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Delarapier comments

Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

The best thing for the US is to look at its long-term strategic goals and figure out if they outweigh the cost of staying in Okinawa.

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

They copy what some workers wear when they work around totaled nuclear power plants.It might just be a way to stay safe from Fallout.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

People can get their music fix elsewhere such as youtube,I assume downloading a video from there isn't prohibited yet.All it is going to do is kill exposure to media that isn't widely available.

If there is a movie,a song or a video game that is not easy to purchase...you are not going to be able to safely download it.

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Posted in: GOP sweep: Big governor victories in Virginia, NJ See in context

Good on New Jersey.

Maybe there is hope for the States yet.

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Posted in: British deaths raise questions about Afghan police See in context

Bear in mind that when it comes to counterinsurgency warfare;you need a certain amount of troops vis a vis the civilian population.

Apparently the Afghan troops are considered part of the solution when it comes to dealing with the Taliban.

If you're(from a Washington view)counting on the locals to maintain security in order to win and said locals are killing Western troops for the hell of it.

Well you're going to need a lot more then 40,000 extra soldiers at this point.

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Posted in: Britain pushes Blair for EU president role See in context

He is not going anywhere near my trash or my dog.

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Posted in: 147 killed in Baghdad suicide car bombings See in context

Someone explained the whole Iraqi situation as a Parabola,as the number of US troops and the amount of militias "bribed" into supporting the government stays steady;things work out.

When the number of US troops decrease and the locals can't find jobs doing security for the government then violence starts to increase again.

It is not about winning or losing;it is just the math.If the US wants "victory",it is going to have to occupy Iraq(with a lot of soldier) and spend money making sure every Iraqi with a gun has something going for him.

Best thing to do at this point is dissolve Iraq and let Kurdistan and the Sunnis go their separate ways.Only thing worthwhile that can be done.

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Posted in: October deadliest month for U.S. in Afghan war See in context

What goes around comes around.

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Posted in: Super compact mouse See in context

I want one but it just can't be blue.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for stealing girl's underwear during investigation See in context

You can't trust cops.

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Posted in: Iran vows reprisals after bombing kills dozens See in context

Back to square one.

I guess watching Iran getting shredded by terrorists could be considered a silver lining to this whole debacle.

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Posted in: Louisiana JP's halt of interracial marriage sparks outrage See in context

Racial mixing is a time honored tradition in the South anyway.

So I don't see what he is complaining about,I am sure he is got some black ancestry at some point.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 15 at mosque in northern Iraq See in context

That is one place that isn't changing anytime soon.

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation with bigger hard drive See in context

I am X-Box 360 man myself,I like consoles in general but I've am not impressed by the game section for the WII.

The PS3 was alright.

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Posted in: HIV/AIDS continues steep increase in Japan See in context

Blaming Africans for HIV infection makes sense except that they don't come from Sub-Saharan Africa-they usually comes from West Africa where the rates are nowhere near as high.

It is got more to do with local sexual habits then anything else.

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Posted in: Sardines See in context

Reminds me of the Monterey Aquarium.

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Posted in: Gunmen, bomber hit 4 sites in Pakistan; 37 killed See in context

Knee deep in the dead.

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Posted in: How can Japan best help in Afghanistan? See in context

By staying out and letting America keep sorting it out;the way it is been sorting it out.

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Posted in: Three men arrested for dumping dismembered bodies in Tokyo Bay See in context

20-30 million yen in debt?

They should have left the country when they could.

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Posted in: What do you think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki submitting a joint bid to host the 2020 Olympics? See in context

It is a very nice idea,an unworkable idea but a nice nonetheless.

Neither of these cities have the clout or the prestige to actually push this through.

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Posted in: Mormon church to build 5 new temples worldwide, including one in Sapporo See in context

Mormons ought to make quite an impact in Japan.

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Posted in: Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion See in context

Too many people.

Spread them people out.

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Posted in: Car bomb kills 12, injures 84 in Afghan capital See in context

It is game over in Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Small tsunami hit Japan after Samoa quake See in context

Even a small tsunami can result in some serious incidents.

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Posted in: Student hangs himself in Hokkaido; note hints at being bullied See in context

Suicide is too common in Japan these days.

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Posted in: Obama's Olympic pitch draws Republican complaints See in context

Chicago isn't getting any love from anyone.

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