at the bottom of the quality list from out experience.

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SMAP is fine - we enjoy their music and their acting in JDRAMAS. I hope they are around for a long time. Especially Kusanagi. In the states, isn't the Four Seasons and the Four Tops still touring? How about Jay and the Americans too? We see them on PBS every year.

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The two guys with the baseball hats have them on backwards<

Have you ever attempted to look through a viewfinder with your baseball cap in the forward position? Photographers wear them backwards in order to be able to see into their viewfinders.

As an aging professional photographer in Florida, I hope to be able to join those old geezers someday! More power to them !!!

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Still none of the cookers beat an old fashioned Japanese rice pot over an open charcoal fire. Even here in Florida, we can taste the difference in quality and methods. But I've been eating the stuff for 40+ years . . .

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